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Neutral Now they are calling on this number which is a cell phone. +1 832-563-5578
Neutral Same message, different names each of the 2 times they have called so far. My student loan has been paid off for over 15 years, so I know it's a scam. Oh - different "reference numbers" each time, too. If real, the reference number would be the same. +1 888-535-0076
Neutral I should not be receiving these calls. +1 818-475-7670
Neutral These calls are constant and daily +1 800-543-3282
Neutral Nothing seems to be getting done. +1 808-411-1502
Neutral They have called back to back multiple times from the same number. +1 866-562-8662
Neutral This company is now calling DAILY...check the records I've reported to you.... +1 909-900-0350
Neutral Fiesta Magazine Corporation calling from 1-800-242-2527 +1 909-900-0350
Neutral I got a call his from Fiesta Advertising Agency. +1 909-900-0350
Neutral To be clear...it really is some sort of Sprint Marketing...They texted me my Pin and my Password....which was disconcerting. So if they were scammers or hackers they already had everything they'd need. The number that came was from the actual Sprint Cell confirmation number. I kept asking how they were going to give me a free IPAD with no strings attached and they couldn't explain. If it's too good to be true just hang up. But I'm 99% confident the call I got today from this number is an officially sanctioned sprint call. +1 800-777-4681
Neutral I am on the do not call list yet Companies do not respect this. +1 800-324-4811
Neutral I am thinking of taking out my land line and just using my cell. +1 435-393-7499
Neutral Someone from this number is constantly calling and when I start to tell them to remove me from their calling list they hang up. +1 604-603-5658
Neutral We have had this company call several times before but it is always a different phone numbereven different area code. +1 708-921-4234
Neutral I need them to stop. +1 800-510-1193
Neutral I have stayed on the phone but no one ever answers. +1 614-831-0265
Neutral Caller ID shows "Woodside" which is in Queens, NY. Female voice says the warranty on my car has expired. Since I no longer have a car, I hung up +1 718-545-6589
Neutral Do something, anything, really. +1 615-887-6602
Neutral They also called me 8 or 10 times at least several months ago, but I finally got them to stop. +1 724-831-4444
Neutral I have received the calls from this number 2-3times/day everyday for the last 2months +1 775-515-2540
Neutral Robocall, no option or way to ask them to stop calling you. +1 800-314-5122
Neutral The number 651-464-6459 belongs to a b(6) not Card holder services +1 425-238-4425
Neutral I chose not to do so to avoid being targeted for further calls. +1 585-297-2824
Neutral sms message from 39889, about junk cars in spanish. includes a callback number of 3058338529, replying stop says ZIP and gives a phone number of 8667001328 for additional information +1 305-833-8529