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Score Comment Phone Number
Neutral Message says I didn't hear your response. +1 254-278-2503
Neutral Received multiple calls from this number, told them twice to take me off the list to no avail. +1 315-333-7183
Neutral They told me to pay off my credit card and they would stop calling. +1 941-799-8716
Neutral They have beening calling here every since November 2013 until Jan 2, 2014. +1 724-235-7245
Neutral This is a scam they say they are calling from Microsoft and want to access my computer I always tell them no and not to call again. +1 860-261-6412
Neutral They never let me speak to a live agent. +1 901-441-5639
Neutral could you please help stop them. +1 847-707-5964
Neutral This originating phone number calls 1-2 times per day. +1 615-453-8750
Neutral Every call is from a different company +1 832-365-0576
Neutral It is the vendor's responsibility to make sure I am not on the do not call registry, not mine. +1 843-852-4000
Neutral a prize cruse to the Bahamas +1 501-261-6718
Neutral We get numerous calls from solar energy companies, including this one. +1 703-899-9170
Neutral claims to be updating their alumni directory. I never went there +1 888-716-7475
Neutral On Sundays it calls every 1,2,4,5 minutes and there is no way to stop it. +1 434-206-5195
Neutral Same company continues to call us with a recorded message. +1 505-216-2464
Neutral This robo caller also called on the following dates: 9/30/2015 9/23/2015 9/22/2015 9/21/2015 (twice in one day) 9/17/2015. +1 707-738-2081
Neutral will not stop calling when not told to call +1 412-607-9512
Neutral Frankly find these daily calls quite the nuisance and if legitimately coming from a prison need to be monitored more to see the harassing level of calls. +1 804-578-8290
Neutral I decided this call went too far. +1 276-218-4401
Neutral Left no message. CID says Unknown +1 708-584-2707
Neutral It was a recorded message, I couldn't speak with anyone to request stop calling. +1 317-350-8761
Neutral Company continues to call even though i have told them im not interested & to no longer call. +1 800-238-6786
Neutral Because it was about 8:15 AM I answered. +1 800-518-1934
Neutral This number keeps calling it's a scam +1 267-668-5858
Neutral This number should be investigated. +1 779-207-7968