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Neutral I called this company several times and asked them to put me on the do not call list but this man keeps calling 2 and 3 times a day. +1 973-360-7310
Neutral This company has called me from at least 5 different phone numbers. +1 978-857-6241
Neutral I just don't answer calls from numbers I don't know. However, this particular number has called me 3x a day for the last 3 weeks. +1 863-535-6238
Neutral I however, will do my best to fill this space with 1000 characters since it is a slow day and I have nothing better to do. +1 984-609-6792
Neutral I think their main number may be 813-988-5941 +1 619-520-7424
Neutral To date, none have come after 10:00 p.m. I have stayed on the line to try and reach someone, and it is computer generated no response. +1 951-662-8973
Neutral Woman called about PSE&G bill . Asked me to have bill in hand and return call to 609-623-1013 Number did not show up on caller ID . Will notify PSE&G about scam. Too bad if anyone believes this garbage. +1 609-623-1013
Neutral Please help stop these calls to my home phone. +1 951-836-2014
Neutral This number was saerched 15342 times from the location. +1 971-501-6747
Neutral They hung up before it went to answering machine. +1 972-259-5509
Neutral I also told them to put us on their DO NOT CALL list, but the keep calling. +1 972-703-2824
Neutral He has called four times. +1 952-888-1028
Neutral After asking them to remove me a handfull of times, it has progressively gotten worse. +1 954-353-5571
Neutral they will ask you to spell your name don't do it. +1 915-015-3865
Neutral They call several times a day - 1st with a recording, then a rep who hangs up on you if you ask questions or when you ask them to stop calling. +1 041-574-5034
Neutral Please nail these bastards! +1 925-822-5273
Neutral Sales person told me that I was eligible for a free system and needed to confirm shipping instructions. +1 925-281-1686
Neutral I was argued with, and when I indicated I would report the number, they asked me not to do that, and continued to argue further. +1 925-348-5727
Neutral The FTC needs to stop these people from making these unsolicited calls. +1 941-497-7049
Neutral She is calling about a priority overnight package I didn't order. +1 936-890-2744
Neutral they continue to call at all hours and don't respect the request to stop calling. +1 813-481-1630
Neutral I told them do not call me again and to remove me from the call list. +1 877-904-2363
Neutral Calls my number several time a day! +1 888-792-2383
Neutral I tell them each time to remove me from their call list that they are calling a number of the do not call list but they keep calling us regardless. +1 895-384-8359
Neutral Victor called from Windows Security today. We told him that we had previously said not to call this number. We also told him we are on the do not call list. Victor said "fuck you" each time I said not to call. He repeated his statement at least 4 times. (Maybe more) +1 907-308-2916