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Neutral This organization a can call several times a day. +1 202-816-5137
Neutral scam call said was calling from google and was cursing me out asking for cash yes sure go away im not that stupid said to send him $10000 no thanks go away is a scam artist is also under 347 514 8983 +1 209-831-3005
Neutral pretending he is google plus or google ad rep to say your google account ad needs to be adjusted and ask you for money is a scam he told me many curses and that he knows he is scam artist under this other number as well same guy 209 831 3005 +1 347-514-8983
Neutral They even have a listing regarding not to contact you because they are protected. +1 865-205-1206
Neutral for some reason i keep getting calls from telemarketers and would like to make sure my number is on a do not call list +1 904-204-7278
Neutral This time I did, but the person would not tell me the exact name of this company, and then I got disconnected. +1 919-535-7890
Neutral Y,617,5550003,PLEASE MAKE IT STOP! +1 251-227-7890
Neutral i have requested them many times to stop calling me but hangs up every time +1 425-658-9507
Neutral I have asked to be removed from the call list several times and still seem to be receiving calls. +1 469-608-6658
Neutral Left a message about student loan repayment options. Pretty funny since I don't have any student loans. I called back just for fun and when I refused to give my info, they hung up on me. Total scam! +1 866-632-7676
Neutral El Clasificado de Los Angeles. +1 909-900-0350
Neutral Walkerton, Indiana Its exchange 279 is managed by LEVEL 3 COMMUNICATIONS, LLC - The number is currently on switch number CNCNOHBVDS5 (switch is a technical specification, provided here for phone hobbyists) You are the 1st person to search for it here. There has been a total of 0 comments left about the number. +1 574-279-4093
Neutral Took it as a scam, said it was about a car warranty. Funny I don't have one, THEY STOLE MY CAR WHEN I LIVED IN VENICE, FL!!!! +1 941-716-8482
Neutral When I was awaken by this call I answered it keep from waking up the rest of the family. +1 530-868-6175
Neutral It was a very bizarre phone call +1 647-557-0767
Neutral these people call about 5 times a day +1 704-802-1141
Neutral i was asked to confirmed my address, date of birth, phone number, and my email address. +1 408-227-4923
Neutral 4406600763 other number +1 832-594-7587
Neutral This is so annoying! +1 305-704-1878
Neutral Scam google scam +1 209-831-3005
Neutral Received 3 calls from this number only for this afternoon. Always claming to be from google. Can someone pull the pug on this machine or can we sue them for all the bother that they cases? +1 561-210-4571
Neutral A different person called from this company last week ... "union liaison" - I called him out as he is not even a union member. Selling ads on a website. +1 702-529-4805
Neutral "An arrest warrant will be issued if I don't call back this number" however my actual name was never mentioned...Would really like to know who this call was from. This is definitely harrassment. +1 705-243-6481
Neutral Spam. +1 206-532-8456
Neutral They appear to have some information on me which worries me. +1 214-560-4551