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Neutral I have asked on several occasions for this party to stop calling me, they will not. +1 828-372-1848
Neutral i would like them to stop calling every day. +1 949-682-7729
Neutral Didn't know the number, didn't answer. They left no message. Suspect scam. +1 646-751-0956
Neutral Scammers. First they SMS about the need to refund you $249.00 on an account they are unable to service, Microsoft updates, tech support, and protection. I checked with Microsoft and I'm good with them. They checked my pc and concluded that there is something or someone attempting to get into my pc and bank accounts. The scamers called and asked to download their remote payment app. Then they ask you to open up your bank account. +1 856-556-6096
Neutral Social Security scammer as stated above +1 605-277-7413
Neutral asking for personal and sensitive information +1 314-465-1896
Neutral Received 2 calls today. +1 954-208-0240
Neutral I would do whatever is necessary to assist you in prosecuting this person or company responsible for these abuses. +1 317-978-3586
Neutral We have been on the Do Not Call list for years and re-registered in Dec. +1 401-269-1854
Neutral scum of the earth +1 323-300-6236
Neutral Numerous times, I have told them not to ever call, yet they continue to call me. +1 872-234-7334
Neutral This kind of phone threats is absolutely not acceptable, and this person should be jailed for threatening peoples' lives. +1 303-479-3316
Neutral The tickets are for sale on craigslist in Vegas... 525.00 per ticket Lady Gaga +1 312-662-9466
Neutral Person says she has tickets for sale through ticketmaster, then has you pay through apple pay, then ghosts you. We have turned this in to the FBI she took $200.00 from me and I cant get it back +1 312-662-9466
Neutral These people will not stop calling me. They use multiple numbers, but always the same message. I am on the do not call list and have asked several times for them to stop, but I continue to get calls. +1 563-202-5893
Neutral Called twice today.and last week many times.please stop the a! +1 800-922-0308
Neutral FRAUD! Social security scam!!!! +1 817-385-6963
Neutral number calls but no one answers. +1 512-713-0437
Neutral Can you please get them to stop, Please. +1 012-377-8504
Neutral Same as previous call, but now coming from a new number. +1 435-222-1532
Neutral They call 2 and 3 time per day using different numbers like 158754550, 58754550. +1 703-902-7001
Neutral Text said "My marriage was saved by this little pill" +1 141-020-0510
Neutral Hello, this is the law firm for Attorney Tracy Reynolds, This message is solely for Laishawnetta Gaines, we made several attempts to contact you the purpose of this contact it about a litigation currently reviewed for three charges, Which will be filed with the district court this evening for questions and concern feel free to contact the petitioners office it is your legal right to do so, that number is 347-836-9931 be advised that you have been notified through mail, email, and text good luck in court. +1 347-836-9931
Neutral this is a legitimate company for heart monitoring equipment. +1 866-426-4401
Neutral 347-395-5659 is a a scammer trying to get me to send a Google Voice verification code to him. Luckily I didn't do it! Block this person! +1 347-395-5659