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Dangerous Repeated calls at all hours... can not return calls +1 219-228-3291
Dangerous I got a weird message from this phone number and when I tried to call back it hung up right away. The phone did not ring when they called and the message was in an Asian language I do not recognize. +1 613-789-5383
Dangerous Leave a message saying my property is under investigation and I need to call them back before an arrest warrant is issued for me. +1 647-797-2940
Dangerous If you can't tell me who you are, or why you are calling, DO NOT BOTHER CALLING BACK. +1 517-331-9063
Dangerous I was scammed from this number on buying tickets, the person contacted me through kijiji +1 647-952-8837
Dangerous tax scam +1 778-404-1731
Dangerous Recording: Said they were FBI and have a warrant for my arrest, yet never referred to me by name. Left callback number of 408-216-7062. BEWARE!! +1 408-216-7062
Dangerous Robo call to sell me an extended warranty on my car. Called 6 times from different numbers. I pressed 2 to be removed 5 times. The 6th time I pressed 1 to speak to a human. When someone answered I asked them nicely to stop calling and they hung up before I could finish a sentence. If I knew how to report this company I would. +1 615-499-6187
Dangerous Introduces himself as Steve, who is a painter. Typical telemarketing call: answer the phone, wait for the 'boop' sound, and then hear the pitch. His voice was distant, so I let him know so that he could get closer to the phone. He immediately hung. Glad that I rushed to the phone to get that treatment. +1 714-733-2634
Dangerous Investigations Canada from Canada Revenue Agency!! SCAM!! +1 778-725-0176
Dangerous Spam calling almost every few days +1 613-209-2836
Dangerous Left an automated message saying CRA Canada and that my case will be sent to the court if I don't call back. I know I don't owe any money so definitely a scam +1 844-298-7925
Dangerous Don't answer numbers I don't know! They must not have wanted me too bad...no message! +1 804-621-8967
Dangerous Same as above. Said I need a lawyer, that they are CRA & that I must call back immediately etc. Doubt it. It wasnt the type of message the CRA would ever leave. I call SCAM. Ignore them as I did! +1 613-917-8956
Dangerous Calls incessantly but that wastes their time as I have the number blocked. +1 561-983-6489
Dangerous A nuisance persistent calls from this number looking for the wrong person who does not own my contact number. I wish the caller would take my advice and remove my number off the list. +1 410-237-6247
Dangerous IRS phone scam +1 309-226-1307
Dangerous you can't call it back so it is a spam number +1 905-205-4305
Dangerous Ha Ha Ha, I had just an hour ago reported a completely different phone number to the IRS, an area code 707 number, because they too were threatening Arrest and Law Suit for Tax Evasion. What a bunch of Pickle Smokers. This was the same type of call but a different recorded voice. Sadly, I know some less informed people will be taken by the Bastards, usually the Elderly fall victim. Not much I hate more than those who abuse Women, Children and the Elderly so may the Lord let these thieves burn in the fiery depths of Hades. Be well my fellow "Called", be safe and may you be blessed in all things. Sincerely and Respectfully Yours, ...~Dr. Benny +1 763-290-2315
Dangerous says that I have a warrant +1 720-549-7548
Dangerous Received SMS about some money transfered in my account... +1 450-330-1365
Dangerous This person is calling all hours of the night and day, it is very disrespectful and disturbing, I’m not interested, please stop calling my number. +1 516-362-0387
Dangerous do not give them any of your personal info +1 202-864-2103
Dangerous Same call as above. IRS scam. +1 929-800-4158