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Score Comment Phone Number
Neutral unidentified call with no message left +1 855-238-1598
Neutral Caller ID - Telemarketer.  Did not answer. +1 878-206-0027
Neutral 878-206-0027 called me today, left no message.another site lists this as spam re: credit card. +1 878-206-0027
Neutral Telemarketer for auto insurance. +1 469-729-5791
Neutral Don't say the answer-yes- too any of their questions. they use the -yes- as it is recorded, to allow them to receive something in your name to them, they are identity thief experts. they have some corrupt insurance agent in their pocket and gather information by online quotes from select areas of the country to backdoor into your weakest online purchases like auto warranty services and cheap car insurance companies and tow services. mainly corrupt agents have a backroom operation going on. illegal office of business like massage parlors, +1 469-729-5791
Neutral They called my work number, then hung up when i answered. Tried to call them back but got a busy signal. +1 469-729-5791
Neutral Another low life Scammer. +1 469-729-5791
Neutral telemarketing are break law  and  i hear Asian very strong voice on phone +1 469-729-5791
Neutral how they know my name and last name . i say yes  they won't  tell me  then they call hung up on me  phone number 469 729-5791   call me.    they are play game on phone it law   telemarketer get big in trouble .  i not know who is 469 729-5791 +1 469-729-5791
Neutral who the hell is making all these dam calls, day in and out they dont say nothing just hasng up? +1 469-729-5791
Neutral Call and hang up +1 469-729-5791
Neutral Called me twice on my mobile phone within the same minute. Did not leave a message +1 469-729-5791
Neutral This co calls me ALL the time. I'm going to block them. +1 216-672-3784
Neutral Report them to the Federal Trade Commission. When companies do this #1. Tell them not to call again #2 Once you report them, they can be fined $10,000 per call +1 216-672-3784
Neutral I have received this call several times but never answer it... +1 216-672-3784
Neutral The caller said his name was "Tom" and he was calling about my health care options. He calls both my cell and my home phone several times a day (odd because I don't give my cell out). It is a person that calls, not a robot. This is harassment! +1 216-672-3784
Neutral Missed it - darn, I need a free cruise and a million dollars from a Nigerian prince. +1 216-672-3784
Neutral Robo scam to get you to purchase cruise. Blocked and reported it. +1 216-672-3784
Neutral Local number called my work cell.  I answer it and after I speak I hear a beep and then it disconnects.  Looks like a spam number fishing for active lines. +1 216-672-3784
Neutral Make it stop!!! +1 216-672-3784
Neutral "green" something "survey" giving away a cruise....SPAM >< +1 216-672-3784
Neutral Early am call hung up when voice mail answered. +1 216-672-3784
Neutral "free Bahama vacation" +1 216-672-3784
Neutral stop calling me,  The Lord rebuke you, +1 216-672-3784
Neutral They called me i answer no one there i call back it busy +1 216-672-3784