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Score Comment Phone Number
Neutral did not say company name. +1 360-745-0886
Neutral (and the political ones as well. +1 720-456-3778
Neutral Consumer received an unsolicited phone call from the Government Grant Department stating they qualified for a government grant. +1 225-635-8861
Neutral Robo call recording about credit card debt. +1 267-699-7319
Neutral They continued to call for days but I will not answer! +1 508-638-8072
Neutral Even after I have requested that my number be removed from call list. +1 510-265-8240
Neutral Called back and went to voicemail that was full. I’m thinking a scam +1 831-778-4167
Neutral Getting a call from this phone number almost everyday. +1 043-422-5466
Neutral Person claims to be IRS but sounded very threatening asking to call back immediately, that it as an urgent IRS matter. +1 760-276-4624
Neutral Kevin is the biggest jerk on the planet! WAFJ! +1 703-296-7007
Neutral Has called several times, Only says Lincoln, Nebraska, and never leaves a message. +1 402-483-8576
Neutral Unknown who this is. +1 805-254-6400
Neutral They become very abusive when I ask them to remove my number.even swearing at me and then hang up. +1 571-200-3201
Neutral Asked to stop calling but continue to call +1 989-248-7880
Neutral this is harassment and we're very unhappy about it. +1 502-443-8106
Neutral How do I get the notifications for this to stop invading my phone? I'm glad that this website is here to point out that this number is a scam number. It shows up as "Call services" and it's really annoying. +1 805-637-7243
Neutral Cash and Award Payout Service - 2nd place winner of 2 and 1/2 million dollar winner. They'll send me $200,000 to pay taxes and fees before they can deliver prize. Called under my mother in laws name (who passed away several years ago). +1 931-347-6346
Neutral Consumer states that she received recorded phone calls offering senior benifits medical alert system. +1 833-266-9912
Neutral I have received repeated calls from this and other numbers claiming to be from the US Government. +1 702-542-5755
Neutral it appears to be a canadian drug co +1 305-414-4925
Neutral Have received more than 3 calls from this number in as many days. Caller ID only says "IMPORTANT +1 347-305-6524
Neutral Tried to reach a person by pressing "1" but the call disconnected. This company is always calling and using different originating numbers from around the US. +1 202-303-7707
Neutral I did not answer or call back. +1 423-205-1179
Neutral also known as: Midland Funding, LLC & Midland Funding NCC-2 Corp. +1 072-533-3332
Neutral This telemarketer calls repeatedly and either a programmed recording plays or the call automatically hangs up. +1 786-592-7514