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Neutral Our household has received several phone calls over the past few days with the same recorded message. +1 281-370-8132
Neutral They have called my phone number numerous times. +1 209-996-4795
Neutral By the way, the number they called is my cell number. +1 847-534-8470
Neutral press 9 to be removed from their list and they keep on calling everyday +1 916-280-0448
Neutral There is no option to stop calls. +1 312-340-0349
Neutral please stop calling my number. +1 866-558-9228
Neutral They call from different numbers everytime and I have asked them repeatedly to remove me from their calling list. +1 888-622-8084
Neutral I.live in Georgia and the caller spoke in Spanish which I do no understand n or do I understand why he would be calling. +1 813-223-0800
Neutral the person who answered said, "I'll think about it, Ma'am" - Reducing your debt (credit cards, mortgage, student loans)" +1 608-433-2144
Neutral I've been getting calls from this number at least 3 times a day since 5/31. +1 833-941-1565
Neutral 5:23 pm, 2:11 pm, 9:20 am. +1 346-374-1667
Neutral they keep calling all hours +1 801-822-4737
Neutral I have reported over 60 harassing hang up calls from this 800 service number +1 215-383-1716
Neutral When asked about it, the caller knew he was calling the west coast. +1 864-277-2023
Neutral They calling me none stop everyday !!! +1 093-601-4332
Neutral Did u call on the same number !!!!! +1 248-605-3674
Neutral Caller ID says that they Called from Cincinnati, Ohio. +1 830-202-8567
Neutral Said their calls were usually in response to an inquiry made by a consumer. +1 916-589-5123
Neutral who are the same caller telling I have won trips and cruises. +1 954-787-9297
Neutral They often hang up on me. +1 815-374-8186
Neutral I have asked that I be removed from their call list and have still been called. +1 860-345-6577
Neutral except for one evening at 7:30 pm, we do not answer as we do not know who it is. +1 559-709-3783
Neutral They said they were offering seniors a safety device. +1 704-920-5555
Neutral I told them to stop calling twice. +1 812-498-6173
Neutral I pushed to speak with them and AGAIN asked them to take me off their list. +1 786-226-9625