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Neutral No one was on the other end when I picked it up so i figured it is a scam. Dumb people. +1 216-278-0767
Neutral The call was a recording stating that I can lower my credit card interest rate etc. +1 571-347-1850
Neutral This is not Ruby Tuesday. +1 844-232-1961
Neutral both times they insulted me personally and hung up. +1 832-240-3123
Neutral A Credit Services Company keeps calling us and they use our full name and phone number for the caller ID so we cannot trace them. +1 863-226-0862
Neutral I've checked on this number and there are numerous complaints about these calls. +1 202-642-5827
Neutral They call very early in the mornings. +1 310-315-9999
Neutral Thanks for confirming that the callers using this number are frauds! There's just nothing like an illiterate Shill to expose a nest full of foul scammers....CID El Clasificado/Google +1 909-900-0350
Neutral CID,El Clasificado.This same number called me 9 times yesterday. +1 909-900-0350
Neutral He is definitely a scammer. He is now going by the name Brian Tavernaro. I took the check he sent me to the police. It was a fraudulent check. He contacted me through an email [email protected] He sent me the same thing as what he sent everybody else in an email. +1 719-301-9543
Neutral El Clasificado llamando desde Guatemala +1 909-900-0350
Neutral They left no details as to what the call pertains to. Just says they have something to threaten me with? Who the hell would be calling from Delaware? Never lived there! +1 302-504-6222
Neutral Son El Clasificado de San Fernando.Son unos pinches Judios y nunca paran de llamar. +1 909-900-0350
Neutral Got calls twice yesterday and today. Didn't pick up. No message left. +1 416-572-4499
Neutral I have asked to to stop every time but she refuses. +1 937-303-0891
Neutral Any words were not clear enough to make out. +1 214-506-0985
Neutral They all come from: 919824xxxx. +1 737-209-4628
Neutral I told them to put us on their do not call list. +1 623-492-2130
Neutral They call periodically. +1 774-404-8389
Neutral Received multiple calls from this number, asked them to stop. +1 930-200-8902
Neutral Returned call hoping I could get more info so i could call the police & report the Scam! +1 516-400-3688
Neutral This person tried to scam me. +1 203-408-9853
Neutral El Clasificado SCAMMERS. +1 909-900-0350
Neutral This is the people who want to lower my interest rate on my credit card - yet another way. +1 678-255-8889
Neutral Sistema de telemarketing digital de la Guatemala. +1 909-900-0350