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Dangerous 438-795-3815 and 438-238-0913 known to R.C.M.P. Toronto sexual pedophile is pirated software seller of free Downloaded software from Piratebay.com this convicted sexual pedophile, sexually abused and assaulted a 5 year old boy in a church basement washroom in MONTREAL This ugly and sad man lives in public housing in the province of Quebec and invites Women to his home to rip them off and sell the +1
Neutral Said he worked for the red cross octor, works for American Red Cross Lutheran Hospital Donor Center had to move and all of the same stuff as the others did not give him money please do not fall for his bs +1 646-535-3674
Neutral hi can i help what is progct zorgo phine number +1 702-907-0653
Neutral Unknown caller. No message left. +1 517-305-2962
Neutral March 17 this number called to my phone and did not make the call. This is total Bs. Bell needs ti give refunds for this plus interest from the date of the call. +1 807-788-1246
Neutral Called 05-14-20. No caller ID name, don't recognize number, caller didn't leave a message. +1 303-502-1002
Neutral Keeps sending me text message to my cell phone (in Ireland!) claiming I have a tax refund waiting for me, lol +1 206-736-7166
Neutral scam +1 407-933-7777
Neutral Same as all calling for the past month that I am going to jail. +1 832-301-4041
Neutral Was asked to speak with the office manager (Myself). Only told that the company was APG, and was told unclear information about a duquesne light bill, a service I do not own. Please be safe when answering unknown numbers. +1 412-345-3856
Neutral This number is linked to a Craigslist scammer posting fake ads to scam anyone that responds! +1 678-322-8308
Neutral Wanted to talk to owner of company. When I said not available, he pretended to be the owners colleague and just wanted to ask a quick question. When I asked if this was a sales call and how he knew the owner he became flustered, by then I had googled the phone number and so I told caller to take us off any caller list that he had and not to call again (very politely). Now let's see if he listens, since a telemarketer, I can collect his calling data know and report it if continued calls occur. +1 248-948-1233
Neutral Someone using the name David Smith sent me this number through Craigslist email. wanted my address to send cashier's check. +1 661-527-0360
Neutral Stinking, unwashed-ass scammer. +1 309-435-0387
Neutral Stinking, unwashed-ass scammer. +1 360-718-3237
Neutral hi p z lead pz are h +1 702-907-0653
Neutral mmmm +1 702-907-0653
Neutral Guy told me to F$%& off +1 906-201-4971
Neutral this number keeps calling me +1 702-487-3793
Neutral Fiesta Magazine,The seller of this magazine worked several years ago in Penny Saver. +1 909-900-0350
Neutral Called to collect a move out balance due from the apartment I moved out of. The message was garbled and it indicated it was from " central billing" not sure where or why the "hospital' came into play... ( that's what came up on my caller ID". I called back, they were friendly and reputable, already had my info and asked normal legitimate account verification questions. e.g. property name and they verified my email address. I believe they were contracted by MG Property Management group. +1 855-740-3570
Neutral Llamada desde Fiesta Magazine Guatemala call center.Llaman todos los dias del ano. +1 909-900-0350
Neutral Call was received telling that my ATT wireless account was suspended pending for verification +1 305-739-7600
Neutral call and hangup +1 679-519-0541
Neutral I have gotten a call with the same phone number as the listed 2 people on this website. They left a message to call them back because they were a bank to which I am affiliated. I checked the number for scammers, and apparently that is who they are - scammers. I wish I know their address!! +1 844-285-5928