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Score Comment Phone Number
Neutral This sounds like a scam. +1 800-623-3989
Neutral They offered me a deal that would reduce the interest on my credit card.which would be difficult since I do not have a credit card. +1 806-418-6140
Neutral No answer when I pick up. +1 800-314-7327
Neutral Yesterday I re-entered my do not call info again. +1 304-362-0214
Neutral I have reported these guys several times. +1 800-913-6487
Neutral This is the 2nd time in the last hour that they have called today alone. +1 800-772-9922
Neutral They are a collection agency, we owe no one. +1 800-774-3830
Neutral Name the scam, this people try it. +1 800-887-7435
Neutral This company stated they do not follow the Do Not Call Registry rules. +1 800-749-7481
Neutral Family members are constantly bombarded by unwanted /unsolicited calls. +1 800-772-9905
Neutral Claimed to be with PCH and that I had won $3.5 million and a new Mercedes in PCH. Could barely understand his accent, but said I needed to register with the government to get my prize. Hung up when I asked: "Doesn't Publisher's Clearing House come by your house personally?" +1 876-801-6530
Neutral NRA. God bless America and protect our second amendment! #IIIpercenter +1 202-470-3698
Neutral Caller did not respond when phone was answered. +1 415-229-7500
Neutral I have no interest and have told them. +1 518-673-7063
Neutral We have started to receive unsolicited calls from this number describing crime/ accidents and offering a security call system targeted for seniors. +1 206-982-5086
Neutral We receive several calls a day from this company even though we repeatedly asked them to stop. +1 973-395-5281
Neutral This company calls almost every day. +1 203-694-0360
Neutral This company tried to scam me. +1 206-213-6825
Neutral Scam +1 315-232-0709
Neutral Solicitation for votes in local election. +1 800-432-9307
Neutral This was a scam call placed by someone claiming to be an IRS agent and requiring that we call back immediately. +1 800-602-6973
Neutral I try to call them and the number is busy. +1 773-887-1236
Neutral calls 2 times a day! +1 780-815-5992
Neutral Asked why they were calling me as I'm no the Do Not Call Registry and that I would be reporting their number! +1 800-451-3946
Neutral Even if they are a charity I will not give them any money because they are so annoying, so they may as well stop bothering me. +1 762-224-3194