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Score Comment Phone Number
Neutral Y,407,3785331,Make it stop! +1 038-345-5525
Neutral He said he called to help me with my Windows on my computer. +1 213-822-8363
Neutral Number calls repeatedly. +1 573-722-2328
Neutral then offers you "free" trips." +1 541-539-2913
Neutral This company calls more than once a day. +1 844-703-1670
Neutral I didn't recognize the number, so I didn't answer the call. +1 850-204-3800
Neutral The initial call is listed above and was told we were not interested in their product. +1 855-274-5736
Neutral I will not answer and request to be removed as that will only accelerate the number of phone calls I will receive. +1 303-373-1921
Neutral They have called very often in the last several weeks. +1 559-805-6238
Neutral Please stop all these numbers from calling me. +1 833-857-0555
Neutral Said they were calling with Microsoft Support. +1 844-328-9981
Neutral Called and asked me in a recorded message to look up my Public Service and Electric bill. +1 844-589-5162
Neutral They just kept talking around that and wanting my address and for me to pay for the shipping for the gift card. +1 405-201-9513
Neutral They call from varies phone numbers(1733210878), (3053708128)(7403977185)(5264521026) (9725915266) (8887497723). +1 440-417-0191
Neutral Out of desperation I have answered the call several times and get nothing on the other end. +1 815-390-0809
Neutral It was recorded so they did not say who they were. +1 832-322-2442
Neutral The consumer has not provided any information and she is on the DNCR.DSHACKELFORD +1 816-707-0168
Neutral it does not roll over to a live person. +1 818-740-6893
Neutral They call me twice a week and I keep asking them to remove me from their call list. +1 808-419-7926
Neutral Caller ID did not identify company it only indicated a cell phone. +1 814-297-5920
Neutral Incidentally the incoming caller ID always shows a long string of numbers (no names) usually starting with a V or some other letter. +1 802-924-6992
Neutral Phone number: 339-337-0241. +1 805-886-9048
Neutral Your shipping for a medical alert is now ready. +1 802-668-7448
Neutral Also called: 11/21/13 @ 5:47PM 11/25/13 @ 4:33PM +1 802-938-3834