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Score Comment Phone Number
Neutral I do not want to receive the calls +1 786-210-4171
Neutral I do not pick up and no message is ever left. +1 206-629-6283
Neutral I want the calls stopped. +1 416-830-8147
Neutral I asked that they not contact me again, but they hung up before they could acknowledge. +1 609-555-0581
Neutral I have reported numbers before, especially those numbers calling about my credit card. +1 702-901-4888
Neutral Calling every day around 4.00 pm not leaving a message..Very pressing with calling. +1 571-536-2557
Neutral Has called me 6 times in 4 hours partial message left but no company name...blocked but still leaves messages +1 847-205-2020
Neutral Calling over and over and no message! +1 702-944-4127
Neutral They also call from another number, giving the same recorded message. +1 215-755-3342
Neutral No Company name provided on Called ID just said New York. +1 323-709-2224
Neutral Solicitation for a pharmacy card. +1 406-630-8351
Neutral They claim to be with a police charity. +1 470-221-0118
Neutral It is a recorded message and they give you no option to opt out. +1 646-835-4140
Neutral This is the second time i have recieved this phone call. +1 361-881-4581
Neutral The calls started recently and they have been calling daily. They have been pestering both my personal phone and house phone, which is bothering my friends who I share my house with. It is quite frankly creeping me out and I’m quite tempted to call emergency services and file a report of sorts +1 888-688-0709
Neutral Recorded message about credit cards +1 847-617-2035
Neutral Rang a few times and hung up without leaving a message +1 773-295-7401
Neutral All to no avail-I want them stopped. +1 817-428-2549
Neutral Thank God I can block the calls on my phone. +1 201-256-3861
Neutral Does not give a damn about the law. +1 409-440-9866
Neutral There have been numerous calls from this number. +1 510-703-4394
Neutral Clearly a recording. +1 727-937-3245
Neutral This is the second call from Robert Wilson who wants to speed up my slow computer. +1 800-183-6010
Neutral Keeps calling me +1 210-245-5500
Neutral Long recorded message from "William" that rambled on and on about being selected for an 8 day vacation package to any major city in the United States. Also droned on about cruises. Obviously a call center. +1 617-315-1512