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Dangerous Wants to sell extended warranty for a car I no longer own. +1 848-246-7534
Dangerous Try to threaten people with legal action. +1 202-888-9592
Dangerous arun +1 850-844-3989
Dangerous Recording saying my windows software will stop working if I don't call back +1 855-551-4988
Dangerous Pop-up appearing to be from Microsoft Edge, and voice over muted computer, telling me to call this number because my computer contained a fatal virus, and they would disable my computer if I exited the screen before calling. I shut down my computer, opened it later, and here I still am. +1 855-375-1777
Dangerous This is a spam automatic call. It is operated from Levis and is a company working in fraud REPORT the police +1 418-741-1865
Dangerous DONT ANSWER +1 806-463-1810
Dangerous Call s all the time I don't answer I don't know the number and they never leave message +1 612-466-9990
Dangerous Called me claiming there was legal action pending against me. This is a scam! Don't answer and don't call back. +1 210-666-9654
Dangerous This number is a scam +1 915-208-4851
Dangerous scam +1 800-616-2490
Dangerous When i Answer phone there is no one there and they never leave a message when I ignore call BLOCKED +1 207-213-1704
Dangerous Call but no respond and hand up at 7:30AM +1 346-815-1673
Dangerous Theif +1 808-345-4470
Dangerous Called at 11:25 AM, but did not leave message, called back 4 times but no answers, it likes a organize checking me ;) +1 346-815-0650
Dangerous Scam called me twice from 2 different 803 numbers stating the same thing. We have just received a notification regarding your tax filings from the headquarters which will get expired in the next 24 working hours and once again expired after that you will be taken under custody by the local police as there are four serious allegations pressed on your name at this moment. We would request you to get back to us so that we can discuss about this case before taking any legal action against you. +1 908-658-2693
Dangerous called my cell. do not know anyone with this number. did not leave a message. i assume it is a telemarketer or fraud call. +1 887-211-6067
Dangerous 5127824573 number scam reports fraud on your SSN. Report to FTC +1 803-470-5464
Dangerous looking to purchase expensive goods with paypal to a location he is not located. Will not meet in person, will not pay in cash +1 512-782-4573
Dangerous Fraudulent activity - call reports fraudulent activity on your SSN and to call back. Report to sheriff and FTC. +1 862-208-6899
Dangerous same as above +1 219-778-6542
Dangerous +1 423-254-5482
Dangerous Wanted to speak to the person in charge of ads and wanting an ad in their newspaper / magazine. I transferred her to speak with Famous Daves. +1 256-860-9778
Dangerous They've called me 3 consecutive days and each time left a recorded robo VM claiming my SSN has been used in fraudulent activity in Texas. I finally called them back using *67 this morning a message saying the person is unavailable. I said 2 words, and then said to leave me the **** alone. +1 239-230-3021
Dangerous This is NOT the IRS. +1 512-287-4836