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Neutral I have told them to take me off their calling list to no avail. +1 408-827-9572
Neutral They usually call around 7:40pm each night. +1 419-722-7577
Neutral They call EVERY day, multiple times a day, on all three of our lines. +1 425-426-2293
Neutral This number 7062298669 keeps call me and I don't get any chance to ask or opt out from this call. +1 979-236-4312
Neutral I spoke to someone and when I said to stop calling they hung up on me. +1 361-500-5373
Neutral 7059952168 I was threatened with extortion in regards to am arrest warrant. +1 705-995-2168
Neutral I have asked them dozens of times to stop calling me. +1 321-338-1146
Neutral When searching for this number on the net I see that others are getting same calls and being threatened to be arrested and a lot of other strange comments about this number that has been calling everyone PRETENDING to be the IRS +1 323-206-8138
Neutral When you ask them about this fund not existing, they want to talk about Living Moments this also is a source of many telemarketing call. +1 332-877-0236
Neutral Its annoying please make them stop. +1 337-420-1569
Neutral Another number is b(6). +1 315-988-2270
Neutral It is not Microsoft. +1 316-320-6460
Neutral Something about dell financial which we have nothing do with. +1 216-215-8667
Neutral A woman asking to speak with my husband and when I asked her who was calling they hung up. +1 310-936-7308
Neutral Recorded phone message asking if I want to continue my education. +1 310-954-1626
Neutral when you get a person they don't know what or if you have a card and hang up when I ask the company name. +1 312-535-4846
Neutral They continue to call often and do not leave messages. +1 678-359-3129
Neutral I received another phone call from this number today at 9:28 AM, showing "Out of area" as ID. +1 209-248-7726
Neutral I thought, except it went back to the first person who asked me what I told his supervisor, which it repeated. +1 678-780-8678
Neutral of course, when I speak she just keeps talking. +1 678-919-3443
Neutral call was about refinancing my mortgage +1 626-600-9818
Neutral Press 1 to get off list , they say will take three days. +1 631-201-1532
Neutral I again reiterated that those numbers should indicate any on do not call list. +1 682-777-3617
Neutral she doesn't listen - Subject matter of the call: Vacation & timeshares +1 530-203-5500
Neutral La puta revista del clasificado chingando todos los dias +1 909-900-0350