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Neutral Voicemail says it's Verizon calling about important issue and to use my cell phone number as a reference number. +1 917-948-7511
Neutral We have asked them to stop calling us, but they never do. +1 619-520-8178
Neutral There is no one on the other end, just silence. +1 803-653-3796
Neutral He talked very fast and tried to blame me for declining his call. +1 719-246-1370
Neutral I think this is a credit phishing scam. +1 779-288-1319
Neutral The call apparently comes from a Comcast land line in the Chicago, IL area. +1 214-349-5449
Neutral I did not give him permission to access my computer. +1 253-559-1850
Neutral She is a sex worker who has a lot of stds so watch out she’s tall looks like a nfl linebacker be careful she will attack you she’s been arrested for assault her ig is @kennyyyanne +1 615-775-1707
Neutral It said that a doctor referred me to them for a possible medical alert system at not cost. +1 705-313-2465
Neutral I pay no interest as I pay fully every month. +1 877-480-9586
Neutral the only information I have on this - and the remaining complaints I am going to file is that they are 'unavailable.' +1 519-854-3340
Neutral Did not want to respond to call, for fear that they would spam me more if I responded in any way. +1 800-652-9756
Neutral I hang up on the caller, It was a political propaganda the caller mention Senator Ted Cruz +1 202-910-3837
Neutral This outfit has called numerous times, each time with a prompt to speak to someone. +1 289-242-6370
Neutral Recorded message states that pharmacy has already been alerted to expect the card. +1 952-435-6625
Neutral They have called for the third time in the early am hours. +1 972-284-0609
Neutral so I can't request that they stop calling. +1 954-388-7151
Neutral scammers pretending to be IRS asking detailed questions +1 971-288-0424
Neutral Do not know if this was a legitimate survey or what. +1 928-299-5654
Neutral 2148975521 2014575276 2087451248 +1 929-299-5289
Neutral How do I stop these SOBs from calling me every da,Ned day?!?!? +1 236-361-0888
Neutral Can't you put a stop to this. +1 920-843-2284
Neutral Each time I get a call from one of these cancer charities, I ask them not to call me. +1 888-710-3994
Neutral recorded message from an unidentified credit card company that tried to hand me off to a sales person +1 904-467-4369
Neutral I saved the voice mail as I did not answer the call because I did not recognize the number. +1 915-213-7925