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Neutral I received a robocall at 8:41 AM from 434-234-0092. The robocall claimed that they needed to talk about lowering the interest rates on my credit card. It asked me to press '1' to talk to a human and '2' to disconnect. +1 952-688-2527
Neutral have requested previous callers to stop calling and they won't. +1 973-796-8809
Neutral I have never contacted anyone regarding home computer issues as we do not have a home computer. +1 856-316-1978
Neutral This specific phone number is a well-known scam number and is listed that way on numerous Internet sites that warn about these crooks and thieves. +1 306-529-1853
Neutral I never answer and they never leave a message. +1 213-238-6045
Neutral They have called for days in a row. +1 949-396-2159
Neutral That name is not someone who lives here. +1 949-461-1088
Neutral Please make all of these and a multitude of other unwanted robocalls stop! +1 951-335-9879
Neutral Call offered $3,000 in coupons for groceries and restaurants and a free medical emergency device. +1 949-393-4501
Neutral Call is from TN, USA +1 616-208-9145
Neutral i don't know why it call me +1 685-721-0906
Neutral Carrier is shown as Delta Com Inc. +1 928-515-4023
Neutral This is my cell number and its on the do not call list. +1 945-520-4230
Neutral This number has been calling me for the last month and it is very annoying. +1 903-610-7500
Neutral I spoke with b(6), whom argued with me stating that he had a right to call. +1 910-381-2428
Neutral Always the same recorded message and I do not know the name of the company. +1 917-324-7756
Neutral Claimed they were offering free ADT security systems in Indiana and Illinois. +1 614-300-1755
Neutral It says to reject this call press 2 now? Sounds like a prison or something like that. Has called like 8 times today +1 610-563-2728
Neutral Mi nombre es Carmen Bravo. Me engañó un tal Carlos con acento Guatemalteco o Salvadoreño ofreciéndome un paquete de joyería por $900, 300 piezas más 30 o 30 piezas de regalo. Recibí solamente 182 piezas.. Le he estado dejando mensajes y llamando a “Carlos “ y me dio un número falso de un supuesto supervisor, además de que le llamo y corta las llamadas. Autoridades hagan algo. Estos rateros si vergüenzas deben estar tras las rejas. Se manejan con diferentes nombres como caly jeans, variedades Maya, fashion Yaenit, Lorena Pozuelis, Son unos sin vergüenzas aprovechándose de mi situación porque no tengo trabajo y saqué de mis ahorros que tengo para emergencias! Que fraude mas sucio! +1 213-471-2255
Neutral I have not done business with caller Also called late at night twice. +1 888-859-6690
Neutral i later read that if you call that number back, it somehow charges you for the call. +1 902-691-2438
Neutral I was called by this company on 12-30-2013. +1 984-206-2586
Neutral We have asked them at least seven times to stop calling and take our number off their list. +1 989-402-7706
Neutral The consumer states she is on the do not call list and she keeps getting calls from an Unknown company. +1 802-544-4039
Neutral This is my daughters phone, the caller asked her personal health related questions. +1 866-350-2391