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Neutral Her "STORY". Trying to be like everyone else that is normal. Go home, Chino prison is waiting for you. +1 760-963-8089
Neutral Men won't marry Robyn. She is a criminal. Lucky that old guy that was fooled into marrying her got away. Why is divorce so expensive? Because it's worth it. Robyn go home. Chino prison has a nice cell waiting for your return. +1 760-963-8089
Neutral How do I report this number, calls daily 3 times or more a day, have told them to take us off their call list. Or I just do not answer. they are annoying. Call relay I'm sure out of India or China. +1 716-829-7379
Neutral called 4 times left no message +1 904-236-4279
Neutral ROBYN VALLO-DAVIS, now Nicolette. Next +1 760-963-8089
Neutral Using Nicolette's name. Just a new name for Robyn Davis Chino prison born. Next +1 760-963-8089
Neutral I just got a call from this number. They say that the Federal Marshals will be coming to get me in 48 hours that I have several violations against me. I have no criminal background and no warrants or anything like that so I blocked them +1 574-598-4569
Neutral Same message, same reference number... Thanks to all that have posted! I'm definitely not calling back! +1 866-761-1881
Neutral Multiple personalities. From birth. Next +1 760-963-8089
Neutral Same as indicated for others. Same ref number!! +1 866-761-1881
Neutral Left no message. +1 505-301-9854
Neutral It's just Robyn. Adopted and looking for her criminal family.. She's identical to her parents.. Next +1 760-963-8089
Neutral This number, 801-401-1001, is an actual Fidelity number. I had an issue and a Fidelity rep. called me back from this number and solved the issue for me. It's not a scam. +1 801-401-1001
Neutral Received a call from 347-467-0950. it shows scam likely. Message left with thick accent, claiming from IRS. +1 347-467-6550
Neutral My life, my rules. Chino prison #bab#winning +1 760-963-8089
Neutral Love scammer +1 601-439-1986
Neutral Received a call from 347-467-0950. it shows scam likely. Message left with thick accent. +1 347-467-6550
Neutral The recorded message in the landline said "Your credit card is compromised and we have disabled your account. Please dial "1" to speak to our executive". Assuming it to be a phishing attempt, did not take any action. +1 345-615-6788
Neutral SPAM. Called and claimed my ex needed to call them back to settle out of court. +1 844-600-1926
Neutral Robyn Vallo-Davis is trash. Has been, Will always be. Prison born and breed. Next. +1 760-963-8089
Neutral Next +1 760-963-8089
Neutral Next. +1 760-963-8089
Neutral Many names and numbers. Compared to the men she hooks up with online, this is nothing. Next. +1 760-963-8089
Neutral Fired Teacher frm Barstow. Uises many names and numbers. Comparable to the amount of abortions she had pretending it was birth control.. Next. +1 760-963-8089
Neutral Using many fake nanes and numbers like the men she sleeps with. Next. +1 760-963-8089