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Neutral This telephone number appears to be from Florida and never leaves a message. When we pick up the telephone, it sounds like a robocall voice. +1 877-552-0244
Neutral This number dials my phone at least twice a day for months Obviously with all the initial complaints no one seems interested in doing anything about it. I blocked the number a long time ago and still calls me leaving no message +1 805-637-7243
Neutral We continue to get phone calls about a debt. I am scared. When I called, the person knew my SS # without me saying anything. I do not fathom that they think I owe them payment. I told them to shove it. +1 877-491-7477
Neutral This stupid number calls at all hours. Somebody has got to put a stop to this. The last message was calling me a scam artist and pissing me off. What could I do about these threats? +1 800-605-6021
Neutral I received a phone call yesterday morning around eight. The caller said that we could get a weekend package. I am a part of the don't call list, so that phone call is illegal. I'm going to call an attorney about suing the caller. +1 877-335-0216
Neutral This bill collection agency called me a half dozen times last month. These calls have to stop. They're humiliating me. +1 877-802-3843
Neutral still active, they had our account # and it sounded legit, however our account is in good standing and we have a zero balance this is a scam that seems real, however never give your information over the phone when in doubt always call UPS +1 855-350-2447
Neutral This bill collection agency keeps on calling my family members every afternoon. I have got no idea why they telephone. I've never heard of them BLANK. Is thdre a procedyre to make them to stop telephoning? +1 855-346-3509
Neutral The caller provided me the opportunity to fork over money. The autodialer didn't tell me who I owed. When I chose to talk a rep the robocall said that there wasn't anybody available. I don't know whether to complain or if it's a bill I owe. +1 877-422-2043
Neutral This number called me at is listed as a level3 VOIP number. Didn't leave a message and so therefore I believe this to be a scam number. I don't answer anything I don't recognize. If it's important and they're looking for me, they'll leave a message right? +1 806-576-2072
Neutral My heart is racing. He was screaming at me. He talked about prison unless we sent a payment immediately. Is this illegal ? +1 855-346-2942
Neutral I do not even know somebody named Amy but this number keeps calling her. I try to stop the calls by pushing three on my telephone keypad but I can't speak to anybody. What should I do now? +1 828-333-9488
Neutral Is it possbile to make Casting360 stop calling to my house? Will it help to send in an application? +1 281-691-6325
Neutral We got a telephone call but not a message from #. Not certain how the business got my number. +1 877-491-0493
Neutral This stupid damn palce keeps calling for some girl by the name of Kristin. I try to stop the phone calls by pushing three on my phone keypad but I cannot speak to anybody. I hate these calls. +1 650-466-9086
Neutral Some man phoning for some girl. I tell them they are calling a wrong number, but How can you put a stop to the abuse ? +1 877-718-7069
Neutral A weird phone call came in yesterday evening. The message didn't mention the caller's name. I phoned back and determined it was Casting360. Very strange. +1 469-893-4009
Neutral This IS a scam because no voicemail was left and Verizon automatically blocked it as SPAM. My guess is that the person posting a long paragraph on how it's not a scam works for the scammers. . +1 216-395-5523
Neutral I am not getting the chance to enjoy my buns on schedule. I just hate to eat a cold meal. This is not the most suitable time for a call to come. I just do not wanna throw the meal away. What a waste of food. +1 800-981-5135
Neutral text my number asking if I was the owner of (had my Home address attached ) Home.. never responded back +1 202-883-8544
Neutral Annoying robocall, saying that the business was testing listings in their list of phone numbers if you did not wish to receive automatic calls again, to dial a special number. I called, but they won't stop! +1 877-590-5497
Neutral Just received a call from Officer Mr Robert Morris, Internal Revenue Service. It was a robocall, obviously fake! +1 301-830-6828
Neutral This number is almost certainly from Casting360. Someone here know? +1 855-346-3510
Neutral # keeps calling my Android for some stranger. Is there a way to convince them to stop calling? +1 855-346-3512
Neutral STATE iI WAS BEING SUED +1 202-629-9620