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Score Comment Phone Number
Neutral Both calls left a message on answering machine. +1 435-216-4867
Neutral I hung up on the call and was immediately called back. +1 416-888-7437
Neutral We have asked them numerous times to stop calling us. +1 434-213-6253
Neutral The start message that they have a delivery for me at no cost. +1 415-943-8081
Neutral so we could not ask caller to stop calling us. +1 416-433-6904
Neutral I get a spiel about giving them money for a charity I've never even heard of. +1 416-272-1461
Neutral Your help is greatly appreciated. +1 416-400-4321
Neutral Continue to receive calls from this number and continue to file these complaints. +1 416-521-8962
Neutral These people call me every day sometimes multiple times. +1 415-702-2497
Neutral I told the guy I was on the do not call list and he said i was on the big money list. +1 414-739-3739
Neutral This was a cell phone 9on the do not all list that was robodialed. +1 415-310-9707
Neutral I do not have unlimited minutes with my plan. +1 415-649-4844
Neutral These people off a medical alert and free grocery coupons. +1 414-422-8584
Neutral This is the same message I received and reported yesterday which came from 2 numbers other than this one. +1 415-483-7456
Neutral It was an automatic call about vacations, I merely hung up. +1 414-240-6043
Neutral Two times today, and numerous others. +1 409-440-6369
Neutral I have received multiple calls a day on multiple days from this number. +1 410-901-2340
Neutral I have now had 7 calls from this company even though I told them I am on the do not call registry & have told them to stop calling my number. +1 413-748-9628
Neutral About 6:00 PM same number called and I did not answer it. +1 413-835-4536
Neutral Continued to get calls daily. +1 410-314-4817
Neutral Received one call to get rentals in Orlando, three minutes later got another call from same number saying my phone bill is overdue and providing a text number. +1 407-890-7617
Neutral this phone number is NOT a Bank of America phone number. +1 404-747-4342
Neutral Unsolicited sales call - repeated request to stop calling +1 407-274-9265
Neutral They call numerous times daily. +1 403-829-7837
Neutral The call 4 to 5 times a week, sometimes more than once a day. +1 403-874-6992