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Neutral When you don't give the make or model they disconnect the call. +1 415-554-3000
Neutral This has been going on for a few months now. +1 459-193-6787
Neutral The consumer is getting many calls from an unknown company asking for her husband for an unknown reason. +1 702-801-3515
Neutral Such an annoyance calling at random (automated & recorded). +1 203-309-2933
Neutral Caller ID says "charity" but it is not a charity and no one speaks if I answer the call. Today was at least the fifth time they have called. +1 805-257-4293
Neutral The caller has identified itself as some sports book and gambling organization. +1 815-735-0779
Neutral Stop calling me!! Seriously, every frickin' day I get a call. I only hear partial message so I dont know business or person. Sounds like a robocall. I have reported the number but continue to get calls to this day!!!! +1 415-300-1490
Neutral Great business and professional rudeness. +1 201-565-3954
Neutral the recording will allow you to select #2 to be taken off their call list, however i have done this more than once already and they still call. +1 503-799-1678
Neutral Another stupid tranny chaser in VA Beach. His name is Patrick McDermott and he hires transgender escorts, well he doesn’t hire he just collects pictures and tries to FaceTime for free because he cant afford some girl’s rates. Dont waste your time on thia tranny chaser. Time waster and a picture collector !! Get a life! For screenshots email me at [email protected] +1 757-618-4869
Neutral Its insulting to hear them soeak +1 469-421-1965
Neutral Just another stupid tranny chaser in Va Beach/Norfolk area. He contacts transgender escorts makes appointments and never shows up. Every single time I come to town is the same thing. I blocked his tranny chaser ass. Email me for screenshots [email protected] +1 757-381-7684
Neutral They may say they are calling from St. +1 252-516-4613
Neutral A number of other people have reported similar activities on the internet. +1 415-968-7293
Neutral I have pushed the button and asked them to remove my number.all to no avail. +1 872-702-1883
Neutral They promised they would but the calls continue. +1 585-484-1224
Neutral They have 2 type of calls once advocating free 3,000.00 food coupon with an alert bracelet FREE. +1 419-359-0380
Neutral I always hang up, hoping they would quit calling. +1 831-755-5000
Neutral Same as other comments im from canada. Called 3 times. Never picked up. Number from the usa +1 833-239-2133
Neutral No one is on the line if you try to answer it, it seems like a robo-call +1 904-512-1323
Neutral El Nuevo Clasificado Orange making telemarketing 24/7. +1 909-900-0350
Neutral I try to block the numbers and they call from a different one. +1 818-512-4739
Neutral The call was asking me to place bets on sports events. +1 513-392-5177
Neutral They call me on my cell and at the same time call my bf cell but it shows up on his phone as my contact as if I was calling them. They spam me with calls saying if I want to stay inrolled in the automatic advertising campaign press 2 now. I do not know how could, I gave them my credit card for auto-pay. If I block the number they call from another number with a slightly edited message about El Nuevo Clasificado advertising program press 2 now +1 909-900-0350
Neutral Clearly a scammer and appears to possibly be operating from your state. +1 503-482-3144