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Dangerous I think this might be a debt collector but I don't know anyone in my family that is even close to the first name they give. I have told them repeatedly they have the wrong number and there is no one by that name here. They keep calling! I have blocked the number so hopefully they get the message +1 931-208-1550
Dangerous Call from Texas (I'm from Indiana). Left a voicemail claiming to be local police and that I had 4 serious counts against me and that I needed to call back immediately to get it taken care of. Nice try, but wrong number scammers, this one has a clean record. +1 254-275-4136
Dangerous unknown-trying to verify my employee information. i will call the BBC for fraud and they left a 855-462-4979. +1 614-490-4544
Dangerous Scammers. Nasty people +1 813-454-0798
Dangerous This number is a Reseach firm. +1 888-688-0709
Dangerous They leave a voicemail in chinese. They also have an 800 number with the same message. +1 212-696-3971
Dangerous Calls daily. No Caller ID info except for the number. Never leaves voicemail. Can't find the number anywhere online to associate it to any person or business. Now on the blocked callers list on my phone. +1 866-292-7999
Dangerous Left voicemail about chronic pain management +1 512-247-7528
Dangerous Left a vm saying local cops would arrest me because I have 4 tax allegations on me. +1 425-689-0646
Dangerous sounds like a research company wanting to ask questions about healthcare. +1 513-440-0784
Dangerous Got multiple phone calls from this number. They have never left a voicemail so I have no idea who they are. +1 617-410-9993
Dangerous Called back and it said number is not in service, yet they have called me 2x a day over the last week. HARASSMENT. +1 305-871-0946
Dangerous A recording said "This is Emily, a Hearing Administrator..." and the call cut off. I called the number; it rang once then disconnected. That is typical of scam callers; they can call you but you cannot call them at the number displayed on Caller ID. It is supposedly located in Heber Springs, Arkansas. I blocked the number. +1 501-302-5664
Dangerous Called back and operators voice came on and told me" call rejected". They are just harassing people. +1 786-871-0939
Dangerous He mentioned a company name and told me I was on a recorded line. I told him I was working and he hung up. +1 913-320-1304
Dangerous Scam call +1 859-691-3855
Dangerous I have received 3 calls this AM. These are just pests... +1 956-210-8036
Dangerous Recording that hung up. +1 920-234-2431
Dangerous Will reduce my student loan... That I've never had +1 601-227-8098
Dangerous Astrologer??? leave my number alone!!! do not want these calls. 1-250-354-1514 +1 250-354-1514
Dangerous I previously thought I was rating the responder NOT the scam. I 100% agreed with Para Medic that this is scam... preapproved for loan I did not apply for. Block! +1 503-837-8977
Dangerous give your view point text message huwi.co/wMlhM3rQi +1 850-809-6144
Dangerous FAKE FAKE FAKE SPAM SPAM SPAM +1 910-593-3708
Dangerous C est un message en chinois qui se répète deux fois mais je ne sais pas pour quel cmpagnie +1 416-964-3876