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Neutral What is this place? They have the wrong phone number. Can I file a complaint with the FTC about this? +1 265-000-6754
Neutral This company keeps contacting me from a Ohio area code. They bug the hell out of me. tI's always one of those computer voices. I am going to tear my hair out. I can't understand why the company is phoning. +1 262-684-2143
Neutral I received the famous mobile call when I was at the well known salon to get a new hair cut. The fool does not know the hurt I am going through now and it is nothing but agony. I need to stop this business of the telephone calls in some way. I informed him that these disturbing calls have been going on for the past fifteen months and all they ask is to verify a few information and the calls are nothing of importance. Oh! my goodness what is this country coming to I am not certain. Tricksters And what not! +1 262-209-1204
Neutral In 2018 now it seems this number is trying out a new scam. I live in jersey and started texting with this number (the texter said their sister in Cali bought them the phone). After 3 days of texting “she” asked for money to help pay for her next college semester. Does anyone really fall for this? +1 657-210-0106
Neutral My husband says this phone number is from Chase. Is that true? +1 260-352-5025
Neutral The idiotic telephone calls from Chase are ticking me off. I don't know why they would phone me. I do not owe that place even one cent. +1 270-369-5465
Neutral Chase called me again just now. Does somebody know if it's a debt collection phone number? +1 269-768-2214
Neutral Chase just called for the second time this week. Very strange. Can't understand why this place is calling so much. Could it be a glitch? These phone cals are irritating. +1 267-592-4613
Neutral This number starts phoning at 7 am and phones 4 times per day. This is beyond irritating. What should I do about tgese problems? +1 281-205-8364
Neutral We received around 11 strange mobile calls. There isn't a reason for that place to be phoning. +1 844-540-8025
Neutral We get phone calls on our home phone number and our cell phone constantly. The company always leaves an identical voicemail. Hubby calls but doesn't get treated right. They insist on speaking to me. The person will not identify the company name. They call after 9:00. This should be illegal. +1 877-496-3138
Neutral The phone calls come at 3 am every Sunday and she is getting worried due to sleepless nights. She is also residing alone in an annex with no one around for miles. We might have to take action quickly as the jerk has now managed to get her street details and has mentipned he is going to visit her during next few days. She is thinking of changing her home immediately and we think it is a super decision. +1 866-865-1273
Neutral I work local department and carry a mobile phone. They were constantly calling. A few minutes ago, was adamant about being cleared their list of callers, but they terminated the call before I gave my cell phone number. I phoned back, the woman said they already had my phone number. I told them that they were telephoning the cell phone, but then I heard buzzing. I continued to telephone. They told me that there was no chief and cut me off. +1 888-609-7805
Neutral He came out of his surgery and asked me to put away the iphone. This is not the first time the telephone calls came while I was in his office. In fact, this is the 5th telephone call within 1 hour I have been with him to extract a tooth. I frowned behind his back and I too was irritated with the telephone calls coming in while I was with the nurse How can I disclose to him that my Android phone is faulty and I am unable to switch ofe the phone. The jerks would not understand that I may be busy. However, I am not certain whether the nonstop mobile calls came from the phone agents. I cant wait till the idiot takes my front tooth out as I might be shown the door if I get another call on my mobile. Oh! My tooth tooth! +1 844-540-8023
Neutral The person who telephones talks so speedily like a train and I am not able to understand much. The person who calls has tried to tell me what the conversation is about by calling sharp at 3.00 pm but it akes no difference and he does not understand that I do not welcome the calls to come in like this. After many telephone calls I just managed to pen down the telephone number the caller is trying to disclose to me for whatever reason. I am feeling elated that I might be able to stop this scam. I firmly believe I can put a full stop to this nonsense. +1 888-489-8452
Neutral I Wouldn't know why Chase is telephoning. It could be bad news. +1 855-682-7046
Neutral Chase called us while we were going to my cousin's. A girl who said her name was Sabrina left a message saying there was a problem with our credit card account. I suspect she connect with the wrong number, because I don't use @. My number is on the national Do-Not-Call Registry. +1 402-220-4013
Neutral My IPhone just went off and the number read #. They wouldn't leave a message. Does anybody know why they are calling? +1 800-446-8939
Neutral That company contacted me and I actually did business with them. They were 100% professional and got the job done in a very reasonable amount of time. When they contacted me I had the option to opt out so what is the big deal if you don't want to speak to them all you have to do is say so! +1 727-233-4928
Neutral Chase telephoned me Thursday. I id not know the phone number so I let it go to voicemail. Has someone else received a telephone call from @? +1 866-582-7130
Neutral This f-ing number telephones day and night. Someone must put a stop to this. Yesterday's message was insulting me and frightening me. Does anyone think it's possible to call the authorities? +1 800-766-4908
Neutral I have received a number of telephone calls on my mobile number and each occasion I ask them why they are calling they answer that they are telephoning to inquire about some particulars and the calls are from one of the largest companies in the US. Today the telephone call was from a lady with an Indian accent and the voice was not clear at all. The last occasion they called I thought of being sharp ane told them that I might report the telephone calls to the police for disturbing me as I had been called at least for more than 4 occasions within 13 days. Looks like they were bought in with my prank? Maybe I was smarter than them? +1 844-540-7445
Neutral My colleague is concerned that she is not able to spell out to her aunt why she is snappy. The callers do not leave any information. She wants to take necessary action. She is uncertain what she should do. +1 877-470-9042
Neutral This robotic voice has phoned a lot of times. Identical voicemail every time. They decline to talk to my husband when he calls. They only wants to talk to me. They will not tell the reason they're calling. They call after eight o'clock. Can I file suit against them ? +1 888-298-5623
Neutral These people are phoning the cell, our house phone, and our friends all the time. It should be a crime. +1 866-204-0047