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Neutral El Nuevo Clasificado Orange making telemarketing 24/7. +1 909-900-0350
Neutral I try to block the numbers and they call from a different one. +1 818-512-4739
Neutral The call was asking me to place bets on sports events. +1 513-392-5177
Neutral They call me on my cell and at the same time call my bf cell but it shows up on his phone as my contact as if I was calling them. They spam me with calls saying if I want to stay inrolled in the automatic advertising campaign press 2 now. I do not know how could, I gave them my credit card for auto-pay. If I block the number they call from another number with a slightly edited message about El Nuevo Clasificado advertising program press 2 now +1 909-900-0350
Neutral Clearly a scammer and appears to possibly be operating from your state. +1 503-482-3144
Neutral Just trying to help stop this unwanted strategy. +1 845-241-7263
Neutral PLEASE prosecute these callers! +1 918-994-1457
Neutral This company uses a marketing company and they change the marketing company regularly. +1 559-746-9330
Neutral idiot hands up when call answered +1 623-383-8103
Neutral They continue calling and leaving messages. +1 503-482-4545
Neutral I can be reaced at the above number if needed +1 208-223-3562
Neutral This is a agency which stole my account from Cash Now, which was closed for illegal services. +1 984-224-6626
Neutral calling about "surgery" that I had for follow up. Did not have any surgery caller has been calling for past 6 months. +1 484-403-4421
Neutral Claims to be from Windows +1 941-286-4352
Neutral They also have sent me texts on my cell, as I am on a limited plan, this costs money. +1 412-206-6608
Neutral I got a text from this number saying I could click a link to find women and get laid. I assumed it was some kind of dating site and wanted to know more information. I called the number to ask how they got my information and it was a very old man with a bad cough who couldn't really get through any sentences without gargling and coughing. I told him to stop talking and asked how they got my information again but he still couldn't talk without coughing. I was about to hang up and then I heard him yelling for someone in the background so a woman got on the phone. She started to say they had my info and thought I would be looking for local woman so then I said no and that it'd be a waste of time because none of those dating sites or apps really work. She was very stern, saying it would be guaranteed and I could even get a free trial but I was still skeptical as to how they got my information. She said that her and her husband would be willing to show me all of the info, the success rate, and how they use analytics to match people so I agreed to meet them at a local Panera. I got there and saw the only guy, yes he was still coughing, and then I was shocked to see that the woman was at least 20 years younger and really nice looking. She was trying to show me portfolios of all this stuff, success stories, how guys who didn't get laid for years and years had consistent matches since they started to use their dating app, but all I could hear was her husband trying to talk on the phone and loud coughing. I told her that I couldn't hear anything and she could see that I was visibly upset. I told her that I needed a drink so she came to the register with me and we ordered 2 drinks. We then went to the drink station and she was saying that the app was guaranteed to get me laid and all that so I asked how much it would cost me eventually. She was avoiding the question and then I told her I don't want to waste anymore time and then she grabbed my arm and said I shouldn't worry and asked me what was more important, a few hundred dollars or getting laid every weekend? I laughed but then explained that I'm past those days and was more into real dating and relationships so she asked what my problem was, said that I'm not normal because I don't want to just bang every woman in site. I said "no. no, I am normal but want a real relationship..." so then she said I should show her. I was confused and said "show you what?" She came close to me, grabbed my package, and said "show me that you're normal" so she had me follow her inside the bathroom. I went into the stall with her, she sat on the toilet and unzipped my pants. She went slow, bit it, licked the sides, slobbered on it, yanked it hard, spit on it to lube it, removed her pants and rubbed herself then used her wet hand to lube me even more...she sucked, sucked, and oh did she SUCK and I finished in about 3 minutes. She took the whole load and said she still didn't think I was normal. Then, I grabbed her head, spun her around, had her knees on the toilet seat and turned her around so I could hit it from behind. I banged her so hard that the belly to cheek slap was so loud it could probably be heard near the drink station. I went fast the whole time because she was starting to aggravate me with the me not being normal talk. I eventually finished, pulled out and came all over her backside, pants, back, and she just turned her head around and moaned as if she wanted even more. As we put our pants back on she said that she needed to check on her husband so I planned to leave. As I walked past the table and heard her husband still talking and coughing, I waved goodbye. She followed me outside near my car and asked me if I was going to sign up to their app so I said no and proceeded to get into my car. She tried opening the passenger door but I told her I was in a hurry and had to leave. I thanked her for everything and she gave me her private number. We already made plans for her to come to my place this weekend so I'm really fortunate that these people got my information 8========D ~~~ +1 469-304-6849
Neutral Scam call. Same as comments above. The voicemail was an automated message stating my dominion power will be shut off due to non payment. The power bill isn't even in my name or associated with my phone number. However, I did call the dominion number on our bill statement to confirm everything was in order (which it is). FYI, upon calling Dominion #866-366-4357, they have an automated message stating billing leniency at this time during the pandemic (for anyone facing hardship). +1 757-516-4760
Neutral I have the caller blocker turned off since it interferes with my caller ID on my handsets located throught the house. +1 484-800-4560
Neutral the first part of the call is a robo call, then they say I can talk to a live operator. +1 610-569-7005
Neutral Others reported the same message that I confirmed with Apple Support is not valid - not from them. This particular caller (from 7139862476) did not leave the message at the called number, but they did leave the message when calling from 800-275-2273. They are spoofing the actual Apple store phone number now. Message reported as "hi this is Jessica from Apple support this is an automatic call from Apple server regarding to security and privacy of your Apple devices Apple server found some suspicious activities in your Apple iCloud account that has been breached before using there any device please contact our Apple support advisor please press one to connect with Apple support advisor thank you" +1 713-986-2476
Neutral definitely spoofed id. +1 954-696-8805
Neutral The man look for someone else and I told him 11 time it wrong number please don't call this number a +1 917-444-9545
Neutral ED twxt messages. Texting stop does not help. +1 657-342-0316
Neutral does that mean you'll do a better job of stopping US Pharmacy from calling? +1 636-866-5199