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Neutral It is unthinkable, as the moment I step into the pantry to make a coffee the mobile rings. It is so frustrating and once I receive the mobile calls my cravings go away. +1 888-636-7407
Neutral I just disconnected the phone for the 9th occasion just in the last 2 days. The mobile calls come in the night at 12 pm and when you answer the phone you can listen to all the noises of animals and birds including parrots. The calls cntinue to come as the Police ar yet to verify the people who call an make all those screeching bird sounds. The telephone calls are really irritating as the noises are very nasty to listen. I'm getting worried about my ear drum. +1 866-677-3855
Neutral These people call six times per day, often in the evening. The person is calling from a debt collector and screams at me to pay on a car loan debt that I don't owe. I think this is a scam. +1 416-961-9622
Neutral He left a message threatening me if I don't call him back he will arrest me who is he to do that? +1 450-897-1004
Neutral they call,let it ring for 4 rings and hang up +1 302-202-3084
Neutral When I answer it is the same person that has been calling me. +1 305-390-2454
Neutral recorded message stating I could get $3,000. +1 410-632-2493
Neutral Caller ID shows "UNKNOWN NAME". They call over and over wanting to lower my credit card rates. +1 680-222-1125
Neutral I don't believe this is a legitimate company. +1 913-364-2987
Neutral This was an automated call with a recorded message. +1 765-204-0737
Neutral I am called every other day and have been for months. +1 214-200-4963
Neutral The phone rang non-stop today. Then to my horror I noticed the telephone calls were coming from "#" I need to figure out how to solve this issue without too much hassle. I just don't want to give up without sorting this matter. +1 800-567-9235
Neutral Hard luck! the call was not what I was looking forward to. The representative who was calling was so difficult to understand and I had no clear idea of what the call was about. As the last attempt, I raised my voice and asked why he goes on telephoning when I cant understand what he is trying to describe and the telephone calls are a waste of money and then he goes all blank. I tried to verify with the caller regarding the details of the company and strangely from the other side I heard a series of giggles and then the telephone line goes dead. +1 905-489-5863
Neutral Called, left a message as "Anna Smith" with a call back reference number of 70701. As with the other comments on here, looks like a scam. Blocking number. +1 315-596-3674
Neutral I hate receiving wrong numbers. +1 416-969-2204
Neutral They have called many times. The business always leaves an identical voicemail. My husband calls but doesn't get treated with dignity. They demand to speak to me. They won't state the reason they're calling. The telephone number on the voicemail is different than the phone number they call from. This should be illegal. +1 416-847-4999
Neutral He contacts transgender escorts in town to offer money in exchange of mutual oral and to fuck him in the ass +1 734-558-2341
Neutral Got the message "Yes this is Anna Smith and this message is concerning your unsecured credit debt. I need to discuss your consolidation or repayment options with the new changes that have taken effect. Please be sure to give me a call back at 866-535-9788 with your reference number 90903. Thank you." Apparently my reference number is common with several people! Clearly a scam. +1 315-596-3674
Neutral He calls transgender escorts in town offering money in exchange of sexual favors. He requests mutual oral and to get fucked in the ass. When he calls his ID caller shows up as Rosanne Tizzano. Another stupid time waster tranny chaser. Everytime he sees a new tranny escort in town he calls her asking hundreds of questions probably while he jerks off to chick with dicks. +1 717-304-9184
Neutral My sister-in-law keeps getting telephone calls from #, but she no longer lives here. How would you take care of this problem? +1 888-211-5191
Neutral Once a week, this jerk is calling early in the morning now. +1 413-207-7890
Neutral They called at 7:51 AM! +1 815-201-3626
Neutral Called me last night at 1:30am. She said that she was my pharmacist and that I had a prescription ready to be picked up. I asked why she was calling me at 1:30am and unlike the previous comment mentioned that she claimed it was "their policy to call people in the middle of the night" she completely ignored me and just said that she "really needed me to come in and pick up my prescription right then" I told he no that I'm not going to come in in the middle of the night and hung up. I called the number back later that morning and I got a recorded message saying the number was not in service. These people are clearly some kind of scammers. +1 262-203-9284
Neutral If a woman telephones ajd tells you they are phoning from a police department and says you are being sued in court, don't believe it. In the beginning, I was scared. I googled their phone number online and found that the company tries to scare people into paying. Do not let the company be mean to you. They will tell you LIES to get you to pay. Good luck! +1 866-874-1118
Neutral This numbr rang our office asking for someone who no longer works here. The bill collection agent kept screaming at me. If the company calls again, I will report the caller to the FTC. What Collectcorp Collection Agency is doing is plain unethical. +1 905-413-8568