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Neutral This outfit has calles there times in last there days. +1 469-317-0381
Neutral probably robo dialled. +1 732-844-8743
Neutral We have received several calls from this number in the past few weeks. +1 516-204-7614
Neutral I_m not sure what this is all about but it sound like someone is pretending to be someone from the FTC office. +1 365-803-1343
Neutral They have me on repeat dial many times a day every day. +1 404-606-3076
Neutral I get calls from this number constantly. +1 202-556-1106
Neutral It's a scam and they are calling other people I have talked to. +1 403-744-5376
Neutral I continue to receive an average of 3 calls per day from this agency who is a collection agency seeking an individual who I do not know and have told them so. +1 415-578-7209
Neutral they called 6/2/2014 at 11:30am and again today at 10:31.please help.why can't YOU make them stop! +1 979-639-7718
Neutral Caller was very concerned about what our owners name was. Was frustrated when I asked them to hold. Caller hung up when I placed them on hold. Extremely suspicious. +1 714-395-5433
Neutral repeat calls coming from this number. Unknown +1 281-482-1573
Neutral Social security scam +1 605-277-7413
Neutral When I tried to call back the number that called me, it said your call can not be completed as dialed. +1 330-382-3242
Neutral I have ask they stop calling for the past 6 Months however, they continue to call. +1 209-236-9027
Neutral Duration of calls listed from 0-4 mins. +1 270-799-5016
Neutral Y,800,5315000,7:37 in the morning.ugh. +1 802-278-9709
Neutral This all started after we mistakenly answered a call whose number was (111111111). +1 888-693-2401
Neutral I received a phone call from this number. +1 203-433-3279
Neutral The recorded message said my social security number had been compromised and to call the number they left. (I was just denied social security benefits earlier this month.) +1 605-277-7413
Neutral Left a message asking for me using my maiden name which was changed 15 years ago. Some lady stated that there is a problem with insufficient funds attached to my account ending in 2481 (never had this account number) and if I don't call them back there will be addition fee's added or further action taken . No name or information about who they are, but the number that showed on my call ID is 708-523-1580. These folks can go kick rocks! +1 866-212-2236
Neutral No your. Not real your a fuck shit ass bitch cunt shit bitch fuck...wait i cant swear....fuk shitt biich cuunt phuck +1 661-449-8560
Neutral For screenshots email me at [email protected] +1 317-501-9995
Neutral This is an old white guy that pays transgender escorts for sex. He contacted me a few times now from 3175019995. He said something about his gf missing what he likes. The D. Lol tall white guy with glasses. He likes to be submissive and get pounded. We agreed to a meeting for 400 +1 317-501-9995
Neutral This site is crap and full of shit thats not a real coment min is the first real one this site is a ass clown +1 661-449-8560
Neutral I tried to contact the company several times to ask that they stop calling, but the number is always busy. +1 504-930-3287