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Neutral SEVERAL CALLS PER WEEK. +1 616-253-6559
Neutral I received MANY calls in the past from this number. +1 803-609-3824
Neutral Very rude and a scam do not answer or give any info to these people +1 304-810-3052
Neutral Said he was calling from a recorded line about me submitting a request about employment. but I said that I am disabled so I wouldn't have done such a thing. but he hung up before I could ask where he got this information from & to be removed from his company's list to not call me again!! +1 402-256-4004
Neutral recorded windshield replacement commercial +1 919-750-8831
Neutral I did file a complaint on the last one also. +1 716-321-2767
Neutral Carnival did not answer my complaint but now the caller just says you have one a cruse but do not mention the Carnival name. +1 813-850-0109
Neutral I will continue to report all of the numbers that call me. +1 936-220-0626
Neutral Regarding discount cruise line packages. +1 207-382-7004
Neutral "Cody" texted me, asking about a property I own, that he and his partner are interested in buying. Did have my first name, and asked about the address. +1 503-966-2524
Neutral They call two to three times a week have asked several times for them to stop +1 720-597-3541
Neutral Called with no response when answered no noise at all +1 231-744-3874
Neutral Norobo blocked called +1 229-210-0770
Neutral Much like the numbers 2762093370 and 2762093757, this is yet another robocall claiming that our business is not part of Google listing and even said "hello, please don't hang up." These Google listing calls are REALLY ANNOYING!!!!! +1 276-244-6398
Neutral This number calls many times daily after being Blocked. Leaves no message. But when I call this number back their message says "no longer in service." How can it keep calling then?!? +1 920-297-2778
Neutral Constantly getting these calls.try to call back to get off the list but it's a recorded message. +1 860-327-8801
Neutral These people have repeatedly called multiple times even though I have asked them each time to not call. +1 931-229-7991
Neutral This recording called me and has for three times now this month and told me to enter my debit card information because my cards have not been activated. +1 866-858-4414
Neutral Called left no message +1 405-266-6071
Neutral They have called many times in the past and I have had them on the donotcall list, BUT they seem to keep calling. +1 269-224-5269
Neutral They want to deliver an emergency alert system they say has already been paid for. +1 716-458-9047
Neutral Also called June 2,2014 +1 724-907-0120
Neutral This number called me 2 times today and hung up both times without leaving a msg. +1 408-310-4481
Neutral Automated message that just states “Fraud Department” and hangs up. +1 800-922-0103
Neutral No VM nothing +1 713-856-1031