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Neutral I am going through an unusual experience for the first occasion in my career. My friends had been talking to me against this guy and I really didn't care. I am feeling heartbroken. This is the time when I need everyone to raly round me. +1 800-223-6527
Neutral I receive several calls from this number a day. I reject the call because I don't know anyone in CT. Answered last night but didn't say anything, the caller hung up. Blocked the number when they started calling again this morning. Probably telemarketer or scammer. +1 860-238-3335
Neutral This is notice from tax department that you will get custody in 24 hours.. Must call on this number +1 360-474-4533
Neutral The idiotic phone calls from Cem Recovery Service are irritating me. That business neds to quit it. I do not owe that business a single cent. +1 713-771-7624
Neutral My IPhone just rang and the number said #. # wouldn't leave a message. Would you answer the phone call ? +1 877-507-6643
Neutral This person sent a fraudulent check for an item I had for sale on craigslist. Do not deal with this person. Claims to be Joe Martin or Robert Ellis. Lubbock Texas or Carson CA. Stay away. Fraud! +1 806-412-1072
Neutral Got a call today about errors in my computer. Voice with heavy indian accent. I said that I will report him , and sure enough he hung up right away +1 212-531-1542
Neutral When my sister answered the telephone the agent started yelling that the manager had given calls not less than 14 times during the last few weeks and that my uncle who is at home had not answered the land phone. We attempted to explain that we were away during the last few days. Up-to date I am uncertain of thge cause behind the telephone calls. We are wondering whether to report these bothersome phone calls to the CFPB as I am very worried whether the calls will come in again. I am tired after travelling by car and my head is reeling. +1 855-460-1016
Neutral Robo call in Spanish. +1 214-084-2542
Neutral Robo message 5th time in last 2 weeks...especially annoying when call comes at 5:00am. Surely phone companies can deal with this if they put their minds to it. I would gladly change to a carrier who could. +1 226-721-1239
Neutral This debt collector called 8 times over the past two days and insisted on talking to my grandfather. He has never resided at this address. I told the debt collector to stop phoning. Now I simply yell into the phone. +1 855-256-8642
Neutral I purchased a home through foreclosure over two years ago. I had a home phone installed and that was that. Yesterday I had a recorded message from NWL stating they wanted to arrange a time to send out legal papers and how the call was considered a legal notification with a date and time stamp. They were looking for the previous owner but that owner did not have my phone number. I called this morning and the man was rude and refused to tell me how and where they got my number when it was never connected to my home address. He just stated they had their ways and it was none of my business how they made the connection. I told him it was my business, if they can do it so can others. +1 855-984-0813
Neutral The business called my phone many weeks ago. They phoned frequently. The caller regulary said they were calling for a dude I had never heard of. When I told them that I really didn't know this person, thix jerk hung up on me. Is it possible to convince this company to desist bothering me? +1 401-808-8648
Neutral This stupid business calls from many different numbers. These people won't stop phoning. I hate these phone calls. It does not matter that my cell is also on the no call list. +1 570-396-2951
Neutral i just got a call but that number is not from VA - it is from WA - they provided badge number and a case number +1 360-474-4533
Neutral Robo call from 'revenue Canada' stating lawsuit is filed in my name and arrest warrant will be issued if I don't call back. +1 250-220-4563
Neutral # calls my cell looking for my brother, but he doesn't live here. What should I do? +1 330-655-7198
Neutral I volunteer for an organization ad carry a cell phone. The phone kept bugging me. A few weeks ago, was adamant about being removed their call list, but they hung up before I provided my cell phone number. I phoned again, the man said the business already had my phone number. I told them that the company was calling the cell phone, but then I heard dial tone. I continued to telephone. They told me that there was no manager and hung up on me. +1 440-846-3800
Neutral Fraud IRS alert +1 360-474-4533
Neutral My neighbor was trying to respond to a phone call and almost screaming as she was getting exasperated with the caller. The moment she finished the telephone call the mobille phone rang again. This has not been a good time for her and since the date she returned from Oregon she keeps on getting phone calls. The people who telephone have tracked her home and looks like she has no escape from these annoying phone calls. +1 985-809-1314
Neutral I don't understand why this colection agency called me, but I called them. The debt collector who answered the telephone was incredibly rude. Why would I provide them with my coworker's SS#? I am thinking about filing a complaint. I would like to see them get what they deserve. +1 509-468-2230
Neutral This number is linked to a Craigslist scammer posting fake ads to scam anyone that responds! +1 518-977-5343
Neutral Should I report this telephne number for abuse? I'm thinking about turning in a complaint to the FCC. I hope the authorities force them to ease and desist. +1 509-465-0922
Neutral These jerks call several times each day. Both home and cell telephones. The caller always leaves an identical mesage. My husband calls but does not get treated with dignity. They demand to talk to me. He cannot get the rep to say the name of the business. They call at all hours. This is illegal. +1 509-468-2076
Neutral I can't think of why Cedar Tenant Service would be calling us. I have never even opened an account with that place. +1 509-468-3227