Phone Number:+1 (201) 490-4319

This number is read as "-one (-two-zero--one-) -four-nine-zero---four-three-one-nine-"
+1 (201) 490-4319 is registered in the state New Jersey, USA
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Neutral Spoke with an Indian accent. I couldn't understand a cockeyed word he was saying. I hung up immediately. 06.02.2019
Neutral I have been receiving (literally) DAILY calls from what appears to be a spoofed phone number and each time, it is none other than Direct TV telling me that since I am such a loyal customer, they want to give me yet another package that in the short term would probably be cheap, but in the long run will cos lots more per month after the promo period ends (pretty much standard M.O. for Direct TV). Here is my problem. Despite the fact that I directly told them to NOT use my phone number for solicitation calls, and despite the fact that each time I answer these calls and tell them no thanks, they STILL CALL EVERY SINGLE DAY. As early as 10 AM and as late as 9:30 PM. Every time, my caller ID says, RUDRA JYOTI 201-490-4319. WHY does a huge company like Direct TV use SPOOFED CALLER ID NUMBERS to get me to answer the phone? This is unethical, immoral, and plain shady business. I want this to STOP. Who do I have to call and what do I have to say or do to get these calls to stop? 24.10.2019

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