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Neutral Thank You His ministry is in Texas Goggle him. +1 650-457-8483
Neutral I have received at least 5-6 calls from them. +1 567-210-0367
Neutral He says he works for computer online service +1 877-808-0810
Neutral I looked up this number online and apparently they have called and bothered other people. +1 888-367-5923
Neutral This caller never leaves a message and never talks when the phone is answered.Harassment call only.I keep receiving these calls several times a day. +1 800-849-4392
Neutral recorded call can not ask to stop. +1 812-850-9272
Neutral This company (selling Med alert systems) will not stop calling! +1 581-981-7022
Neutral When I saw the number I just Googled it while it rang, to see it was scam and never anwered the call. +1 706-734-0548
Neutral This UNKNOWN individual's voice recording actually claims to be with between Medical Alert & Visa MasterCard! I actually got connected to a live person when I picked up and pressed 9 to ask them if they're really with this REAL Visa MasterCard?!, IT'S NOW VERY UNBELIEVABLE when this phony individual VICIOUSLY SWORE @ me over the phone when I stated the reasonable facts to him about what the REAL Visa MasterCard already know about in his phony number's game! This NOW tells me that this individual just DOESN'T CARE if they're providing this UNLISTED number as well as claiming to be with MasterCard & Visa! I can also LAUGH OUT LOUD to think how stupid his number's game is?! +1 959-777-7452
Neutral recorded call selling medic alert to senior citizen +1 617-159-7674
Neutral Sunday morning 9 am. +1 630-890-7389
Neutral Call was to sell computers. +1 636-202-4036
Neutral Call was a recording offering $3000 in food saving coupons and a medical alert bracelet if you speak with them regarding an alert system for seniors +1 747-444-9764
Neutral It's a recording about security services in my neighborhood. +1 303-447-7086
Neutral Consumer wanted to speak to a supervisor regarding out action being taken against these calls. +1 609-300-7673
Neutral My caller ID shows it as: Randy Putnam and Associates 2720 W Euless Blvd Euless, TX 76040 I picked it up, said hello, but there was no one there. I said hello again, there was still no one there, so I hung up before a possible robo-call could begin. I suspect this may be a "fishing" call to see what phone numbers are real. But I still don't know who they are or why they keep calling. They called my cell phone, which is on the FTC and State of FL Do Not Call List. AND they called at 8:07 pm, long after regular business hours! +1 800-322-7889
Neutral I never want these people to call me again, stay out of my life, my doctor will contact me +1 855-627-4387
Neutral Said she had legal documents and wanted to confirm my address and then repeated my address. +1 727-697-1116
Neutral He sounded like a person raised in India. +1 585-629-5977
Neutral called 2 times today and hung up . left no message. From this website, I see the location is not local near me. +1 360-230-1363
Neutral This is a scam to get me to log on and get personal information. +1 502-733-7542
Neutral It is a pre-recorded message about lowering your interest rates on credit card and we must have a valid credit card and dial 1 to speak to a representative. +1 865-545-5171
Neutral Solicitation for votes in local election. +1 303-722-4444
Neutral I've received more than ten calls daily. They won't leave a message. +1 916-970-3585