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Score Comment Phone Number
Neutral It was obviously a foreigner calling to scam me about my personal information. +1 786-530-4069
Neutral These people call everyday, saying they're from the IRS which we know is not true. +1 806-680-6091
Neutral They use other area 201 numbers as well to bother me and I have entered a complaint on those separately. +1 808-779-8669
Neutral We never got any of these calls until we signed up for the Do Not Call registry. +1 812-248-8943
Neutral They call and no one speaks. +1 800-295-3174
Neutral It says not valid phone or something? +1 702-819-6766
Neutral I have received numerous calls morning, afternoon including Sunday morning, 11.1.15. +1 740-338-1420
Neutral at least five (5) calls from this number. +1 610-590-1211
Neutral Have left the phone of the hook after the call, but nothing works. +1 614-378-7024
Neutral I continued to ask the caller the name of the company and it sounds like the push mute so I can't understand it. +1 770-530-5822
Neutral I cannot ask the company to stop calling as there is no one to speak with. +1 541-965-2783
Neutral There appears to be no way to ask them to stop. +1 212-419-8327
Neutral They have been told several times not to call and still for the last several months they continue to call us at least 1-2 times per week +1 213-679-0634
Neutral They hung up on me when I made the request. +1 646-397-7179
Neutral The whole thing makes no sense. +1 206-568-4387
Neutral The call began with a recorded message that was pretending to be one side of a conversation, then transferred to a live attendant. +1 614-607-8719
Neutral Scammed payday loan company As called many times +1 205-539-1313
Neutral These people call everyday at different times. +1 669-231-3553
Neutral They are threatening legal action and want a return call via a recorded message. +1 697-672-3055
Neutral A robot recording scam to get your social security no. +1 609-333-1075
Neutral Card Services faking another number for their scam. +1 903-347-5165
Neutral Some kind of Rental.com. +1 206-204-6009
Neutral If you want to lower your credit card rate, please stay on the line. +1 281-899-0646
Neutral leaves message trying to sell homes but when i call back it goes to a voicemail box and nobody ever picks up the phone. +1 303-240-6995
Neutral since it was recording we could not tell them to stop calling +1 281-502-8883