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Neutral I have not done any business with this company. +1 323-918-0933
Neutral Calling the number back gets a d/c message. +1 407-337-0454
Neutral Y,312,2196125,Credit card interest reduction +1 312-496-6575
Neutral I speak English they called me in Spanish. Build The Wall!! +1 405-667-4477
Neutral Left a voicemail that was garbled about a $399 charge that they can reverse if I call back. Scammers! +1 707-216-0636
Neutral They are either too stupid to understand English or just do not care. +1 559-964-7042
Neutral I have asked several times for them to not call me again and place me on their dncl. +1 828-757-6276
Neutral Please please please have them STOP calling! +1 951-746-4632
Neutral Wants to sell some sort of work at home service. +1 305-447-7336
Neutral The calls have even come in after 9pm, and one time at 3am. +1 678-919-3466
Neutral This number offers a free cruise if you answer questions. +1 347-828-1452
Neutral Llaman todos los dias de la revista el clasificado para vender publicidad en la revista fiesta magazine de san fernando. +1 909-900-0350
Neutral Spamming. Called more than once. +1 510-319-8318
Neutral I did a reverse lookup and many others are also getting these calls. +1 970-812-5243
Neutral I would like them closed down. +1 202-281-9302
Neutral Have not asked company to stop calling because their is no way of confidentially requesting fraudulent company to do so without divulging phone number. +1 213-246-0787
Neutral I am the oldest person living here and I'm 15 years BELOW the youngest Medicare eligibility age. +1 310-819-1248
Neutral continue to call even though I've asked a hundred times to quit calling me. +1 844-262-4013
Neutral Recorded call dictated that "The first 150 callers would receive a free dream vacation". No company was named during the recording. +1 907-275-1282
Neutral This number call me and they said my insurance company and ask about insurance claim.. When I said that is not me they end the call and keep calling every day +1 636-591-1310
Neutral This number called me today @ 720pm asked if I spoke Spanish, I do but I said I didn’t. They said bye after I stated I didn’t speak Spanish. +1 951-848-4349
Neutral Probably looking for donations +1 412-765-3053
Neutral Claim to b's from CRA. They will freeze bank accounts and arrest. Computer generated voice. +1 613-417-5761
Neutral Co. name was not mentioned, just that it was "Brian" from the shipping dept. Recorded voice told me I was "now eligible" for a medical alert system. +1 228-236-3478
Neutral No one has every responded to my conversation. +1 260-925-0638