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Dangerous ya i did my research. these numbers are flooded with complaints from people. they are scammers for sure. Numbers are owned by thomas dorsher and lacey dorsher both have criminal records in the past. we checked it on truthfinder.com 1- 7017422351 1- 7017100034 1 - 7017423640 +1 701-742-2351
Dangerous i dont know i will never get my money back ow they took 1000 usd from me as irs officials.i called them and they never pikc up the calls but they will always call me back for more money. 1- 7017422351 1- 7017100034 1 - 7017423640 +1 701-742-2351
Neutral These robo calls are annoying and I WANT THEM TO FINALLY STOP. +1 225-694-1525
Dangerous they left me a voicemail.its a scam. irs never calls. +1 701-742-2351
Dangerous how to block these scammers , they keep on calling me for money. i m old and 88 , cant even type..help me +1 701-742-2351
Neutral They continue to call and Hang up on me when I ask to be removed from their call list. +1 813-841-6980
Dangerous all these numbers are related and belong to same person. i have checked personally. i manage a forum too and i find it funny how these scammers are trying to cover it up behind their fake companies registered in usa 1- 7017422351 1- 7017100034 1 - 7017423640 +1 701-742-2351
Neutral It would be nice if this form actually did something. +1 301-307-1603
Neutral I asked for his number and he hung up. +1 704-468-1181
Neutral They have been calling my cell phone for a week or so now. +1 832-771-0201
Neutral my 2nd and final notice" about lowering interest rates. I KNOW this is not their final call. Eliminate these weasels, please! +1 704-830-1750
Neutral and now the same company is calling me from this number in Texas - I have stated I am on the do not call list and asked them to stop calling. +1 903-225-0491
Neutral Fiesta Magazine Media robocaller +1 909-900-0350
Neutral El Nuevo Clasificado Oxnard message about 5 things to protect yourself of Corona Virus +1 909-900-0350
Neutral This was second call in the same hour. +1 949-293-7894
Neutral When I told them I have no desire to move and why they keep calling, they immediately hang up. +1 951-454-3264
Neutral I live in Vegas, but called me from El Nuevo Clasificado Ontario California. +1 909-900-0350
Neutral Blackmailing me +1 406-219-5590
Neutral They said the number was on a list from Data Depot. +1 424-450-6789
Neutral it was left unanswered. +1 907-313-6599
Neutral Some calls are before 8:00 AM and some after 5:00. +1 503-300-1512
Neutral I would love to be with you and I think I would be a great project zorgo member +1 702-907-0653
Neutral They call at all hours and will not stop. +1 205-541-5838
Neutral No response after I called to stop the calls on my home number.Difficult to identify the caller. +1 205-541-9948
Neutral Phone number is listed online as spambot. +1 214-289-3325