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Neutral Person says he's my computer technician. No way. I hung up. I get several of these calls in a short time. Scammer just wanting to take control of my computer. That's no happening with me. BEWARE OF THESE CALLS!!! +1 773-895-0354
Neutral Due to the call, all our plans were misfired. We were so eager to go and now I am not feeling good when I se teh kids faces. I have been hearing of these bothersome telephone calls from others in the neighborhood. I am going to make a few rounds who have received similar telephone calls and form a committee to take action against such annoying calls which is a waste of everyone’s precious time’. Well this is one such initiative although nobody is attempting to do anything about this. +1 211-730-4433
Neutral They did not answer when I responded to their call, and when I called back they hung up on me without giving the company name. +1 312-647-2909
Neutral My wife and I have both told them to stop calling. +1 866-978-8580
Neutral I answered, only heard static-y background and then they hung up. +1 360-390-4542
Neutral I answer and there is nothing but silence. +1 707-629-4225
Neutral I guess this company is making rounds again for security installations. +1 707-737-7237
Neutral Subject matter of the call: Real Estate agent wanting to sell my home +1 909-919-6629
Neutral It is harassing and needs to stop. +1 773-869-0765
Neutral I HAVE NO CREDIT CARDS AT ALL. +1 402-204-0609
Neutral The telephone calls are getting on my nerves as the reps who telephone go on complaining regarding the same thing every day during every mobile call. To my amazement I found out accidentally that the phone calls do not happen only to me. Well I think all of us need to work together and come to a decision quite fast. I did not think it was hilarious as my wife does not know about the irksome calls that I have been getting recently. I do not want to be considered a clown in the eyes of my wife. +1 313-204-1037
Neutral This number has been very persistent in calling me. +1 812-620-1709
Neutral The live callers claim to be from the Government and have $7,000 for me, which I will never have to repay. +1 901-704-6278
Neutral I am hesitant to go to that creepy room as that is the place which baffles me. It is true and no one is going to believe me not even my girl friend. This continuing call is rather a pain in the butt as the calls have come over 7 times whenever I have been with my girl friend. If I decide to go there today and fhe damned woman calls me, I might have a difficult time in convincing her that these calls are not welcomed by me. +1 805-233-3631
Neutral A summons will be filed in my name with my social security #. +1 214-935-1282
Neutral This is my first complaint. +1 520-954-3944
Neutral nothing gets done when you file a complaint against these companies that do nothing but harass you! +1 773-869-0815
Neutral calls come in 3 to 5 times a day and as late as 10 pm .its an automated call that keep asking me to log in to wireless400.com +1 780-851-1989
Neutral They are now harassing me. +1 804-882-2779
Neutral To me, no messages were left when I received this call. A user pointed out this number is a computer tech support scam. Block and report this number immediately! +1 714-864-8700
Neutral I cannnot figure out why Citi Bank called me when I asked them to quit calling. They have got to stop phoning. The teenager asks for her by name. She has started getting up suddenly in the night. My friend said that the Police would be better than a Lawyer? We can definitely sue the caller as she is not yet 18. It is cihld moleqtation at its best! +1 803-326-1328
Neutral I am not sure who divulged our cell mobile numbers to the business. The inquirer seems not to know who I am in the association. I am positive that they wolud not bother to phone if they were aware. I have such a lot of work than answering silly phone cals a couple of instances a day. I am going to show my power nad stop this nonsense. Wish me luck! +1 865-291-1470
Neutral Scammer claiming to be military personnel +1 817-668-7251
Neutral The earliest was 7am on a Sunday and the latest was 10pm. +1 602-666-5418
Neutral Recorded message mentions that this is my "final notice" because of "the stimulus." This is not the first call we have received from these scammers. +1 876-871-8594