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Dangerous Scammer says I will be sued and go to jail if I don’t call back. +1 716-701-4292
Dangerous Continued to call until I finally answered, said they were looking for Victoria. I'm not sure why but something just seemed off so I thought I'd post about it. +1 719-588-4748
Dangerous Tried calling the number back and Verizon states that it is a phone number that has been changed. Go figure - how the heck can they call me when it’s not a working number. +1 614-964-4607
Dangerous Automated call went to my voice mail claiming I would be arrested (for what it doesn't say) if I don't respond and call them back +1 850-795-4165
Dangerous didn't leave a message, don't answer unknown numbers +1 352-208-2772
Dangerous Sent me some weird passive aggressive comment about being drunk in an airport and hitting them up +1 805-216-3758
Dangerous Came in as: "u92509090000631"...left no message did not answer +1 320-216-8435
Dangerous Scammer trying to fish money. +1 708-991-7702
Dangerous They called me 4 times in the course of a minute.. after I called the number back to see what I was , I informed them to not call my number again. The gentleman on the phone said you do know this is a law firm? And that I would be going to court!! As I was hanging up... I let them know to not call me anymore. He turned around and called me again... I told him to take my number off your list and hung up. He called me again. HARRASMENT! Do NOT ANSWER! Not one time did he say, I’m with _____ or I represent _______ this is about your ________ from 2027 or whatever!! +1 813-444-4796
Dangerous The number was disconnected when I tried to call it back. So I am thinking it is a telemarketer. +1 989-578-6883
Dangerous Called twice 9/25/18, left no message. +1 253-300-2130
Dangerous back brace +1 814-593-4642
Dangerous Threatening court action +1 972-525-9821
Dangerous Auto-dialer, hung up +1 443-227-0707
Dangerous Keep getting these calls from Los Mo numbers, never left voicemails. I just kept blocking the numbers. I finally called back to see what it could possibly be, it’s an automated voice saying I’ve been on a recent employment page. Scam +1 530-576-0021
Dangerous They are telling me that the local police are coming for me if I don't call them back in 24 hours to discuss allegations against my name +1 216-273-9574
Dangerous someone is using my name, registration papers, my drivers license, my vet and trainers names etc. to try and sell a horse named Bloom. These people have been scamming people for over 2 years now using my personal information! He actually sends the people a photo of my driver’s license and says to them that if he doesn’t deliver the horse that they know where to me. It all started with them wanting to buy my palomino AQHA horse, BEAU (Reinvest The Gold). They were supposed to wire money but obviously never did. In the meantime, they had copies of my horse’s registration papers, his coggins, and my drivers license. I have reported all of this to the FBI and police to no avail. FYI. I had to put my poor Beau Beau down after he got an infection from having surgery on his fetlock to remove a cyst. This was over a year and a half ago! The scammer’s email and phone number is: [email protected] 240-900-4017 NOTE: Through all of this his email address has been consistent. His phone number changes periodically. I was getting about 2-3 calls a week from people who realized this was a scam saying that someone is using my information to sell a horse. And I thought the scammer finally stopped! But then I started getting more calls from people that have dealt with this person. The scammer tries to collect money for shipping. Fortunately, only 2 people that I know have fallen for this scam. Thank you for your time. Frances Silbert 240-277-0100 Email: [email protected] Address: 14103 Marian Drive Rockville, MD 20850 +1 240-900-4017
Dangerous Nikunj Sharma, Technical Recruiter for Collabera +1 303-558-1213
Dangerous spammer using a faked number +1 510-429-4991
Dangerous Blake trip advisor +1 715-280-4778
Dangerous This FAX number keeps calling my PHONE line! How can we make it stop??? +1 800-796-9357
Dangerous These people will not stop calling!!! +1 541-203-3933
Dangerous Initially they called from Wyoming and told us to call the 800-217-4439 number to pay a bill. Told us the electric would be turned off this afternoon if 20% was not paid. They take you in circles to confuse you. Please don’t fall for this scam. +1 800-217-4439
Dangerous missed the call. tried to call back and got a recording saying this is not a working number. +1 601-340-9702
Dangerous Left obscene message and returned call with fax tone +1 442-239-1124