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Neutral They first started calling me at work and would not stop calling. +1 631-635-8188
Neutral I looked up the number and it was listed as a Sprint cell phone in Perris CA. +1 559-795-5306
Neutral kiero saber quien es el dueƱi del numero +1 956-986-2672
Neutral THEY CALLED ME AT 9:00 PM and laughed at me when I pointed this out! +1 530-754-6849
Neutral I attempted to ask to be removed but the message continued on as if I had shown interest in it. +1 574-349-2491
Neutral My number is listed on the do not call list. +1 650-796-3024
Neutral These calls deal with credit cards which have nothing to do with us. +1 702-324-4923
Neutral Credit card rate lowering offer. +1 844-847-2108
Neutral this call was about and extended warrenty on one of my cars I have gotten numberous calls from this and other companys and always tell them not to call. +1 914-801-1428
Neutral The message started this is Jamie in the shipping department of Medical Alert Systems trying to ship a system to you. +1 202-335-6024
Neutral On another ocassion they claimed to be selling solar panles. +1 339-987-2501
Neutral the calls are still coming and I would like them to stop, please. what is the use of being on the "Do Not Call" list if it is not going to work. Thank you +1 408-796-3104
Neutral Second phone call in two weeks. Recording: "The FBI warns that home invasions are one the rise." At that point I hung up both times. +1 409-539-6591
Neutral I have no clue who any are but I read the 214 is a scam. +1 415-852-5729
Neutral called from different numbers, a lot in a short amount of time. +1 415-890-8967
Neutral It is apparent that the request to be removed does not work! +1 210-920-7460
Neutral The two times I did answer there was no one on the other end of the line. +1 562-320-8042
Neutral I wonder how many other people they try to scam that do not understand computers? +1 573-526-5358
Neutral RHunter MAIL UPDATE 07/13/15: Consumer reports more phone numbers from unknown companies. +1 614-405-9765
Neutral I told them I'm on the Gov no call Registry and do not accept solicitation on my phone. +1 616-333-5894
Neutral These calls come about once a month and are always told not to call again. +1 620-488-6525
Neutral There is no human, so I can't ask the company not to call. +1 732-745-8600
Neutral Sometimes it is a person, sometimes it is a machine. +1 516-286-8613
Neutral We are on the no call registry and would like this caller fined and to stop calling us. +1 706-431-3773
Neutral I DID NOT ANSWER THIS CALL. +1 480-466-8231