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Neutral Robo call +1 320-216-8881
Neutral Spyzie Android DemoiOS Demo [email protected] Be updated: Dec 13, 2018 21:01 Demo's Galaxy S7 Dashboard Clue Calls Contacts Messages Social Apps HOT Locations Geofences HOT Capture Screenshots Browser History Photos Video Preview Voices HOT Documents HOT Calendars WiFi Logger HOT Keylogger HOT Applications Schedule Restriction App Activity Keyword Alerts HOT E-mail HOT Smart Capture HOT Help Feedback Log out Copyright © 2018 Spyzie. All Rights Reserved. English +1 821-017-2018
Neutral This person (832-804-2848) text me regarding a wedding dress I posted for sale on craigslist.com. She wanted to pay $100 over asking price and wanted it shipped to: Maria Alvarado 13 Haversack Road Palmyra, VA 22963 After shipping confirmation the funds would be deposited. Person seems to be a career scammer. Beware! +1 832-804-2848
Neutral Called to talk about processing payments for a business, I'm not interested.. Hopefully they won't call back. +1 972-300-0620
Neutral Good ole Kathleen the scammer tried calling me, Same as everyone else +1 866-761-1881
Neutral Got the same message Must be a scam I dont have any debt +1 866-761-1881
Neutral Another from a long list of fake calls. This one said from Sweden. +1 469-985-0691
Neutral Same as all the other calls. Exactly. No doubt a scam! +1 866-761-1881
Neutral Hi, this is Jerry. I'm giving you a courtesy call in regards to an online reservation. Our records show you have a travel credit pending. Please call 407-874-1544. For more information how to redeem your vacation credit again, please call 407-874-1544 Monday through Friday 10 to 4 Eastern Time. +1 407-874-1544
Neutral Keep calling and I am on the do not call list +1 608-478-3733
Neutral This number has called my cellphone several times... I finally got sick and tired of getting these notices that a telemarketer was calling. I practice witchcraft and decided to have a little fun with the caller by placing a curse on him and his 3 immediate loved ones. The guy was in near tears because I was able to tell him some personal details about the 3 loved ones I've cursed. +1 855-589-1833
Neutral Received several calls in one day. They hangup and call right back and hangup again. +1 514-422-1792
Neutral Same info and reference number used. Clearly a scam. Block it +1 866-761-1881
Neutral Yes sir this is Kathleen Davis and out this message is concerning your unsecured credit that um I need to discuss your consolidation or repayment options with some new _⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_ affect recently so if you could please give me a call back the number is 866-761-1881 and then if you would please have this reference number handy when you a call back that would be very helpful your reference number is 40402 thank you… I called back and of course no one answered. +1 866-761-1881
Neutral He keeps calling and it is becoming really annoying +1 201-365-2555
Neutral Another scam. +1 310-455-8321
Neutral Keeps calling me each day +1 213-943-9597
Neutral I mean it ONLY rings on my Apple Watch and NOT my iPhone +1 830-201-1826
Neutral Voice recording says they're your credit card company, but does not give their company name, and says your interest rate will be lowered if you press 1. +1 727-323-1010
Neutral This number called me twice today and didn't no messages and I would to know who it was? +1 201-942-5538
Neutral Calls daily as high as 5 times a day ... no message / no talking / nothing ... Unable to call number back. +1 404-948-5922
Neutral This call is to inform you that your social security number is suspended and investigated by the ... etc.... call made from 4436028141 +1 443-478-3919
Neutral Just received the exact same call +1 301-830-6828
Neutral annoying calls +1 844-386-8577