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Dangerous They call 2-3 times per day and there is a voice recording about loaning me money +1 312-312-7121
Dangerous Chinese recording that used text to speech. Unknown message +1 415-231-4913
Dangerous unknown message, menacing message, i would be arrested if i don't call back suspicius number, what they really want ? +1 226-219-8390
Dangerous It a cell phone # not a landline but yes Middletown. I think AT&T. I know person +1 513-804-6226
Dangerous I also received 3 voicemails back to back lasting 45 seconds with the same message. Relieved to hear other comments confirming the scam as I thought it was suspicious. Your response was my laugh for the week. +1 440-499-5854
Dangerous How rieceve the $ +1 302-994-8220
Dangerous Bot saying "23-year old" looking for someone to have a good time. Then has a link to their online profile. +1 747-444-3154
Dangerous Calls and tells you to call Apple support group due to a security breach. Gives you another number to call. +1 850-795-2565
Dangerous Debt scam Robocaller. +1 337-520-7114
Dangerous Answers as Ashley for Edu Master but as soon as try to ask a question she hangs up. No idea who company is representing. +1 708-303-9010
Dangerous Unsolicited text message wanting to pay me to put stickers advertising their product on my car. Hyperlink included. +1 469-614-0201
Dangerous Unsolicited text message containing a link that has link that contains a virus along with a phising scam. Text claims I am a Walmart loyalty shopper and if I click the link I will receive a zero cost Wal-Mart voucher card +1 949-216-7836
Dangerous 302-310-6059,...Stay away from this number. This is a hacker. The hacker will ask for confirmation code sent to your phone. Do not give out any codes sent to you by Facebook, yahoo, Xoom, PayPal, etc. The hacker will initially communicate by text to a potential victim. Once compromised, the hacker will make it difficult for you to gain access to your account. The hacker will change password, phone number, email, and other recovery means associated to your account. The hacker will use your contact list to impersonate your identity. The hacker will then solicitate all your contacts for money with a very urgent emergency sad story. If you don’t help, the hacker is persistent and will keep asking over and over until he wins. The hacker will use any tactics such as shaming, bullying, etc. Block the number. +1 302-310-6059
Dangerous It should be disturbing to girl msgs on what's app +1 580-789-7983
Dangerous Sends you two links to buy perfumes from Oasis. One for apple and one for android. +1 787-449-2008
Dangerous +1 786-638-2903
Dangerous This is my # why is this calling me +1 210-209-3130
Dangerous Report +1 899-319-0897
Dangerous Report Crimminal +1 899-353-1301
Dangerous job ask commitment fees for 800,to train you for BA job. Be careful, it’s a scam. +1 504-704-1455
Dangerous Asian speaking +1 312-803-5898
Dangerous 7-8 calls per day for three days are harassing and reported to ftc and attorney general in Texas. Prison for these scammers. Fix the problem!,,,,,,,, +1 360-205-9605
Dangerous They are trying to call and text for people to sell their houses at a very cheap price. Don’t go with them. Use a realtor that will tell you the real price of your home. +1 832-906-8446
Dangerous I received a phone call From a 1800 351- 6811 Please do not fall for this! Is a scam They told me they were going to disconnect are water and a tech will come within hour. I told him this a scam, go get a real job! +1 800-351-6822
Dangerous BEWARE Of This SCAMMER !! +1 714-403-7098