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Neutral tried to say put me on do not call list, got automatic hangup +1 570-273-0448
Neutral NAME: OUT OF AREA - DATE: 9/24/15 - PHN# 1-915-710-8581 @ 7:14 P.M. +1 586-843-4400
Neutral Recorded message about reducing credit card rates with no statement of name of organization. +1 587-207-2327
Neutral Please prosecute them to the fullest extent possible as soon as you can find them! +1 541-605-9889
Neutral Call was not answererd since # was not recognized. +1 619-353-5148
Neutral I did not listen to the remaining call or answer any of the other calls. +1 469-751-6777
Neutral Also I have been registered with DO NOT Call for years and register multiple time and it has not helped. +1 828-375-8780
Neutral This telephone number was given on an email purportedly from Walt Disney Co. Suspicious activity on my account so I was to follow links and change my password. I have no such account, scammer of some sort. +1 877-466-6669
Neutral regarding a chance to win a sweepstakes if I listened to their radio station. +1 816-424-0861
Neutral I was doing a photoshoot when pz9called me omg +1 702-907-0653
Neutral They were not associated with my bank (they wanted me to switch to their credit card). +1 349-607-6640
Neutral They are aggressive and keeps calling every day. +1 416-764-5183
Neutral I thought it was a person talking to me,but actually it was a recording. +1 254-263-9091
Neutral They keep saying I have a credit with them were I purchased with them in the past year but I have not purchased from them in the past year. +1 705-254-8325
Neutral Yes they are +1 702-907-0653
Neutral Just registered as unanswered call. I texted and it did not bounce back but no answer. No message. +1 416-900-4041
Neutral If the NSA can listen to everything why can't these be stopped? +1 708-888-5347
Neutral Told him we do not have one.called me a liar! +1 916-246-9149
Neutral This phone number has the same area code and prefix as my home town of Chelan, Wa but the call does not come from Chelan, Wa. +1 916-246-9154
Neutral I hope this time someone will actually handle the claim and investigate the matter. +1 619-807-3712
Neutral left message on my voicemail asking if i was interested in travel +1 619-807-3808
Neutral This was a robo call, asking you to press 1 for more i formation. +1 530-212-8723
Neutral I have asked time after time for this company to stop harassing me and they still call. +1 248-466-3663
Neutral He then called back and stated he was going to kill me and rape my wife. +1 424-286-8500
Neutral this company keeps on calling even so I said that I'm on the do not call list. There don't give a name so I don't know who it is. Had 4 calls within 2 days. +1 333-088-5469