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Dangerous Robo call said they will suspend my social and assets unless I call this number back. +1 225-230-0909
Dangerous caller ID shows: 408-221-4615 from San Jose, CA: Caller left message stating........"This is not is a solicitation call there is currently a motion that has been filed to suspend all 2019 federal or state tax returns baring your name and ssn #; to review all immediate rights and details and make formal payment arrangement contact us back immediately today at 800-270-9061; please be advised this our final opportunity to resolve this matter before proceedings are filed." ok, 1st - they state a "motion" has been filed; 2nd - they state to call bc it's the their final oppty to resolve before "proceeding are filed"? HELLO! if something is filed, its filed and the person having something filed against would legally need to be make aware! DEBTORS! stop your stupid crap!!! +1 800-270-9601
Dangerous Call for Wynham Vacation, asked why they call me everyday, he said they love to bother you, said press 2 next time, I have done that over and over but each time they call from different number +1 404-228-6146
Dangerous Said they're from social security administration!! +1 209-229-3211
Dangerous robocall. said it was the second notification that the factory warranty on my vehicle was recently expired. made a bunch of sideways threats. never said what vehicle. +1 913-253-8519
Dangerous YOU GUYS ARE SCAMMERS!!!! GET A LIFE +1 202-792-0395
Dangerous Text from "Patricia" about saving money on auto - doesn't say insurance . Can't call back. Verizon says dial 1, and I do, and it says it again. +1 857-201-4708
Dangerous Do not answer +1 613-790-3690
Dangerous Claim to be Social Sucurity Had a recording saying my Social Sucurity was going to be dropped, when I call the # back they said Social Sucurity what is your date of birth! So I hung up Be careful People!!! +1 210-742-5484
Dangerous Only get fast busy signal - suspect scam +1 616-727-7302
Dangerous Calls 4-5 times daily. If a message is left, it's incomplete but seems to be something about a job I've applied for. Haven't applied for a job in 21 years. Irritating as all get out. +1 803-373-0766
Dangerous Caller ID said CHINESE EMBASSY. Left a message in Chinese. +1 202-495-2277
Dangerous Scam +1 912-229-2120
Dangerous States from IRS and filing a warrant for my arrest due to a tax fraud they deem is legit. This is NOT how the IRS does business. This is 100% fraud. +1 425-441-6609
Dangerous Hes. Cool +1 870-403-8455
Dangerous Showed up as message: ( Granl...) is the only content in body of msg- don't know anyone from there - didn't open msg. +1 409-497-0486
Dangerous Keep calling from similar numbers, about debt reducing. Scam likely. +1 858-309-5319
Dangerous Claim to be from "Dealer Processing Department" to extend a warranty that is supposedly about to expire (it isn't). +1 320-216-8879
Dangerous Caller stated they were the county sheriff's office and if I did not comply I would be arrested. Called actual sheriff's office and was told it was a scam. +1 610-232-7084
Dangerous A machine saying that it is calling from Chinese embassy to notify whoever picks up the phone has an important mail package there. A typical scam! +1 613-789-3206
Dangerous Com Ed SCAM. Claim to be with Com Ed's disconnection department. They ask you for your information before providing any details and then they instruct you to make a direct payment to them. Beware. Report them to Com Ed. +1 800-314-0036
Dangerous I was told I owed $511 and they were going to take it out of my account...I don’t know who or what these people are... it’s a scam as I don’t have the service they were going to charge me for..when you call them back it immediately clicked off... +1 818-217-8460
Dangerous Robocall about lowering interest rate on credit card accounts - not any specific account, but just accounts in general. Opt out option does not seem to reduce calls. Multiple numbers and messages all go to same offshore telemarketing team. Number is not in service for calling directly, probably spoofed. +1 719-399-4283
Dangerous Northern IL. Calls, no mssg, butt dial type calls too. +1 866-631-4743
Dangerous Give out a lot of personal information before they even know who they're talking to. Said they were from recovery solutions--but for the person they were calling on they have nothing outstanding. I called them back 5 times and was hung up on every time and then put on hold--ended up with someones voice mail by the name of Brittany Walker, mail box was full. +1 916-246-1690