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Neutral I've been getting 5 phone calls per day during the weekdays for weeks. +1 803-989-3490
Neutral Wish there was a way to get them to stop permanently. I wish they would get a freaking get a clue when people don't answer the phone. They've been calling during the hours I'm at work and it is annoying as hell... talk about being harassed. +1 949-595-7005
Neutral Called, hung up. I Calle back a male with a foreign accent answered and when Iasked if he called me, he denied it. +1 786-314-0241
Neutral Spoofed call from a dirtbag investror in gyms who screw you if you attempt to quit. +1 603-952-2314
Neutral This caller left message that my social security number is been suspected for fraudulent activities once I get this message I give this number a call or they will begin with the legal proceedings against me.... +1 240-389-5433
Neutral I got a phone call from this number.No one said anything so I hung up.Called it back several times got a busy singnal.No one ever answers. +1 318-515-0516
Neutral i got the same call as above was left on my voicemail .very bad english wanted me to call back with my name and ss number +1 828-919-7805
Neutral I guess everyone has the same account number. That's exactly what the message said they left on my phone. +1 866-212-2236
Neutral I receive at least three calls a day from this number. All I get is a recorded message saying "I'm sorry +1 920-278-7792
Neutral This company keeps calling us and asking if we want to lower our electric bill. +1 808-731-0980
Neutral Have told them many times to stop calling and yet they continue. +1 831-278-6530
Neutral I told her I would report her and she still kept trying to get us to do business. +1 480-685-9909
Neutral Party will not identify themselves. +1 559-316-0142
Neutral When phone is answered there is no one on the other end - silence. +1 559-961-9214
Neutral We did... From the information that you gave us when you responded to one of our advertisements for insurance. +1 303-505-0140
Neutral Someone called me from 408-828-8670 and when I called the number back it was not in service. I search this number and it listed as SJ Police Department and the phone number to call for missing person or crime investigation but it cannot be legit because it is not a working number. +1 408-878-8670
Neutral It should be against the law for them to call people 3 and 4 times a day and to keep bothering people, it is just wrong! +1 079-364-1219
Neutral I realized this was not a valid call and immediately hung up. +1 305-330-4342
Neutral Possibly telemarketer scam for American Bath & Tub +1 414-509-1978
Neutral Passed a fraudulent check +1 346-251-0923
Neutral This time it's from a different number. +1 808-359-2365
Neutral I have asked on several occasions for this party to stop calling me, they will not. +1 828-372-1848
Neutral i would like them to stop calling every day. +1 949-682-7729
Neutral Didn't know the number, didn't answer. They left no message. Suspect scam. +1 646-751-0956
Neutral Scammers. First they SMS about the need to refund you $249.00 on an account they are unable to service, Microsoft updates, tech support, and protection. I checked with Microsoft and I'm good with them. They checked my pc and concluded that there is something or someone attempting to get into my pc and bank accounts. The scamers called and asked to download their remote payment app. Then they ask you to open up your bank account. +1 856-556-6096