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Score Comment Phone Number
Neutral Caller ID says it's a (b)(6). It's a call center in India +1 916-675-3705
Neutral I do not answer because I do not recognize the number. +1 919-599-1951
Neutral I know for a fact no credit card is going to give you 1.2% interest. +1 888-355-1569
Neutral The caller identified herself as Susan. +1 877-383-4198
Neutral However when I pick up the phone, no one answers on the side. +1 884-335-8746
Neutral If I stay on the line and tell the person to STOP calling, they hang up. +1 888-629-3626
Neutral trying to sell health benefits dealing with our work plan? +1 888-655-6439
Neutral Said call this number 877-262-2809 important +1 877-262-2809
Neutral The message did provide a 408 area code for call back to procure the carpet cleaning service. +1 877-889-8280
Neutral We have reported this number several times but they still keep calling. +1 864-272-9533
Neutral I think that it i evil to set people up online and get their information without asking them first. +1 866-217-2154
Neutral We have received 4 phone calls in the last two days alone. +1 866-370-5682
Neutral My home phone number is b(6) +1 702-208-2497
Neutral I seem to be getting regular calls around 11am every day. +1 860-719-1723
Neutral REPEAT CALLER - on this cell. +1 863-819-1320
Neutral It does no good to tell them not to call. +1 207-204-8805
Neutral The numbers are 707-207-4801 and 707-200-7673. +1 321-766-5893
Neutral Y,800,7878565,They call at least 5 to 8 times a day! +1 757-573-7590
Neutral I have called the number on caller ID Several times to have my phone number deleted From their list. +1 800-225-4253
Neutral Stated 603-991-8897 is on Federal Don Not Call list. +1 800-274-2538
Neutral have told them over and over to stop calling, the person they are asking for this is not his number this is my new number as of two weeks ago +1 802-378-8012
Neutral They call every day around noon on my cell phone. +1 858-652-4200
Neutral I gave up notifying you in the summer because the calls never stopped, but now that the U.S. +1 800-259-7108
Neutral scam outfit keeps calling presuming callee is in debt. +1 855-614-0402
Neutral The consumers have asked them to stop calling and they did and not they are calling his business. +1 855-840-7322