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Neutral Prank call +1 514-637-0126
Neutral Began receiving calls from a male clearly impersonating a female. Introduced herself as Renee, she said she saw my picture online and complimented me quite extensively over the top. She talked fast regarding a interests in dating me an interest in financially spoiling me putting me in a condo wanting to go get our nails done hair done ballroom dancing wanted to know if I wanted to a Brazilian shave and what type of shave would I choose if it would be a full shave or partial LOL asked me to send her pictures and she would send me her pictures which I'm going to post here https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ei-9EJZmm516rAkJp_Odk8fHpS9BzV3X/view?usp=drivesdk https://drive.google.com/file/d/1l8WgosZxhxzIuRA1-cnTsUx8oPutTu5a/view?usp=drivesdk That last Link you can clearly see she is a he because those aren't breast those are pecs amplified, woman asked me to be her personal assistant officer offering me $250,000 a year as her assistant and my grandmother always told me if it sounds too good to be true it's too good to be true my grandma has never been wrong and I don't want to end up putting the lotion in the basket can you get my drift so I block the caller and am thoroughly freaked out. I just had a weird feeling about this person, like their intentions were not to my benefit, please ladies be careful ,and peace to you all.. +1 319-538-8561
Neutral Called today at 3:50pm, don't recognize this number. No message left so possible scam. Block & delete +1 514-375-2413
Neutral I had purchase the Heart & Stroke Foundation tickets 2 months ago. Got a call thanked me for the support and then she said she got good news but line dropped. and nobody called again. I wondered if I check off anything authorizing Heart & Stroke sharing my info.. +1 647-725-4243
Neutral Mystery shopper scam saying his name is david hesse +1 443-454-5288
Neutral Tried to scam me out of a laptop I listed on Craigslist. Here’s the text: “I want this mailed directly to my daughter in IL, as she needed a replacement urgently. i can pay first via venmo or paypal with an extra 200 to cover the mailing fee.“ Total scammer. Kentucky area code and I’m in NC. +1 502-289-0217
Neutral Scam +1 800-783-8994
Neutral I receive calls twice of more per day from this number 805-572-6927 almost everyday including weekends. Whoever is calling from the other line never leaves any message. I presume it is a robocall from a telemarketer. Same is true with other phone numbers which leaves no message after the call. +1 805-572-6927
Neutral Legit business call +1 877-342-9096
Neutral Dejaron mensaje sobre promociones 2019. +1 909-900-0350
Neutral 18 January 2019 +1 514-375-2413
Neutral This person called and daid don't call and have a blessed day and god famn you. Voice was an old black man. +1 910-705-0528
Neutral Prank dial call from prankdialcall.com +1 347-344-5277
Neutral I am receiving at least 3 or 4 phone calls daily from this number saying in an automated message the they are from Apple Support and my account has been compromised. This same number has also called saying that they are from Microsoft. Each time I try and call this number back it has been disconnected. SCAM !!! +1 800-100-9009
Neutral My name is in the winning list in fb +1 506-708-5268
Neutral This Cambria VOIP number made an unlawful contact and left a woman's recorded message on the answering machine, pretending to be the local utility and touting energy savings. Robocallers (unlawful telemarketers) run this scam from many numbers in multiple area codes. DON'T BECOME A VICTIM! +1 805-203-3714
Neutral This person is listing my home for rent and trying to scam people out of money. Won’t answer when I call. +1 775-573-0364
Dangerous Always calling, never a voice mail. If I don't know who's calling or a voicemail isn't left, you WON'T be talking with me! +1
Neutral left message instructing me to call back regarding a complaint, or they would contact my HR or payroll department. +1 844-841-1953
Neutral They hang up as soon as you answer +1 503-446-5764
Neutral Direct TV solo tiene un número de servicio al cliente: 787-776-5252 Si lo llaman de este número identificándose como representante de DTV es un esquema para robarle su identidad. Aparte de eso, el tal Germán López es una loca que figura en la lista de pedofilos registrados. +1 939-332-7323
Neutral He calls me in Columbus Oh when I visit town. He’s a mature white guy that pays transgender escorts in exchange of sexual favors to transgender escorts. He likes mutual oral and most of the time he prefers to get fuc ked. If ypure hung he’ll be more generous. +1 614-288-3204
Neutral Called me all night long . Weirdo +1 918-809-8277
Neutral 1-888-850-1518 called. tried to contact a person whom our house has no idea who the person was. NO point of calling our house number. The lender should have verified the phone number when lending out the money. The lender should have all important info, such as SIN, driver licence, passport, bank account info, guarantor, address, rental and property tax bill proofs, telephone bill to prove the number is valid, workplace contact. Calling people once or twice by mistake is acceptable. It is a mistake. Keep on calling people is harassment. This invades people' privacy. Just like, my doorbell. Ringing the doorbell to find out a mistake. Good for once. Will be forgiven. Keep on ringing the doorbell, it is a CRIME. +1 888-850-1518