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Neutral Got a text from Wells Fargo asking me to call back to ""confirm mobile number"" I don't bank with Wells Fargo +1 941-803-4341
Neutral 604-373-2340 & 778-918-2815 another great Kijiji *LIAR* and major scammer from British Columbia that advertises Fake Trial versions of WINDOWS ,ADOBE,AUTOCAD and MICROSOFT OFFICE that stop working in 24 hours after purchase via DOWNLOAD. Then scans all passwords and credit card information and charges you cheap dollars to later rob you thousands of dollars on your credit card and steals your information just to cover his Crack & ***e addiction ..This person is known to police and is a registered BRITISH COLUMBIA CHILD S E X*OFFENDER...He sells fake IPHONES and Black listed stolen android phones along with fake Taylor Swift CONCERT TICKETS sold to 11 year old girls on kijiji, for $900 dollars.. However, he is also in association with Sean Nixon the notorious TORONTO ticket scammer that has been documented on CTV'S W-5 INVESTIGATIVE REPORTING PROGRAM....This guy is a great scammer and a Pathological Liar with deep mental problems...Grab a Beer and read his fake Customer Comments on his kijiji ad for a entertaining laugh in a half...Who is he kidding...Dont have any dealings with this loser.. +1 604-373-2340
Neutral I was given this number by a man on Twitter saying he was the lead singer from Coldplay the band. he wants me to add him to my whatsapp +1 979-709-2582
Neutral the 1st 2 calls were in the same day just a matter of a few minutes apart. +1 250-549-6764
Neutral Claiming to be Suntrust bank with issues with my debit card. Obviously scam +1 661-249-3020
Neutral Same Caller as my last few complaints, but is using a different number. +1 425-369-7833
Neutral She is absolutely disgusting coke heae +1 757-323-1250
Neutral The caller claims his company is a partner of Microsoft, that it has access to our computer and that it can fix what's wrong with it (for a fee). +1 778-957-9194
Neutral Scam and called me at 7:30 in the morning +1 239-645-1833
Neutral With "robocalls" can't tell them to stop calling +1 413-992-1492
Neutral Looks like they are stepping up the harassment. +1 615-942-7996
Neutral [email protected] sells software that does not seem to work at all, and when you phone him back at 416-579-2861and ask for a refund he threatens you with profanity and death, not a nice way to treat a woman that spent over $400 on you, so I came to this blog to let people know that this person is a horrible business man.. +1 416-579-2861
Neutral When I answered the call, the recorded message said I could get a lower interest rate on a credit card and to press 9 to speak to an agent. +1 480-300-8613
Neutral Asked about our verizon billing- seemed not to accept that we don't have verizon- hung up on me before I got to ask to be put on their do not call. +1 408-205-0974
Neutral They just keep calling, even though every time I tell them to stop calling. +1 204-293-1236
Neutral told them not to call me again +1 604-657-2869
Neutral Hung up, called back and it said the number was not in service. +1 780-932-9210
Neutral websites report it is Monarch Recovery usually asking for someone who doesn't live there. +1 409-443-8429
Neutral I answered the call and could hear breathing but no one would answer. +1 505-948-6423
Neutral When I asked who referred me he just hung up. +1 604-318-2399
Neutral You can't ask the company not to call because it's a computer +1 065-702-8929
Neutral Calls at 1:45 AM, left no VM +1 770-464-5274
Neutral I do not speak Spanish and Internet research shows scam call. +1 022-646-6978
Neutral This number keeps calling(sometimes twice a day,)but never leave any massages. +1 431-400-5270