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Dangerous Metro PCS telemarketer offering a discount on service we do not have. +1 209-301-8802
Dangerous They say they are going to serve because i took out a payday loan and havent paid my bills. Guy's name is carle thomas and Brooklyn. He tells me if i write a check it wont work. I have to give credit card, debit card or prepaid card. +1 832-786-4471
Dangerous Calls me all day long. They said I've won a prize. I've told them repeatedly to stop calling me. HARASSMENT. +1 501-302-5667
Dangerous Multiple cakes from same area code, different number. Leaves no message +1 202-695-3018
Dangerous wants me to upgrade my account +1 765-300-3187
Dangerous Dead silence. No response to greetings. Hung up on them. +1 763-205-8071
Dangerous Trying to be ComEd and another time the same number pops up.. and it's a phony telemarketing service +1 312-809-2324
Dangerous claimed to suspend SSN for fraud in TEXAS. Don't live there, scam. +1 425-533-2919
Dangerous Wants you to buy insurance for medicare +1 719-298-4629
Dangerous Makes you think you are in trouble over narcotics :( said it was "David Castro from the ANTF" (Alabama Narcotics Task Force) and my name came up in an investigation :( Idiots +1 205-701-6007
Dangerous Called my 82 untold mother and wanted her to go to Walmart and purchase a “gift card” for over $7k. I called them and after speaking with them, they hung up on me and blocked my number. +1 929-390-2338
Dangerous 712-320-8385 This is a scam. we have reported this number to the FTC and IRS. +1 712-320-8385
Dangerous Caller never leaves message. +1 601-946-9832
Dangerous Said I get Grant from the Government for $9000. Then gave me this # and a code GA103. +1 315-625-1883
Dangerous Calls but does not say anything at all +1 804-911-5055
Dangerous Whitepages.com shows most 975 area code numbers as invalid phone numbers. So it’s obvious to me that someone is spoofing the number to disguise their own identity. I’ve received at least 30 of these calls in the last month, and there’s always a dial tone within a couple of seconds after I answer and say “Yes?” Maybe the recording machine at the other end expects a “hello” and hangs up when I don’t comply. But there’s a lot of scams going on, and this appears to be yet one more. +1 975-280-4170
Dangerous Received a call from this number, the caller ID said it was from Hitchcock,Tx. I don't answer a call from a number I don't know, and I don't know anyone from Hitchcock. Sort of left a voicemail, but it sounded like one word that may have been background noise. +1 409-204-1356
Dangerous 81415 Stafford J'ai rappelé et il y a une sonnerie sans réponse. +1 450-975-5264
Dangerous Robocall threatening arrest. +1 407-603-2651
Dangerous Comcast +1 210-816-6147
Dangerous Spectrum-scam call +1 608-385-1076
Dangerous Robot caller threatening to get you arrested if you don’t call back +1 240-490-9369
Dangerous Telemarketer +1 541-444-0169
Dangerous IRS scam. Said there is a lawsuit against me for my taxes, filed less than what I really made. Call them to resolve the issue. +1 702-475-5804