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Neutral "Is your Yamaha still available? Call me." +1 949-371-8835
Neutral An elderly woman called us at the library saying someone at this number was asking for her credit card information. I told her it sounded like a scam based on what she told me. +1 855-758-9855
Neutral There was a bunch of numbers and letters in the caller ID. Called 6 times today Startibg at 9AM within 5 minutes. Hung up each time my answering machine went on and called again. I finally had to block them on spectrum website +1 716-210-7549
Neutral said I won pch sweepstake +1 916-237-0204
Neutral This number is linked to a Craigslist scammer posting fake ads to scam anyone that responds! +1 614-465-6419
Neutral Asking me to confirm my vehicle details and when I asked why he said they’re doing a warrenty checkup. Spam! +1 720-263-9433
Neutral This number is linked to a Craigslist scammer posting fake ads to scam anyone that responds! +1 802-332-5047
Neutral (717) 276-9312 Robo call recorded 07 December 2018 (Stan seeking to buy houses for cash) SCAM Caller ID: [not observed] Robo call from "Stan" who seeks to buy houses for cash in the Lancaster, Pennsylvania area. You can tell from his slight accent that he is not from this area and he stresses the wrong syllable when pronouncing "Lan-caster".<BR>His call insults our intelligence on many levels, including his "shotgun" approach to making mass phone calls, hoping to find a few people who are interested in selling their homes, and his total disregard of the <B>Do Not Call</B> list certainly tells us a lot about Stan's business ethic, doesn't it?<BR>Here is a transcript of the voicemail he left when I was not available to take his insulting, automated, intrusive and unwanted scam robo telemarketing call: [male voice:] "<I>Hi my name's Stan and I'm looking to buy a house here in the neighborhood. Actually just sold another one here in the Lan-caster area and wanna buy one in this neighborhood. Um I don't know if you have any interest in selling and if not you don't need to call me back but if you do have any interest even in the near future please call me I just be looking for an easy sale paying cash, uh I would buy it as is so you wouldn't need to do anything. If you could pick whatever move out date works best for you. Uh my cell phone number is 717-276-9312. And again if you don't have any interest you don't need to call me back um but if you do that cell phone is 717-276-9312. Thanks." * * * * * * Thanks to Google Voice ( www.google.com/voice ) you can hear this recording on my Spam Calls web page: http://donotanswer.000webhostapp.com/ If your browser no longer supports the Adobe Flash player, listen to this recorded call on my post at EveryCaller.com (pending moderator approval): https://www.everycaller.com/phone-number/1-717-276-9312/?submit=2050561#rpt_2050561 Signup for your own free Google Voice account at www.google.com/voice and avoid telephone call spam +1 717-276-9312
Neutral i got my medical Insurance. +1 409-209-7622
Neutral They give good and true advice and concerning to long term benefits. regarding my disability claims. +1 409-209-7622
Neutral Showed up before 9 am got in there and got back in the car ready to leave by 9:07am. The staff was friendly and very helpful. +1 409-209-7622
Neutral This number is linked to a Craigslist scammer posting fake ads to scam anyone that responds! +1 716-775-2682
Neutral Social security administration appointment fixed. Thanks a lot. +1 409-209-7622
Neutral I was dreading coming here to change my name after getting married, mostly because I read all of the reviews beforehand. I went to the office today and I was early, but there was still a line. Anyway, we were let in even before 9am. I got a number and only had to wait 15 min. I was heading home by 9:20am! Every person I had an encounter with was polite and nice! Don’t always trust the online reviews! Quick and easy! +1 409-209-7622
Neutral I got the same message as well with the same reference # +1 866-761-1881
Neutral This number is linked to a Craigslist scammer posting fake ads to scam anyone that responds! +1 585-308-0792
Neutral Have received calls from both numbers listed above in comment from 12/18/2018 every 30 min today. Total SCAM +1 703-348-0592
Neutral ‭+1 (907) 771-9778‬ +1 907-771-9778
Neutral Just received the exact same message today. Also do not have any unsecured debt. For sure a scam. +1 866-761-1881
Neutral No More Student Loan Payments 213,114 views Help 4 Students Published on Jul 29, 2016 Call Toll Free 1-844-325-9255 To Get Your Student Loan Forgiven Mon - Fri 10am - 5pm EST No More Student Loan Payments - YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aat0pQzrws4 +1 844-325-9255
Neutral "New health plans and pricing are now available for you. Call 844-325-9255 to review options with a Licensed Health Insurance Agent. (Reply STOP to Opt Out)" +1 844-325-9255
Neutral scam number, don't respond +1 202-683-9425
Neutral Calls every day multiple times a day for only specific people usually a lady or man with a hindu accent said they are with enterprise company or a marketing team. I place them on hold and they hang up 100% of the time. Huge waste of my time I could be busy doing other tasks. +1 217-462-9890
Neutral My friend got contacted from this number, The person said, "Is that really you in those photos?' We never looked in the photos. +1 412-567-8623