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Neutral This number contuse to call not leaving any type of message. When I call it back, it says "this call can not be completed as dialed. +1 618-615-4969
Neutral Also called on 11/25 @ 2:35PM +1 619-401-0960
Neutral They are ignoring my request to not contact me. +1 601-326-1524
Neutral I answered and got into a heated argument with him while trying to tell him to stop calling me. +1 603-809-1212
Neutral Recd a call on 9/16/15 from this 866-398-4635. +1 609-301-0728
Neutral that is my request to them to not call my number. +1 609-513-6339
Neutral Please change the law prohibiting soliciting on cell phones I have to pay for the time for unwanted solicitation. +1 580-483-5517
Neutral There was no opportunity to tell them not to call back. +1 587-803-3789
Neutral They sent me a letter, it stated I am past due on a loan & it is for a loan I do not have. I believe this has to be a phishing ploy. I see the two above saying the same thing. Fraud! +1 844-561-4025
Neutral Since THEY are TRACING *ALL* our calls, THEY must know where these calls originate! +1 561-286-0970
Neutral the call disconnects as soon as I answer it. +1 570-418-8429
Neutral I have been receiving numerous calls from this number for several days at all hours. +1 571-570-5896
Neutral Supposedly 435 #s are telemarketers. +1 573-207-1237
Neutral I called the # back and when I asked for the company info they hung up on me. +1 520-224-1057
Neutral I get calls from other area codes with the same recorded message. +1 561-282-8706
Neutral Googled the number and complaint after complaint. +1 502-752-7690
Neutral They have called multiple times and are very annoying, even having their children leave messages. +1 504-608-2533
Neutral They are definitely NOT from the Health Department, and this is a very serious criminal offense that they claim they are. +1 510-290-3309
Neutral They are trying to get credit card/bank information over the phone. +1 510-761-3422
Neutral Please get me off this list! +1 512-887-3446
Neutral Looks like we are not safe even on a Sunday. +1 011-867-0449
Neutral Just one of my 'blank' calls. We own our phones, why can this INTRUSION GO ON?????? +1 330-990-5903
Neutral This one doesn't leave any message on the answering machine, but they call very regularly. +1 416-388-9851
Neutral I spoke to a customer service rep and told to be removed from call list. +1 431-337-6391
Neutral These calls are constant and daily +1 480-376-8441