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Neutral Said that I owed money for a power bill to FPL. My account with them was closed prior to the date they stated monies were owed. They refused to tell me who they were until I verified my information. The only think I would verify was the address in question. Did not give them my DOB or SSN, both of which they asked for. +1 703-763-4805
Neutral (619) 377-0559 Do not give your information! +1 619-377-0559
Neutral (619) 377-0559 asking for social security number and bank account +1 619-377-0559
Neutral Been calling everyday for at least 6 months. Called about 8 PM last night and just called now at 9 AM. Yep, I am on the do not call list. +1 423-540-0476
Neutral # called on my phone again Friday. I didn't know who was calling. Would you answer the telephone? +1 630-967-5739
Neutral This rep repeatedly calls my tween son's cell phone. They say they're phoning about hospital bills. We insisted that they stop telephoning, but they still call. What could we do? +1 630-967-5908
Neutral My father-in-law received a voicemail on his answering machine that caused horrible stress. They told him that they might arrest him. The caller should be sued. I'm going to telephone a lawyer in the morning. +1 630-967-5028
Neutral I was sure it was a scam and ask him why I had not received anything in mail and I think he is not from IRS. +1 551-666-3276
Neutral Robocall telling me that they could lower my interest rates on my credit card. +1 945-837-0481
Neutral What gives this company the authority to telephone me ? +1 630-967-5135
Neutral Colorado Tech continues to phone and I can't imagine why. I don't have a single account with them. +1 630-967-5297
Neutral The answering machine picked up and the caller said Hi my name is Jeana and then hung up. +1 858-666-1921
Neutral This is not the first occasion these phone calls have come and my father also had an almost similar experience with a series of unusual phone calls a few weeks ago. Everyday I somehow make it a routine to read with my kids in the family room to spend a little tiem with my kids every evening. My son wants to know who is telephoning and my little son is very interested in having a chat with the people who call assuming the mobile calls are from their relatives in Canada. I do not want my family members answering thfse calls as sometimes the peolpe who give phone calls use abusive words during their calls. I am a very busy man and I can only spare the time for my family during this time. My time is precious and the punks just do not understand how valuable my time is. +1 630-967-5692
Neutral I assume that the cell calls are coming from a cosmopolitan. I simply can not think why the individual gives the telephone calls from totally different arez codes. What a hassle these phone calls are. The calls keep coming continually and we are unable to track the mobile calls as they are from all over the globe. I have just had enough of these mobile calls. +1 630-967-5633
Neutral caller id shows call came from New Haven,MI. +1 913-270-2720
Neutral My cell number is on the federal do - not - call list. They called repeatedly. This must stop. +1 630-967-5649
Neutral It is fully destroyed. My boy friend will appear at any second now and we have to cook something for them to eat. The most unbelievable part is that they call without ceasing and whn you take the telephone call the agent on the other corner murmurs softly. What rubbish is this? +1 630-967-5418
Neutral My new mobile number is a nightmare. # and others keep calling for someone I've never heard of. Is thrre any way to get the calls to stop? +1 630-967-5572
Neutral I informed the gentleman that I was on the don't call list and I asked him if he wanted me to submit a compliant, and he laughed at me! +1 952-381-4313
Neutral The cell phone ringing drives me crazy. They telephones every week but does not say who they are. What is the next move ? I requested to be put on hten business's no call list, but they will not do so. +1 630-967-5125
Neutral My elderly uncle's iPhone continues to get phone calls from this place. Thy are calling for a wrong number. They might have to get a new phone number, but they do not want to. Could they sue this place ? +1 847-407-0999
Neutral I missed a call from you guys +1 404-505-6000
Neutral I got around 7 strange phone calls. There isn't a reason for them to be making me crazy. +1 843-214-2588
Neutral Is it possbile to make Colorado Tech stop calling me? I am really happy that I found this website. +1 817-900-2006
Neutral They are keeps phoning me, more often than not after nine late at nigbt. I tried more than once, but the guy I spoke to was unhelpful. I think they'll desist calling. +1 816-892-0151