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Score Comment Phone Number
Dangerous Yes number mere ko de do +1 966-955-6000
Dangerous Yesh +1 966-955-6015
Dangerous Keep getting a call from this number, and they don't leave a voice message their name shows up as Shon Pevia +1 910-237-5474
Dangerous Hi Thomas would it be weird if I ask u out? We met a few times but never really talked and I like u. Remember me? 93nt.live/Hannah Don’t know who this is +1 443-246-3047
Dangerous Received a garbled message saying something about 'Federal Agent'. Didn't answer or call back, and blocked the number. They've been busy the last few days, from what I've been seeing on various sites. +1 410-650-5470
Dangerous +1 707-488-5622
Dangerous This is frightening me and my family! Is it a threat? +1 512-213-8015
Dangerous No tengo tarjeta de crédito por los requisitos que piden para ganarme el esmarfon o no recuerdo el tipo de teléfono que dan gratis por responder preguntaa +1 925-524-3838
Dangerous Super Scammers - try to steal ID from Craigslist +1 707-418-8810
Dangerous Called and left message which said this was only a test call, but to also call him back. Suspicious. +1 216-221-3276
Dangerous Same +1 202-838-8082
Dangerous Said they were from bank of America, trying to get my card info and social security number. Then they called back as 657 207 7705 trying to get my verizon pin. +1 423-888-8751
Dangerous Using a web app to call my phone, hangs up before myself or voice mail answers. Spoof caller ID display. +1 612-674-1616
Dangerous Scammer who gets to know you for months and then deposits money into account and hacks all accounts and asks for iTunes gift cards +1 313-930-6105
Dangerous Senior benefits - life insurance +1 929-203-8585
Dangerous Scammers +1 226-774-1896
Dangerous I answered and came busy. +1 787-545-3226
Dangerous This number calls and say it's the Social Security Office saying your number has been breached! SCAM! +1 430-808-1960
Dangerous Has called a few times, does not leave a message +1 330-222-3425
Dangerous Want you to print checks that are fraudulent and mail them out for $500/month 2 days a week times 2 hours a day. +1 631-438-1910
Dangerous they call and ask if you to send money or you will be arrested +1 832-345-5000
Dangerous I receive a v mail from this nimber informing me that an arrest warrant issued in my name. +1 216-939-3006
Dangerous This is a scammer using this phone number to hack accounts, beware! +1 785-270-9798
Dangerous 945610110004294 +1 975-459-2920
Dangerous Personne ne parle ensuite on entend un signal sonore (bip) et ça dit Good bye. Vraiment étrange! +1 847-607-5917