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Score Comment Phone Number
Neutral Scammer +1 959-202-2578
Neutral Me vendieron 6 meses de publicidad. +1 909-900-0350
Neutral CALL ID WAS MEDFORD, OR +1 360-500-0102
Neutral verified that my number is registered on the "Do Not Call Registry" and submitted this complaint." +1 402-882-4106
Neutral I believe this is a scam company. +1 213-421-0915
Neutral This company is seeking to sell health insurance yet if you press a key then phone hangs up. +1 253-527-5098
Neutral MY NAME IS Duane Gomer [email protected] MOTHER FUCKER THE SENDER KISS MY ASS SUCK AND DRINK MY BLOODY PUSSY FUCK YOUR MOTHER SISTER WIFE DAUGHTER PUSSY ARE VERY STINK YOUR COCK IS BROKEN I AM BISEXUAL TAKE THE WHOLE MONEY BUY BUY VIAGRA TO FUCK YOUR FAMILY beber mi coño sangrienta hijo de puta 2722954038 8582251748 2722954038 8582751748 8332952832 +1 646-844-5653
Neutral It is an automated message at first and it askes you to press 1 to continue. +1 571-310-5616
Neutral Every day we get these calls. +1 306-500-7886
Neutral Hello, this is Andy from Payday Loans. +1 602-603-7653
Neutral According to web site whocallsme.com, the activity of this caller started on January 14, 2014. +1 608-438-6214
Neutral The company wanted to help me negotiate my tax debt with the IRS I do not have a tax debt. +1 516-259-5444
Neutral After a search on the internet, it seems many people have been getting calls from this number which supposedly is coming from Dominica. +1 818-778-5969
Neutral Same thing as above - offered cashiers check and movers to come pick up my futon. Introduced himself as Charlie Davidson and didn't respond to my request for Venmo or Paypal. +1 510-646-0129
Neutral We all have left messages that they are calling a business and they continue to call with a recording. +1 089-451-4963
Neutral Phone rang, caller ID showed 866-496-0969 800 Service. +1 250-430-7924
Neutral I answered the phone to let them know I wanted to be taken off the call list. +1 310-388-7084
Neutral This number has been harassing me with calls requesting for Private information such as address, birthdate, phone number, and others. +1 317-721-9973
Neutral Why don't you do something about these calls? +1 732-592-3865
Neutral They know it's happening, but have no way to stop it. +1 903-765-0316
Neutral Es el clasificado vendiendo publicidad para la fiesta. +1 909-900-0350
Neutral Venden los anuncios de Fiesta Magazine en San Bernardino. +1 909-900-0350
Neutral Dejaron el mensaje de Feliz Memorial Day. +1 909-900-0350
Neutral Revista muy buena la de Las Fiestas. +1 909-900-0350