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Score Comment Phone Number
Neutral Scam claiming they are paid by the government to help people lower their power bills. +1 847-409-8861
Neutral Caller ID said Hazelton +1 888-441-4544
Neutral It was a message I couldn't ask them to stop +1 206-337-9106
Neutral Claimed they were offering health insurance to those who could not get it. +1 940-210-2466
Neutral Please do your job and put these bottom feeders in jail ! +1 863-677-7945
Neutral They call constantly, please have them stop. +1 888-832-9632
Neutral I did several complains and nothing was done! +1 715-449-4766
Neutral This guys recorded message calls our house at least once every two weeks. +1 619-757-9249
Neutral This call asked me to call another number for my prize - 8007144760 +1 860-960-2016
Neutral This number is unallocated" This is BS and it needs to stop! +1 855-737-6829
Neutral Got call from this on three different mobile phones couple of times with a recorded message, when we try to call back, we get message that number is invalid. +1 732-653-9385
Neutral This place has called me repeatedly, but this time the man was very rude. +1 817-374-1485
Neutral A recorded message says that someone bought us a medical alert system and requests to set up delivery. +1 559-946-3298
Neutral Have received this call a dozen times, seniors are being mislead by the message. +1 661-239-6930
Neutral This is the 43rd call from them using different phone numbers +1 800-088-5220
Neutral I believe that I've asked to be taken off of their list as well as filed a complaint on this company before - within the past year. +1 940-902-8412
Neutral Recording - duct and furnice service - press 1 for more information - 2 to be removed. +1 513-907-7797
Neutral That includes, alas, telescammers. +1 539-589-7939
Neutral I have on several occasions asked this company to stop calling, threatened reporting them to Nat'l Do not Call, asked them to remove my number. +1 415-660-9699
Neutral Consumer called to report recieving robo calls from CTY addressing seniors offering a Life Alert System. +1 440-759-7323
Neutral as soon as I realized it was a telemarketer I told them I was not interested and hug up. +1 513-236-8553
Neutral I get calls from this company day and night. +1 415-847-4976
Neutral There is no message and no answer when the number is return called. +1 310-467-1755
Neutral I know of no organization that would be calling me and speaking Spanish. +1 316-390-2474
Neutral They call at least 4 times a day, and when you answer they do not say anything. +1 306-122-1454