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Score Comment Phone Number
Neutral They latest call had an unknown number and gave no information as to who they are they hung up. +1 647-278-0351
Neutral Once at 10:33am and then twice at 10:34am. +1 646-647-8428
Neutral When you pick up the phone, they hang up. +1 647-832-9700
Neutral He told me to turn on the computer so he could have access and walk me through the steps. +1 647-977-1836
Neutral Consumer has been receiving calls from unknown company regarding utility and travel cruise offers. +1 419-884-8281
Neutral An internet sheach shows this comany is doing the same thing to thousands of people. +1 631-635-8175
Neutral Calls every day +1 856-831-2471
Neutral No message left on my answering machine. +1 678-919-3470
Neutral They call almost on a daily basis. +1 678-919-3460
Neutral I do not have any debts that are in collection and I have received several annoying calls on my cell phone. +1 704-875-7659
Neutral Tried to call back to get my phone number off their list and prevent future interruptions of my day but it's not a number that works when you call it back. +1 708-631-4678
Neutral Phone disconnected when I said hello. +1 661-733-8863
Neutral However, this was just another hang-up. +1 678-919-3454
Neutral I havent heard from her. She lied and conned a lot of people in the AV. She was a total loser. A complete mess! +1 323-237-2758
Neutral Called at 2 am. No one answered. I could tell something was there. I don't know if it was a person or computer but I get enough of this crap in the daytime!! Some one please nail these jerks to a wall!!! +1 929-259-8823
Neutral Consumer keeps received robo calls from Home Security Systems and has attempted to call the number back it says that it is not a working number. +1 623-302-5403
Neutral They tried to get me to give them my bank account and credit card information or to wire them money in order for me to receive a $10,000 government grant. +1 623-383-9947
Neutral asked them repeatedly to stop calling me. +1 612-708-4630
Neutral I have told them to stop calling and to take me off their list 5 times now. +1 613-319-0972
Neutral No idea who they are or what they want. +1 619-822-8509
Neutral No way to say stop calling or who is calling. +1 303-635-6397
Neutral I also reported the first call. +1 612-963-7584
Neutral They all pre-recorded system. +1 619-493-2065
Neutral They have been calling for well over a year! +1 613-845-1434
Neutral Now this company says they are calling because I expressed interest in a business opportunity with Amazon.com. +1 616-559-1778