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Neutral This numbr is linked to a Craigslist scammer posting fake ads to scam anyone that responds! +1 413-853-4129
Neutral This number has called into my phone, around 6 times. I do not answer my phone, I send every call to my voicemail. I've never been left a message from this number. I will ask that everyone else do the same. +1 706-925-9800
Neutral Caller never leaves message calls continuously through the week, goes straight to my voicemail. Have it setup for unknown numbers, scam and spam numbers. +1 863-201-8730
Neutral Left a message stating to return call to collect my grant. I’m too old to apply for a grant. Definitely a scam! +1 701-922-1734
Neutral It stated $299.00 was going to be taken out of my account if I did not call. This was a voicemail message. Not legitimate. +1 831-218-9096
Neutral They really new to find a JOB ! 855.764.8926 +1 855-764-8926
Neutral MEDICARE FRAUD. DO NOT ANSWER. +1 304-908-5298
Neutral Left no message +1 800-783-8994
Neutral This number responded to an advertisement on something I had for sale on KSL. The verbiage in his text raised a red flag. Checked out his phone number and it’s a likely scam. Text back not to contact me again. +1 509-739-7013
Neutral Claiming to be the "Department of Social Security Administration"! LOL! +1 855-602-5004
Neutral Who are these idiots? Didn't answer. Googled the #. Here i am. +1 613-417-3577
Neutral Call was blocked but came in 0000000000 which red flagged to not answer. The message they left was I have legal document that have been filed in their office and will be shipped to deliver on Wednesday, January 23. We would like to confirm that someone of the age of 18 will be home to sign for.. It was suggested that it is very important to call Johnson Smith & Associates regarding case #408955. . In additional to this call, they called my husband's cell, my brother's cell and my parents phone with urgent messages that I need to contact their office. +1 855-693-3504
Neutral They have threatened to arrest me. I have pending litigation against them. +1 205-778-0214
Neutral Scam. Just called Jan 2019. +1 662-607-2784
Neutral Wanted to buy my house for way less than it is worth. Just trying to scam me into selling. Don't trust him. +1 208-283-2953
Neutral Scammer stating I would be billed $200 today for computer services. Hurriedly left a number I can call to opt out. Total bunch of ner-do-wells. I will call my cc to advise. BEWARE +1 928-439-4122
Neutral Didn't answer and whoever it was didn't leave message.... +1 213-337-2559
Neutral Please, check it out. Called 2 times in row +1 510-210-1271
Neutral The man said he wanted our company to be advertised on the 95.1 radio station and it would cost $500 to air 7 times. When I asked for more information and some literature emailed to us he kept saying that nothing had been devised and would I just be okay with the purchase. I hung up shortly after saying we can't commit to something like that without more information. Sounded like a scam. +1 860-956-6705
Neutral And there ya go! +1 864-982-8012
Neutral Strange, very strange. I was looking for contact numbers in my old flip phone when it started ringing. The screen said the call was from me (so, I’m calling myself now?) and included this very number. As if that wasn’t strange enough, the phone is and has been deactivated for years. +1 976-258-4899
Neutral They called and said the first name of my ex who no longer lives here, then say "Are you there?" Then hang up. Caller ID just said KWN. They've been calling a lot and don't leave messages, Today was the first time I answered. This KWN also calls from the number 417-815-2870. It's some kind of scam. Don't answer! +1 314-310-5007
Neutral Called around 3pm. I answered. They refused to tell me who they were for a couple of minutes. They tried getting me to confirm my information before hand. When I refused, they asked if I would cooperate if they said who they were. They then said they were Portfolio Recovery. I have no business with this company. They would not give me anymore information so I stated that I have no records of any business with a company by that name and since I did not have any records confirming business between us, I would not confirm or deny any information. +1 336-387-0492
Neutral I didn’t answer. The left a voice mail +1 778-762-2993
Neutral They call and say the first name of my ex who no longer lives here. Caller ID says kwn. Then they say Are you there? Then hang up. They also call me from 314-310-5007, caller ID says kwn and they say the same thing. +1 417-815-2870