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Dangerous Said they were hearing administrator on a recorded line. When I said "and", they hung up. +1 740-227-8831
Dangerous This number has called me at least 3x a week, sometimes more often, but no one is on the line when I answer it. I have blocked it. +1 980-217-7924
Dangerous Calls every day. Have texted whomever that legal action will be taken. +1 937-412-2317
Dangerous A recorded female voice speaking mandarin chinese starts talking, then I hung up +1 613-789-7612
Dangerous CRA scam attempt. +1 780-306-1599
Dangerous Followup... I mis-read the call source. There is a Fort Myer in northern Virginia. There is no other indication that this number is marketing or spam. I don't know how to delete my previous review. +1 571-218-3198
Dangerous SCAM...Automated message claiming to be CRA and that there is a lawsuit against me and they are issuing an arrest warrant +1 289-919-5211
Dangerous Crooks and thieves called and hung up when the answering machine answered +1 816-300-1914
Dangerous unknown call after 7:00 PM +1 609-527-3855
Dangerous SCAM!!!!!!! ALERT +1 470-344-3407
Dangerous This number keeps calling me in the morning, I won’t answer and they don’t leave a voicemail. It looks like it’s coming from an android phone because FaceTime is not illuminated and WhatsApp is available. +1 225-465-8404
Dangerous Harassing calls, in the morning x2 now. East Indian accent. Very rude. +1 616-875-5914
Dangerous This number keeps calling every 6 minutes for over an hour. +1 980-217-8207
Dangerous Calling pretending to notify about 4 pending legal charges ha yeah right pretty sure I would know if I broke the law that many times.. they really need to stop +1 646-682-0930
Dangerous Clarifi +1 570-956-9157
Dangerous Continues to call, leaving no message. +1 240-436-5157
Dangerous spam +1 646-295-6773
Dangerous Left v/m saying someone was sueing me for tax fraud and that by calling this number I would speak to a federal agent. +1 347-574-9178
Dangerous Scam artist. Hang up if John calls you. +1 769-553-4526
Dangerous claimed I had IRS problems and the local "cops" were coming for me if I didn't call back +1 516-348-6404
Dangerous scam +1 773-217-7150
Dangerous Called twice and left the same exact message stating she needed to speak to me about my debt consolidation. Gave a different number to call back. Can you say "spam"? +1 848-213-8734
Dangerous Many rolling numbers from same location Very disturbing Blocked the number and get more from rollover numbers. +1 713-809-1974
Dangerous Total Scam. All info has been given to my actual police department. Including recordings of the automated voice messages. +1 415-932-8522
Dangerous Do not answer this call. Block immediately. +1 901-519-8950