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Dangerous Has called twice, female says the following. Complete BS, the cell number they are calling is a work cell & the person will not even identify which County they work for. Number blocked. “This is Rebecca, a courier with the county task with serving you legal documents that you will need pertaining to an upcoming court appearance this is my second attempt to locate you at your residence or place of employment to obtain your signature if this is a _⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_ _⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_ it will result in a missed court appearance on your behalf stop the process of being served or _⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_ missed court appearance I recommend that you contact the filing party at 443-569-6449…” +1 619-383-0778
Dangerous they told on line the first time a customers buy free symbol a bottle energy Medicine help full for " strong man". Just paid a shipping only on 9/13/2018. But on 9/26/18 suddenly they charged on my Account $ 89.99 and will withdraw money in my Account every month. I did not agreed for them do that on my Account. EVERYONE HAVE TO BECAREFULL WHEN we buy some thing from CHINA MEDICINE ON LINE +1 855-886-5233
Dangerous Received a text from 412 409 7422 with a photograph of a girl holding her tank top up with her mouth and showing her boobs with her bra on. The text read "I was like only on there for a half hour but getting rid of it lol. What an idiot! +1 412-409-7422
Dangerous Phishing text will corrupt links, avoid +1 586-460-2688
Dangerous +1 626-354-6300
Dangerous Natividad Evangelina Reynoso 281-572-6924 Cleans Offices and homes +1 281-572-6929
Dangerous Fake HP tech support. Scammed my elderly dad for $1000 +1 877-438-9239
Dangerous IRS Scammers... +1 201-932-0203
Dangerous Threatened to deduct 599.00 from my checking account unless I stopped a RX service. I was told to call back immediately. Call back goes to a dead busy tone. This is a scam. +1 888-928-7888
Dangerous Just a recording talking about some clown running for election. Found out where their political office is. Going down with a bull horn to annoy them for an hour +1 604-229-8792
Dangerous 3 rings hangs up +1 423-540-0476
Dangerous Robo call that said my number keeps calling this number at 913-522-4839 then hangs up. +1 913-522-4839
Dangerous Won't stop calling +1 903-201-0569
Dangerous 7248304901 +1 724-803-4901
Dangerous +1 870-877-5771
Dangerous Watch out for phone calls from this person. If he ask you to meet up for the transaction. It might be a prank. He will not show up and ignore you at the last minutes of the meeting. Bad PRANKER +1 213-270-3822
Dangerous They told me pay them $185 so l could get 3.5 million. Yea right . +1 234-703-1330
Dangerous Watch out for phone calls from this person. If he ask you to meet up for the transaction. It might be a prank. He will not show up and ignore you at the last minutes of the meeting. +1 760-605-9002
Dangerous Caller asked personal questions. I hung up and called the number back which is assigned to a business but the phone rang numerous times with no answer. +1 404-900-2299
Dangerous The called me today at 6:39 Am and after that keeping calling 10 time i didn’t answer after five minutes call agine I didn’t answer not even two minutes then call again and after that i did block for this number +1 562-850-9071
Dangerous Possibly a cop or CI +1 269-217-6834
Dangerous You won a samsung galaxy 8. Press 1 to claim entry. +1 619-648-3984
Dangerous Threat saying Criminal activity, call the above said number as soon as possible before we start legal proceedings. There is no criminal activity on my side, and never would be! I have not called back to this number. But surely this is a scam call. +1 210-866-9927
Dangerous They called me, i declined the call because i was busy at the time. i tried to call back later and it was declined before it even rang +1 780-934-3816
Dangerous Got call from saying they were from CRA, but it was very clearly a bot reading it out and was referring to itself like "Call ME back" or "I need you to." Also said if I didn't call soon they would have to make a warrent for my arrest. ok. sure. +1 343-344-1292