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Neutral Other numbers have done the same thing. +1 559-315-3109
Neutral Called five times in a row after I asked them not to call. +1 404-809-1183
Neutral WHY is this MORON calling me from some 2,000 miles away in OREGON? +1 414-290-3459
Neutral In the last several years, I have called on you to stop this. +1 916-320-5265
Neutral They claim that they are from the Breast Cancer Financial Fund. +1 336-290-6370
Neutral This is a loan company, I have never applied for a loan! +1 443-354-5512
Neutral Brought the package for 300 thinking legit company. 8 months later they are demanding 5000. Closed bank accts and made report to fcc +1 855-859-1700
Neutral Hi, I would like to get some more info on this. Would you be of assistance? Thanks +1 216-956-9600
Neutral called at 9:47 am and then again at 9:51am and noone speaks. +1 605-593-4223
Neutral I am not certain of the company name but it is for a product for seniors. +1 404-363-6633
Neutral this guy says his name is John and he wants to send us medical equipment.We are not nor have we ever ordered medical equipment here. +1 209-259-2352
Neutral Claimed to be calling fom microsoft to provide computer support. +1 813-492-2376
Neutral The company name was not mentioned in the recorded message. +1 618-216-9036
Neutral I Got a call from Fiesta Magazine. Theleft no message +1 909-900-0350
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Neutral Related to something called GB Marketing. +1 757-550-1931
Neutral lower interest rate call on cell phone. +1 917-698-4215
Neutral I was successful in only one instance explaining that we pay our cards in full and are not interested in this service. +1 908-420-5919
Neutral there is no way to opt out. +1 325-669-8532
Neutral Today, I spoke to someone and they told me to stop pressing 1 to the recording. +1 336-263-7551
Neutral They are trying to get me to enroll in their classes. +1 303-522-9598
Neutral I did a reverse lookup and many others are also getting these calls. +1 949-595-4409
Neutral I hung up when I heard it was a recorded soliciting call. +1 866-168-6144
Neutral I've received 4 calls in 27 hours from this number...800-777-4681. Same caller I'd pops up: Sprint, Work. Why wouldn't we be able to block this number ? If Sprint has received complaints about it, why can't they do something? This bothers me. Thanks to Everyone who commented here - Very Helpful. I added the # to my contacts and called it Scam Sprint. Curious which way it will come up on Caller ID next time they call .... +1 800-777-4681
Neutral Thank you, b(6) (b(6) +1 971-284-3939