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Neutral I tried to block their calls using, but, Time Warner told me that their block call option will not work against against telemarketers. +1 877-343-6568
Neutral Scammers be warned of this number they keep texting me a job to bubble wrap my vehicle sent a fake check to cash and send them back by wire common really? Don’t fall for this bullshit add to this if you got a Tex from this number don’t let this scammer get an old person with this shit. Bad enough we have to work hard for what we get today to be robbed by a slick taker wake up people help others when you can not kick them when thiere down +1 330-362-1812
Neutral NO TELEMARKETING CALLS! +1 707-079-2371
Neutral WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO DO SOMETHING? +1 602-506-7460
Neutral I have asked numerous times for them to not call me. +1 786-797-3356
Neutral I have told them repeatedly and they have informed me that have placed me on their DNC, however I have kept receiving calls from them. +1 415-223-1615
Neutral I was hoping to tell them again to take me off the list. +1 415-710-7983
Neutral i have asked numerous times for this company to stop calling me. +1 407-216-6986
Neutral Been getting numerous call from multiple phone number with recorded message "congratulations +1 203-989-9034
Neutral I have repeatedly reported the number to the no call list. +1 407-216-6684
Neutral This entity has called repeatedly, usually during mealtimes or bedtime. +1 475-328-4466
Neutral I have not answered the phone, because I am afraid it will cause them to pursue me even more. +1 707-210-9715
Neutral Chris was undetered and continued his sales pitch. +1 954-821-2301
Neutral When call is answered, the representative is unwilling to stop calling. +1 308-660-2334
Neutral I have a New Orleans area code, and since then I have received countless phone calls from this number and numbers almost identical (save a single digit or two). The last few times I answered from one of these numbers, it was an automated message or scammers. +1 504-502-0416
Neutral I am afraid to press to talk to a live person, because I fear that they believe I want to talk to someone and then I get 50 more calls a week. +1 704-710-6207
Neutral El Clasificado..Called with no voicemail. Didn't answer....scammers!!! +1 909-900-0350
Neutral I have repeatedly asked this company to take me off their list and that I am on the do not call registry. +1 512-361-7182
Neutral Es que ahora ya son dos clasificados aqui en San Diego , uno es El Nuevo Clasificado Fiesta que es a todo color y un papel muy fino brillante pero muy cara en precios y el otro Clasificado es un papel periodico y muy opaco y mas barato en los precios.Pienso que a lo mejor son los mismos duenos. +1 909-900-0350
Neutral Doing anything other than giving them the info they want, gets you a hang up and a call later. +1 385-273-2902
Neutral as of 1-22-1010: calls EVERY DAY. In past 5 months. I have BLOCKED the number on my cell phone but....................next day there is the number again! +1 805-637-7243
Neutral El Clasificado Ontario.Recibi una llamada a las 4 PM de hoy y marque para atras y dice que El Numero No Esta En Servicio. +1 909-900-0350
Neutral A female left a voice message for me saying that I was being served through a legal action and that I should call back or further legal action will occur. There were no specifics just a reference number to give when I return the call. STUPID SCAMMERS! +1 805-637-7243
Neutral When I finally did answer, there was no one on the other end. +1 404-232-2085
Neutral They have been calling us for months with different phone numbers some times 2 to 3 calls a day. +1 512-277-5186