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Neutral When you call them, the recorded message starts from the beginning. +1 267-954-2859
Neutral It is an alarm company saying your neighborhood has been burglarized and you need protection ! +1 855-342-3400
Neutral At 61 years of age, I have no interest in college and did not visit any website about this. +1 478-672-1584
Neutral Soliciting a security system +1 647-446-3146
Neutral How can we make this intrusiojn stop. +1 331-704-4999
Neutral I have asked these people to quite calling me and they still do. +1 404-900-4215
Neutral I pressed 1 to speak with someone and asked who they were. +1 949-290-5539
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Neutral Call from Benton,LA - They called me, but the automated message thanked me for calling them! +1 587-222-6054
Neutral Press one now if you are a home owner and paying more than 150 dollars per month for electricity. +1 704-703-9547
Neutral It's March 2020 and these jerks have been calling and harassing people all over the country since at least 2013. They call. at all hours of the day and evening, weekdays and weekends! They are ROBOCALL CHARITY SCAMMERS! Block Them! +1 985-635-4267
Neutral calls daily in pm at least 2x-3x +1 615-455-2401
Neutral I have received about 8 calls in the last couple of days from this # and have told them to stop calling. +1 631-201-2672
Neutral I reregistered my number on the list again today. +1 760-299-7005
Neutral They claim to be a political calling center, not subject to the Do Not Call Registry but started asking me about my vehicle and warranty. +1 833-832-3134
Neutral did not say company name. +1 360-745-0886
Neutral (and the political ones as well. +1 720-456-3778
Neutral Consumer received an unsolicited phone call from the Government Grant Department stating they qualified for a government grant. +1 225-635-8861
Neutral Robo call recording about credit card debt. +1 267-699-7319
Neutral They continued to call for days but I will not answer! +1 508-638-8072
Neutral Even after I have requested that my number be removed from call list. +1 510-265-8240
Neutral Called back and went to voicemail that was full. I’m thinking a scam +1 831-778-4167
Neutral Getting a call from this phone number almost everyday. +1 043-422-5466
Neutral Person claims to be IRS but sounded very threatening asking to call back immediately, that it as an urgent IRS matter. +1 760-276-4624
Neutral Kevin is the biggest jerk on the planet! WAFJ! +1 703-296-7007