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Neutral Called twice within 10 minutes. +1 877-448-6839
Neutral Thank you for your help with this. +1 385-338-3441
Neutral I picked it up, said hello, but there was no one there. I said hello again, there was still no one there, so I hung up before a possible robo-call could begin. I suspect this may be a "fishing" call to see what phone numbers are real. But I still don't know who they are or why they keep calling. They called my cell phone, which is on the FTC and State of FL Do Not Call List. +1 800-464-6749
Neutral I suspect the call is legit from Revenue Services MSP BC *BUT* I could not find the # on their website *AND* I've just been pummeled by many many scam calls from Ontario claiming to be from Revenue Canada threatening arrest if I don't press 1 and have my SIN ready... Funny thing, these scam robocalls spoofed actual Gov law offices in Ontario. I called one up to report the scam and was told that they were being overwhelmed with similar reports. If MSP BC is behind these calls I would suggest to them that it is not a good strategy as most people rightfully regard robocalls as scams and ignore them and, in many cases, block the number. Those that don't ignore the MSP BC call and follow through are having their vulnerability to robocall scams reinforced. Either way, it's not good IMO. If you get one of these calls, I would strongly suggest going to the MSP BC website and contacting them via one of the phone numbers listed. If you've got bills from them, call one of the numbers provided there. . - they will obviously want info to verify your identity. .Let them know that the robocalls are a bad idea. https://billing-and-payment.revenueservicesbc.gov.bc.ca/contact-us. Be safe. +1 833-866-9714
Neutral Like always, I picked it up, said hello, but there was no one there. I said hello again, there was still no one there, so I hung up before a possible robo-call could begin. I suspect this may be a "fishing" call to see what phone numbers are real. But I still don't know who they are ot why they keep calling. They called my cell phone, which is on the FTC and State of FL Do Not Call List. +1 800-198-4830
Neutral nobody was there when I answered the phone this time. +1 817-207-4113
Neutral I have hardwood floors. +1 800-742-7877
Neutral Only option was to press 1 or hang up. +1 804-491-8422
Neutral Will block on Comcast, but that doesn't always work. +1 207-550-0221
Neutral This company not a scam. This company very fine and save. if you have buy box and you don't like service you send a back box and if you not get amount so you just refund it... but i believe and i work with last 7 years +1 877-220-9149
Neutral This robo call was to my cell phone. +1 408-675-7596
Neutral Great Service.. +1-877-220-9149 William Anderson, Extension ID: 721412 Very nice person +1 877-220-9149
Neutral Recied a call @ 7:20am pacific standard which is ssi office does not ope. Until 9AM. The woman said she was returning a call about a message i left and specifically said that she has my full name and "apparenly the contact number for me. But stated that she was requesting my social security number in full in order to assist me. As kt was quite early im the morning i was seconds "slkw" in response with hesitation as i began to give her the 1st 3 numbers of my social security njmber and then immediaty paused and ask very very politely if she could pull up my account information if i was willing to validate every other normally asked question for vedification as usual when speaking to the social security office. She immediately became very aggresive in tone and told me "nearly" verbatim, that "she does not have time to be queationed by anyone as she was returning a call from previous days and that she does nkt have to listen to somebody raising the question as to why she does (NOT) have to explain that to me and if i wanted help with my concern originally brought to the legitimate Social security office, and specifically told me that she does not have to answer any questions about my concerns seeing as how the ssi office clearly states online, on the legitimate number from ssi to be weary with concern that there are scam companies obtaining information for fraudulent purposes. So i very politely explaianed. I meant no offense but that i was told in many forms that the ssi office will never call you requesting your social security number as they should have it on their screen which she did not.. She responded with the following: "you are the one who needs the help here and that she is not going to begin her day with someone who she does not have a responsibility to assist anyways"...i again politely responded and asked why the phone number was that of a 206 area code that when you call back it states it is a disconnected social security phone number and immediately disconnects you with no further informatio n. When i called the actual legitimate soci security office they explained to me that she knows the supervisor with great detail and could never imagine her speaking that waumy in that tone or asking that question seeing as how it is directly advised by them to "never" release your social security number to anyone posing as an emplyee from the government agency of the social securoty office and thanked me for giving her the details ofvthe call. Requested and verified on the phone with me that the number i recieved a call from was not registered anywhere within the government agency and reassured that i did the right thing by not supplying my personal information. Which was worriesome to say the least but best that i toom the time to immediately explain this to them as she stated it will be escalated to higher departments within the FRAUD arena of Social security office. Words of advice is to trust your instincts and please if you shpuld recieve a simular call to report it as it will only serve as protection for self in future interactions with those who have no regaurd for the safety and security of "ALL" of you most private information leading to identity theft which can destroy your life in ways some may not even be able to fathom. Please pass this along to anyone whobyou may care about foe their security. "How do you think an elderly person may have handled that call? Chances are the fraudulant company would have access and use of all of your personal financial information to ultimately detroy a perons lifes work of building and securing their future".... +1 206-682-7804
Neutral This company very honestly in united state america. All staff very wonderful and care persons. this company have many deals. you can enjoy your favorites shows. Must you have Internet available. 5.0 MBPS+ Speed. i am enjoy this services last five years . you can call +1-877-220-9149, you can get deal..... William Anderson Extension ID: 721412 very nice person +1 877-220-9149
Neutral This company not a scammer, very wonderful company, i believe that very honest able company very wonderful plan, just connect with internet and enjoy services, internet speed high +1 877-220-9149
Neutral The phone rings a couple of times and they do not leave a messege. +1 707-379-1873
Neutral This is a timeshare sales and when you try to call them back to stop calling, it's a non call back number. +1 727-201-3828
Neutral Keeps calling 3 0r 4 times during an hour about 2 or 3 times a week. I don't answer it. +1 773-570-6318
Neutral This is the first I was able to write down the phone number of the caller. +1 705-398-6311
Neutral Most of these companies fail to answer phone even if we answer. +1 503-559-4527
Neutral I've also placed my parents land line # on the list and they get these automated calls, too. +1 703-672-7482
Neutral This Company provide all whole the worldwide channels very good price. This Company base in USA. i am very satisfied this company, i am many time visit this company head-office, i am enjoy services last 3 years +1 877-220-9149
Neutral Yess they are some tv service provider i have their Box and i am satisfied With the tv box. +1 877-220-9149