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Score Comment Phone Number
Neutral No answer when I pick up the phone +1 312-226-2108
Neutral They have called at least 5 previous times. +1 312-607-3543
Neutral As of 5/29/2014 I received calls from #877-411-5551. +1 315-965-9379
Neutral We have been called by this number at least once a day, sometimes twice, for weeks. +1 316-304-5722
Neutral I am sick of this they will not stop. +1 303-479-3373
Neutral I selected 1 for more information to talk with them and tell them I was complaining but the call did not go through. +1 307-335-7697
Neutral Same blah blah broke up scam... +1 737-217-6397
Neutral Used my call screen and the message they left was " ignoring us will be an attempt to avoid an issue appearance before the magistrate judge for a federal criminal offense so before this matter goes to court or you get arrested kindly call...... +1 240-283-5594
Neutral This number calls our home every day a few times a day. +1 415-795-2758
Neutral Received a pre recorded message on my cell phone wanting me to purchase a home alarm system. +1 443-345-2202
Neutral calls at least twice a day +1 480-605-1230
Neutral credit card reduction scam. +1 475-231-2446
Neutral They said they are looking for b(6). +1 647-795-4534
Neutral This company is intercepting my prison/jail collect calls. +1 413-350-1324
Neutral This person or number has called my business twice (10/29/13 at 5:03pm and 10/31/13 at 4:50pm) but has not left a message. +1 312-890-0328
Neutral This is the fourth time I have received a call from this company. +1 361-404-1246
Neutral They call once a month or so. +1 402-279-0395
Neutral Calls, no voice or message when answered then hangs up. +1 408-877-8516
Neutral Their recording machine has called numerous times in the past. +1 410-988-4023
Neutral It is an automated message saying we have won a Walmart or Target gift card and they do not leave a name. +1 336-342-4871
Neutral i want this stopped and prosecuted +1 813-833-7012
Neutral When the phone was answered, no one was on the line. +1 888-595-4460
Neutral Call was a recorded msg in Spanish. +1 901-618-2068
Neutral This random-sounding noise ended and they left the line open for about 30 seconds before hanging up. +1 909-344-3856
Neutral Called me about a virus? An hour long call and they eventually hung up because I was arguing with my mom and kept crying because they said it was 500$. I’ve googled the number and I guess it’s a scammer good thing I downloaded mcafee on all my devices +1 854-400-5601