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Neutral I don't know the number and I have not work with them before. I don't know how they have my number, even tho I have register my number on do not call register. +1 912-406-0618
Neutral Claimed to be registered w/ BBB as client number: 732-918-9299. +1 844-684-0210
Neutral Called them back after daily calls with no response when I picked up. Asked them to take me off their call list. +1 778-381-8129
Neutral call came in at 8:45am CT sounds in background hung-up +1 855-261-3913
Neutral This was an announcement that I had won a free trip to the Bahamas. +1 919-239-6965
Neutral I did not answer before, because i looked up the number, it is from Philadelphia. +1 704-386-8548
Neutral Most of the calls are asking us to set up Google accounts or to take out business loans. +1 888-323-2142
Neutral This is actually valid. I called sprint customer service and they verified it wasn’t spam. It was for a free tablet if you added a new line +1 800-777-4681
Neutral Robocall to lower your interest rates +1 888-339-0128
Neutral Marketing. Very annoying. Dont answer! +1 800-295-0049
Neutral Robotic voice said that Social Security Administration is going to terminate my SS card permanently if I don't talk to the SS officer right now. What the hell? Blocked this number. DO NOT EVER ANSWER THIS NUMBER! Dangerous scammer! +1 805-637-7243
Neutral The frequency of the calls is quite irritating. +1 866-595-5997
Neutral I told the agent I was on the do not call registry and not to call again and she just hung up on me. +1 877-648-4765
Neutral I asked him what medication was he talking about he said sexual enhancement. +1 949-520-6245
Neutral The caller is a repeat offender. +1 385-900-1730
Neutral They have threatened me, cursed at me, hung up on me and retaliated against me by making call after call after call to my cell number. +1 909-708-8946
Neutral She did say the company was located in Livonia, Michigan. +1 347-345-1555
Neutral All are robocalls all are annoying all are illegal. +1 385-256-9860
Neutral A man with an accent called me inquiring about a loan. +1 602-610-3582
Neutral It is a frustrating daily problem +1 707-209-1613
Neutral This number has repeatedly called before has in the past been told not to call and now feel they are calling over and over out of spite +1 229-869-7796
Neutral 3rd call - called every day even when I told them to lose my number! +1 585-257-0001
Neutral hanging up both times. +1 215-453-5869
Neutral Same as everyone - the caller left message and said she was from SSN and that my SSN was suspended and they will file lawsuit against me. +1 717-456-0982
Neutral I picked it up, said hello, but no one was there. I said hello again, there was still no one there, so I hung up before a possible robo-call could begin. I think this may be a "fishing" call to see what phone numbers are real. But I still don't know who they are or why they keep calling. They called my cell phone, which is on the FTC and State of FL Do Not Call List. +1 800-099-2753