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Score Comment Phone Number
Neutral A robot recording scam to get your social security no. +1 609-333-1075
Neutral Card Services faking another number for their scam. +1 903-347-5165
Neutral Some kind of Rental.com. +1 206-204-6009
Neutral If you want to lower your credit card rate, please stay on the line. +1 281-899-0646
Neutral leaves message trying to sell homes but when i call back it goes to a voicemail box and nobody ever picks up the phone. +1 303-240-6995
Neutral since it was recording we could not tell them to stop calling +1 281-502-8883
Neutral We have not contributed to MADD for over 5 years. +1 951-419-4151
Neutral Consumer called to report she received another phone call from the same company. +1 202-656-8748
Neutral They have called before many times. +1 202-733-3893
Neutral texted msg saying "how are you?" not on my contact list research found this number on this site...blocked number, and deleted msg +1 505-804-7512
Neutral Another number to steal social security numbers +1 972-876-7467
Neutral automated call to my cell phone I do not wish to receive them +1 262-312-9153
Neutral the call was suddenly cut off. +1 213-370-3917
Neutral Recorded message "This is not a sales call.crime rate in your area is on rise.etc" Scam call. +1 240-588-7435
Neutral This is from Google Business. +1 240-394-7860
Neutral Y,860,7018646,dead air. +1 253-525-5963
Neutral I do not answer unfamiliar numbers and will be taking efforts to block this one. +1 254-693-2694
Neutral they need to taken to task +1 872-219-3134
Neutral They call here frequently. +1 239-789-2576
Neutral Was unable to answer and no message left so unable to get company name, etc. +1 806-690-7031
Neutral Caller ID showed California Cell. +1 818-890-0727
Neutral This is a call from a company inquiring about reducing the interest rates on my credit cards. +1 203-659-4846
Neutral They do this in the early morning or late in the evening. +1 213-261-0432
Neutral The individual said he was calling from customer service and that I had won a two night stay at Disneyland in Orlando and possibly a seven day cruise. +1 814-283-4678
Neutral Fake agent. Scam caller. I get at least 8 or 9 a day from different numbers. All sating a warrant will be issued for my arrest and my social security will be attached +1 805-637-7243