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Score Comment Phone Number
Dangerous annoying and keep calling for no reason +1 888-432-6102
Dangerous Calls and doesn't leave a message +1 323-515-7331
Dangerous leave messages mentioning Rogers TXT +1 416-226-9761
Dangerous wants money to collect winnings. +1 203-439-3436
Dangerous calls every day,rings twice then stops. +1 781-382-3000
Dangerous The number 415 225 1419 will ring me back when I placed a call to my husband whose number is almost identical, except for the last four digits. The number 415 225 1419 seems to always call with an discarded voice . It is becoming appearance that this number is harassing me and my husband .What strange about this number calling habits , is that it will ring me back each time I would placed a phone call to my husband , at the same time I am ring my number, this strange number is ring me back. And when my husband do answer my call, our voices goes encode like some noises in the back ground. of our conversation. This is an harassment and privacy intervention . Please help us stop this person and exposed these kind of activities. etc. +1 415-225-1419
Dangerous claims calls were made to the number. NO ONE CALLED the number +1 808-333-0287
Dangerous Keeps calling leaves no message +1 469-906-2261
Dangerous There should be a law against having any phone that can't be identified. +1 225-465-8383
Dangerous They keep calling me about student loans and say that this is my last chance to pay or legal action can be taken. Aren't these for college? I'm not even in high school yet lol. +1 209-898-5951
Dangerous 832-924-8367, blocked number left message indicating cout papers would be served and if not signed it would be a legal refusal to sign and the court date would be set. +1 443-792-0313
Dangerous This number called me 2 and left me a VM how its “Very” important that they hear from me before my arrest..something to do with taxes. +1 510-573-8870
Dangerous When you call the number back you get "You have reached a number that is no longer in service". If you do not recognize the number, then do not answer!!!!! +1 844-275-1827
Dangerous Claimed to be CRA coming after unpaid taxes. Threatened a lien etc. +1 853-249-2175
Dangerous This number called me 2 and left me a VM how its “Very” important that they hear from me before my arrest..something to do with taxes. +1 437-800-3051
Dangerous Tried to return call, quick disconnect. +1 720-213-1886
Dangerous Tried to return call, quick disconnect. +1 763-284-7998
Dangerous Has called my number twice, late evenings, caller leaves no message, leads me to believe they are phishing. I don't trust callers that leave no call back message but make inappropriate hour calls more than once. +1 716-513-8872
Dangerous “Tax fraud” +1 705-230-7289
Dangerous “_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_ under custody by the local police as there are four serious allegations pressed on your name at this moment we would request you to get back to us so that we can discuss about this case before taking any legal action against you the number to reach us is 718-819-7414 I repeat 718-819-7414 thank you…” +1 949-506-4471
Dangerous Called twice, left no message, shows unavailable +1 301-960-5383
Dangerous +1 (552) 211-3300 This is scam +1 552-211-3300
Dangerous ignore and block caller +1 716-371-9800
Dangerous scam call. play the tape that CRA filed lawsuit against me. +1 613-691-1212
Dangerous Phony it's a internal revenue agency threatening arrest for fraud investigation of my family in a computer voice.real idiots. +1 304-760-1144