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Neutral Es la antigua revista El Clasificado y ahora se llaman Fiesta. +1 909-900-0350
Neutral This unwanted call was telling we won a free cruise. +1 619-536-1420
Neutral When I called it back on 10/31/2015 it was a home heating and cooling service. +1 702-321-5423
Neutral When I attempt to call back, it says the line is not in service. +1 707-405-0661
Neutral M molesta q m llamen contactos q no tengo en mi ajenda +1 239-236-8186
Neutral I receive a message from them a few times a month. +1 773-869-0973
Neutral We have gotten this silent call almost every day for about two weeks. +1 619-330-6254
Neutral I asked them to stop calling I didn't want the product. +1 704-703-5673
Neutral A female recorded voice said that they could lower my interest rate. +1 937-519-2858
Neutral I had a main entrance door installed by this company over 4 years ago. +1 502-242-6867
Neutral once again a recorded message. +1 213-568-8822
Neutral can't ask them to stop calling because no one is there when i answer +1 647-253-0596
Neutral My phone carrier has placed a block on my phone for this # Any help is appreciated-$fine them! +1 207-436-9627
Neutral I have done that twice, but still get the calls. +1 760-444-3636
Neutral Somebody call me three or four times during the day this week. I answer once and a woman talk. But never leave a message. Anyways I block it. +1 786-233-9433
Neutral Estos putos tienen muchas ventas pues tienen un sistema digital de llamadas en Guatemala.Putos. +1 909-900-0350
Neutral Caller ID shows El Clasificado +1 909-900-0350
Neutral Me hablaron y no pude contestar pero cuando regrese la llamada el telefono esta ocupado. +1 909-900-0350
Neutral No one comes on line! +1 305-676-1240
Neutral Repeated calls from this number offering a credit card +1 415-578-7204
Neutral When I explain that I'm not interested, have zero credit card debt and am listed on the do not call list they hang up on me. +1 520-277-0398
Neutral They keep asking about metal-on-metal hip/knee surgery or bladder/uterine mesh surgery. +1 515-608-6607
Neutral You can hear them breathing. +1 302-525-8064
Neutral Received call, which I did not answer. However, after receiving a text earlier from my pastor which only showed his telephone number, I called that number and left a voicemail. About an hour later I received a call from a 614 area code, which I did not answer. However, after the call I thought it might be return call from my pastor and I called the number back and a Scott answered. asked why he was calling and all I got was "this is Scott" and asked for my name a couple times but I did not give him and started to hang up. I than heard him say my name. I asked again what was the purpose of his call, to which he replied he would transfer me. I told him, "don't bother" and hung up. I just received another call from this number about 10 minutes after I hung up, which I did not answer. They did not leave a message. +1 614-427-2803