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Dangerous Received call answered right away no comment on other end . Called back still no comment. +1 816-897-5519
Dangerous Received the usual, This is the IRS blah blah crap. After calling the number back with the name of HRRG revenue services, they did indeed have all my information. Few more attempts to find out the scam that was happening, they blocked my fake number from their system. After calling the real HRRG, which is a real collection agency, they where more concerned with collecting a debt then their/my information in the hands of scammers. +1 516-303-8409
Dangerous They have literally been calling me for weeks on end a couple times a day. I finally called the number back today and it is Spectrum Cable. If you call the number back there is an automated process to remove your number (according to the prompts I went through). We'll see if it works. +1 833-684-3183
Dangerous Left a automated message in messed up sentences. Something about taxes, time limits, 4 serious allegations pressed on my name. threats of cops coming take me into custody unless I call them, blah, blah, blah. This kind of message is bordering on threatening physical assault and kidnapping for the purpose of, let me guess, paying them money. This is legally referred to as extortion. +1 787-302-2114
Dangerous I let the phone ring, and no voicemail was left, so I blocked the number. +1 212-246-9532
Dangerous Received a call from this number stating that the IRS is suing me it is a scam call I wish somebody would take care of these types of people this is not right for them to be calling people and scaring them I knew right away not to answer when I saw the number I had a feeling. Can’t someone do something about these fraudulent calls to people? what if they were to call my mother and scare her they wouldn’t like that happening to their mother or family member would they? +1 972-774-5244
Dangerous Do not call back the given number. I called the Canadian Anti-Fraud Center. They recived a lot of allert regardint this kind of telephone fraud. You can report the incident here: http://www.antifraudcentre-centreantifraude.ca/reportincident-signalerincident/index-eng.htm +1 613-703-0449
Dangerous http://doxycycline-cheapbuy.site/ - doxycycline-cheapbuy.site.ankor onlinebuycytotec.site.ankor +1 404-800-1750
Dangerous Scam caller gives this as a call back number after stating you'd be served at home and work 'tomorrow' Total BS scam. +1 888-518-6578
Dangerous Speaking Chinese. Pretending to be the embassy of China. Trying to take money from you. +1 213-807-2415
Dangerous Sick of this number call everyday. We know it’s a scam. +1 616-266-7263
Dangerous Said I was being indicted, and to call right away and clear this up! Do not ignore this is a 2nd attempt, even through fourth time that they called. +1 202-734-5212
Dangerous Health insurance scam call, don't deal with them. +1 201-215-0275
Dangerous IRS Scam reporting "charges" against me and claiming federal officers will be coming to get me within 2 hours. +1 303-800-6637
Dangerous seeking funds for hillary cUntin to have vagina reduction, so maybe bill wont stray so far into the barn looking for sex! +1 509-992-1717
Dangerous This number called my cell phone. I answered and all I heard was some woman yelling at me in chinese. There was one brief english sentence about my money being ready to cash. When I asked who they were and what they were calling for the same screaming voice came on again. I blocked the call. +1 415-852-3181
Dangerous Medical alert bracelet +1 732-934-4225
Dangerous Its an irs/cra scam beware people before givingout your card number and details +1 239-230-6667
Dangerous +1 405-400-1211
Dangerous Some broad won't quit calling and trying to sell her wares or at least I think that is what she was doing. She offered me an hour of free CPE if I would buy one hour. I don't know what CPE is but a friend told me it was probably some kind of horizontal entertainment. I would probably take the free hour but I just can't handle two hours at my age..... +1 845-215-4706
Dangerous Answer and dead air. +1 727-247-8481
Dangerous Suspected telemarketer. Didn't leave voicemail message; probably annoying robo-caller phishing for a human voice. +1 904-523-2840
Dangerous scam.....spoofed number +1 502-618-5647
Dangerous Came up on caller id as CC DISTRIBUTION. Not sure who it really is. +1 289-968-3829‬ to be a jury in court. It’s doubtful.
Dangerous I received a call from this number and didn't pick it up in time. When I tried to call the number back a minute later, a recorded message said the number is disconnected. +1 310-234-9312