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Neutral I get calls from this company day and night. +1 415-847-4976
Neutral There is no message and no answer when the number is return called. +1 310-467-1755
Neutral I know of no organization that would be calling me and speaking Spanish. +1 316-390-2474
Neutral They call at least 4 times a day, and when you answer they do not say anything. +1 306-122-1454
Neutral This has been going on for a few years on and off. +1 308-449-7554
Neutral When I ask them to remove our number from their list they hang up on me +1 202-413-7070
Neutral I want Hanna d to stop calling me +1 215-220-2384
Neutral This number is linked to a Craigslist scammer posting fake ads to scam anyone that responds! +1 518-529-5458
Neutral Esto es una organización Africana de Longoria y se dedican a robar identidad en fb y encuentran en núm y llaman para poder robar la identidad yo he Estado investigando porque me han llamado mucho y me envían texto para que yo devuelva llamada pero no lo hago porque es hay donde ellas puedes robar aunque no hablen contiho +1 813-295-8474
Neutral They call 3 times a day sometimes and its very annoying. +1 844-853-9164
Neutral He has proof that he made $82,000 in September and $100,00 in October, and I can make thousands in my first few weeks, all from cold sales. +1 847-200-2125
Neutral The caller provides no effective method of being put on their do not call list. +1 013-564-3391
Neutral Not sure how well this is working as companies seem to blatantly disregard it. +1 833-415-1960
Neutral I do not answer the phone for this number; they call repeatedly and I am about to pull out my blow horn and let them have it! A few times of that will have them taking me off their call list! +1 251-239-3024
Neutral This company calls everyday using a different area code and number. +1 310-288-8000
Neutral I put all our numbers on the do not call registry BUT for some reason the calls that are not stopped are to people in their late eighties. +1 720-735-9730
Neutral calls repeatedly have been getting calls from Keener, LA for years with no one on the other end just nothing but it calls nonstop around 6 pm. I just got one now. +1 504-290-4172
Neutral He is trouble!!! STAY AWAY FROM THIS TRANNY CHASER!!! +1 724-787-4887
Neutral He is a real waste of time. He calls for nothing. Asks tons of questions and gets ur address he will show up offering only 60 roses donation to just “suck you off” tranny chaser get a life. Yes Miss Vanity left this review to expose your time waster tranny chaser ass ,,|,, +1 443-301-5570
Neutral A waste of time! He calls literally every aingle transgender escort in town to collect pictures and asks so many explicit questions. Such a waste of time. Get a life tranny chaser picture collector. Btw Miss Vanity left you this review pig! Next time don't mess with the wrong one! +1 202-486-8633
Neutral or at least it comes up as Florida. +1 716-396-5825
Neutral Normally, I just ignore. +1 810-516-2256
Neutral I mentioned for him to call the next person on his list and that I was not interested in the receipt of this check. +1 800-399-4146
Neutral They have called many times. It is all electronic so no way to communicate. Want to deliver a "paid for" emergency medical system. +1 716-381-8981
Neutral I pick up and it's a recording that hangs up on you. +1 412-223-3885