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Neutral what is your boss pz number +1 702-907-0653
Neutral GOOGLE THIS NUMBER TO SEE ALL THE NEGATIVE COMMENTS FROM THE PUBLIC ✅ 647-354-2063✅ ✅289-644-6470✅ This fraudster from TORONTO that sells-Adobe-acrobat-AutoCAD He changes his ad every week to fraud new un suspecting customers, he's a crocodile that hides in his own swampy filth all week to eat his customer prey ✅289-644-6470✅✅289-644-6470✅ Google his numbers to find out the real truth about this psycho ✅ 647-354-2063✅ ✅289-644-6470✅ Mime Muppet HE USE DIFFERENTS NUMBERS ✅289-624-9928✅-✅289-624-7674✅-✅289-644-6470✅- ✅705-400-9484✅ He is also on facebook MarketPlace from Toronto, they use several fake profils ,, Ray Prince, Brianna Ebanks, Denise Vagena, they use several cell numbers, 647-354-2063, 289-624-9928 +++ 289-624-7674 / ++ 289 -644-6470 +++ 705-400-9484 they are searched by the police, I was scammed for 500$ counterfeit and pirated software --FRAUD ALERT +1 289-644-6470
Neutral Didn’t answer and they did not leave a message. I have gotten calls before and sense that it is a telemarketer. +1 918-238-5243
Neutral Called and did not leave a message. +1 315-714-5270
Neutral Message says he's looking for property in the area if you are interested in selling. +1 304-699-1965
Neutral Some fake business opportunity from ramalamadingdong +1 317-315-8928
Neutral I will hack this website from now on you can't do anything ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Project zorgo is aways whatching +1 702-907-0653
Neutral This outfit is working in conjunction with AMEDCHOICE,, different telephone number. Have received multiple calls for weeks fishing for information. Investigation & abatement action is direly needed. +1 870-900-2905
Neutral Xzddfd +1 702-907-0653
Neutral I've now received at least a dozen of these calls. Further, it's obvious this number is also working in conjunction with other phone numbers and similarly named "companies." +1 430-540-0434
Neutral Called back and the auto warranty department offered to extend my auto warranty at low rates. Funny thing is I have no auto warranty. Hung up and blocked the number as spam. +1 719-239-8385
Neutral they call every day, but leave no message. even blocked their calls, but they continue to call every day +1 805-637-7243
Neutral Called my wife saying they were a collection agency regarding a bill from 2018 for over $300 for blood work. My wife hasn't had blood work done in years! +1 325-400-3866
Neutral She just left a massage and the numbr is unavailable when I'm trying to call back +1 087-310-7700
Neutral I was told to call this number, that it was a bank manager named William brown, and was going to send 123,000.oo to me from a man named Dave so he could get back to Arizona from away from here +1 202-670-8549
Neutral Me llaman constantemente de este numero y de otro que finalizan con 9771, 9772. Me piden información personal para poder y que brindarme información. Me niego a darles mi información y me hablan alterados, amenazando que van a transferir mi caso a una agencia de cobro porque y que mi crédito está dañado. Cuando no tengo nada a nombre mío, solo mi vehículo y la cuenta está al día. Estuve que bloquear todos esos números porque no paran de llamar. +1 787-705-9770
Neutral called while I was unavailable. Called back. Asked, "is this (ex wife's name)" I responded, who is this? They hung up. creepy. +1 206-209-2652
Neutral This number somehow got in my phone contacts list..I thought it was my sprint here in my town..so I called...gave him my information.. I asked if he is the Sprint in my town, he said he was in Canada. I asked why should I call Canada? And he said he didn't know. I hung up. I cannot get this 8oo# off my phone!! +1 800-777-4681
Neutral Charges for internet service +1 800-256-2278
Neutral Tenia desempleo antes de la situación del virus,y de la nada solo me dejo reclamar una semana,no puedo ir al departamento en persona y no puedo llamar a los numeros que me dan,alguien sabe que realmente se puede hacer. +1 787-993-9369
Neutral Bro someone you know was arrested and trying to contact you to bail them out of jail. It’s the phone number for the Dallas County jail INMATE line. You have a friend or family member that you didn’t pick up the phone for in their most desperate time of need. Hooray for you +1 214-238-8117
Neutral Hello.. +1 702-907-0653
Neutral Calim to be lawyer office +1 803-820-0719
Neutral i love the devil i ight be friends with him :) +1 666-666-6666
Neutral Suspiscious text message. Never opened and deleted +1 819-200-3859