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Neutral El Clasificado Fontana robocalls. +1 909-900-0350
Neutral I DO NOT own or use credit cards. +1 407-807-0662
Neutral I WANT THEM TO STOP CALLING! +1 215-784-2345
Neutral the person who answers who has an Indian accent hangs up. +1 256-883-1586
Neutral Perhaps a federal lawsuit against their phone services provider would benefit a very angry American public. +1 574-370-1980
Neutral If not come but just getting them to stop calling me. +1 603-206-4345
Neutral I can't ask them to stop since it's a recorded message about medic alert products. They have called multiple times in the past few days. +1 667-444-5068
Dangerous they want to buy something from me from craigslist. they asked for my PayPal account and told me they sent money, but they didn't. +1 425-880-5163
Neutral Re registered two years ago and also again a couple weeks ago as receiving numerous calls. +1 317-315-8424
Neutral Legal enforcement action filed on your social security number for fraudulent activity so before this matter goes to the state courthouse and before you get arrested... +1 252-336-3683
Neutral LONG list at google.com of people being harassed by this company. +1 213-200-5790
Neutral The calls continue and I hang up. +1 803-702-4455
Neutral I called the number to try and get the company name but it was just a recording. +1 212-073-9202
Neutral The numbers they have used is: 3022575665 7062298669 +1 212-622-7486
Neutral Several times we waited for several seconds, but no person or recording ever picked up. +1 239-789-2572
Neutral I looked the number up on-line and there are many complaints. +1 781-308-2361
Neutral They are still at it: this number called me and left a message saying I owe them $$ . Total scam. +1 604-293-8700
Neutral Today was the most recent call. +1 803-609-9708
Neutral Hope you can find them. +1 803-609-4979
Neutral Recording states something about credit card offers and press 1 to be connected to representative. +1 240-660-4424
Neutral No money was requested. +1 636-244-6487
Neutral SEVERAL CALLS PER WEEK. +1 616-253-6559
Neutral I received MANY calls in the past from this number. +1 803-609-3824
Neutral Very rude and a scam do not answer or give any info to these people +1 304-810-3052
Neutral Said he was calling from a recorded line about me submitting a request about employment. but I said that I am disabled so I wouldn't have done such a thing. but he hung up before I could ask where he got this information from & to be removed from his company's list to not call me again!! +1 402-256-4004