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Neutral Called 3 times today so far and its only noon. Seems like they just want to verify if you answer. C'mon fcc, step up and do you freakin jobs you lazy idiots! +1 415-539-0484
Neutral Fake IRS call. Morons contacted a real IRS employee +1 805-637-7243
Neutral I have asked them to stop calling at least twice. +1 644-402-2818
Neutral they are harassing me! +1 860-775-8634
Neutral Tthey have been told to quit calling. +1 508-504-0508
Neutral They stopped for awhile and now it is constant again, day and night. +1 424-310-0114
Neutral I wasn't sure if I could file a complaint having not answered but wanted to at least try, given what I read on Google. +1 978-234-4061
Neutral As soon as I ask someone to remove me from the list, they hang up on me. +1 385-262-9438
Neutral Received message saying payment declined for invoice # PA 271945077. Directed me to link http://citizensspa.com which sounds obviously fake +1 141-020-0503
Neutral They have been calling everyday for the past two weeks. I'm getting fed up with the calls. +1 401-329-2062
Neutral Need to be out of business. +1 608-399-6265
Neutral I cannot ask a recording to remove me from their calling list. +1 430-255-3662
Neutral I have to believe ther have been many complaints about the above number/company. +1 443-657-9614
Neutral I tried to call back to complain and make sure they remove my number and I always get a busy signal. +1 800-776-8761
Neutral Did not answer as I was home alone and cannot hear on a telephone. +1 818-797-7011
Neutral A recorded message asks for Linda Wright, and says to Press 1. +1 844-397-0018
Neutral Google listing scam +1 205-341-1238
Neutral Same experience I just had! Inquired about personal information but did not want to reveal info as to why the person inquired! I refused to confirm any info until I was informed about the reason of call- and the person hung up. +1 818-696-4597
Neutral want to buy your house. +1 520-759-4094
Neutral No company name was mentioned in the message! +1 703-454-9526
Neutral Leaves no message when call goes to voicemail. +1 385-394-1704
Neutral I answer the phone and no one responds. +1 407-627-1538
Neutral It would be nice if this form actually did something. +1 530-537-3670
Neutral They hang up and the next time another telemarket person calls. +1 561-515-3099