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Dangerous Claimed my SS number was deactivated. +1 707-681-5148
Dangerous Calls daily and never leaves a message so it can’t be that important. +1 484-228-0851
Dangerous They called the office and said it was DTE and they had a order to shut off our service. And I needed to call the order department right away because they have orders to shut or service off. We could make a payment over the phone. But not mail it in. Crazyness Thank You Ellen Office Manager +1 800-387-7660
Dangerous Got a call from this number & when I called it right back it said the number was a non-working number. +1 561-671-6828
Dangerous Calling to sell alternative power supply services. Pretending to be from Penn Power, offering to "review the supply charges on your bill". +1 724-885-5500
Dangerous Repeated spam caller +1 850-820-0820
Dangerous claimed to be irs +1 925-354-6783
Dangerous Scam caller +1 872-204-9171
Dangerous The same thing for me. Blocked it +1 778-238-8130
Dangerous This is my personal number. Not affiliated with the 631-402 scam numbers who are also calling ME!! Please remove my numbers association with this site because I cannot get a realtor to answer my calls or call me back because they think I am a scam number!! Thank you very much. +1 631-402-4146
Dangerous Texted me asking about furthering my education. I replied an obvious no, then continued to reply as a normal person. Definitely not a robot. +1 269-215-8751
Dangerous credit card scam +1 562-201-3616
Dangerous Text said I won a prize. +1 325-238-9438
Dangerous Scam call +1 610-571-1827
Dangerous Robo call saying your vehicle warranty is about to expire. Called me at work. +1 281-594-3901
Dangerous partially clothed female, unsolicited texts, suspected catphisher. +1 740-618-7971
Dangerous Did not leave a message. Probably a foreign telemarketer spoofing the number. +1 814-855-9194
Dangerous Bullshit number. Calling about my healthcare, but didnt even know my name. +1 586-925-3748
Dangerous Another day, another Friday, another robo call from dimwit, nitwit, moron, doofus, twit, nincompoop claiming from Govt Market Place with promises to help sell to Govt. And he moon is made of moldy cheese !!!!!!!!!!!!! We are paying the phone company and yet we have to screen our calls !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stupidity seems to have become the badge of honor these days. So their stupid number has been blocked and the twits can keep calling til the cows come home because their stupid call will be disconnected after the 1st ring each and very time. +1 302-424-9663
Dangerous +1 981-207-0241
Dangerous Craigslist scammer +1 302-307-2246
Dangerous Spam number +1 612-470-8023
Dangerous Received text messages from this number after I posted a product to Craigslist. The person who sent the text expressed interest by stating "I want to buy your product". When I inquired which product specifically, they sent me some sort of confirmation code by to enroll in an app called Offer Up. I continued to inquire about what product they wanted to buy (I had posted many that day). They refused to answer my simple question. Simply asking me to "wait". Then they resent the code. I let them know that since they could not answer a simple question then I cannot sell them any products. They texted me again to "resend code". I ignored it. WEIRD!!! +1 682-710-2793
Dangerous +1 950-358-2016
Dangerous Does not leave messages. +1 602-585-9046