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Neutral They do not getthe hint. +1 480-900-5237
Neutral I don't even have a CC terminal for my business. +1 021-295-3743
Neutral Have asked them over and over to remove me. +1 021-788-7157
Neutral I called the number back and its a debt collection number that has nothing to fo with us. +1 646-654-6177
Neutral It is illegal and they should be stopped. +1 650-389-5465
Neutral beginning with "this is Lisa.", & was about consolidation of credit cards." +1 678-919-3444
Neutral We continue to ask for this to be addressed They call us every single day +1 800-225-5599
Neutral Have been getting this call daily now for the last several days. +1 647-478-0297
Neutral He said he did not have the do not call list. +1 323-182-7738
Neutral It's an automated message that begins with "Congratulations you've just won" I have been called multiple times over past few months with this message. +1 780-426-1828
Neutral Caller has called before. +1 516-926-5076
Neutral I receive several calls everyday from this number.never a real live person. +1 369-658-5425
Neutral Today is the morning of 1/2/14 There is either a 1 sec message, or 0.0 sec message recorded. +1 503-749-5143
Neutral Y,862,2690133,message was not left +1 336-799-8784
Neutral NY and robo voice identified itself as "Police Chiefs Association"." +1 361-563-5756
Neutral No message is left when we do not pick up the call. +1 210-977-1900
Neutral Person was very rude. +1 228-300-3756
Neutral Unwanted credit card call +1 254-526-6775
Neutral Before I hung up, I heard that there was no problem with my account (I don't have an account with them) but that they could offer me better. +1 267-759-3425
Neutral I knew it was a fake call. +1 318-372-2753
Neutral THE last two weeks from 9:00a.m. and 9:30 a.m. they won't stop calling! +1 318-372-9374
Neutral this company has continued to call after numerous times i had asked them not too. +1 623-200-5494
Neutral They have been calling daily for past 5-6 days.around 10AM. +1 623-200-5599
Neutral From online information these are robo telemarketing calls to lower your credit card interest rate. +1 623-439-7215
Neutral Pretty much call me everyday at 8:30. +1 630-478-9875