Phone Number:+1 (205) 236-5827

This number is read as "-one (-two-zero--five-) -two-three-six--five-eight-two-seven-"
+1 (205) 236-5827 is registered in the state Alabama, USA
The telephone number of +1 (205) 236-5827 was registered on 10.12.2018 at 03:05:03 and viewed 62 times in total
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Neutral I received the phone call and then I called back to see who called me on my caller ID posted that it was a scam phone call and then the lady said hello how are you and was asking me about my business and she wanted to know if I had a walk in business and asking me personal questions and said that she was providing information for for 411 She was going to proceed with more invasive personal questions but I decided to cut her off and tell her that she was not a legitimate business at all and then she said thank you very much and hung up on me she sounded like she was calling from India at one of those centers for scam callers with all the little voice is going on in the background muffled voices scam center type crap 10.12.2018
Neutral scam!! 22.01.2019
Neutral I now call these numbers back w my I'd blocked . Broken English 411 scam 25.01.2019
Neutral Had a missed call from this number 205-236-5827. Scam caller. Blocked them after calling them back to ask who it was, she was evasive and after pressing her for what she was after, she hung up on my- SCAM SCAM SCAM 11.02.2019
Neutral Wanted credit card info. Said they would lower my rates. Gave him (bangladeshian accent) a phoney American Express. He put me on hold and asked him no to be reread the card number. I asked him for his name. He said Donald Trump and hung up. 28.02.2019
Neutral This number has called me repeatedly asking if I was still doing photography. Everytime I told them I do not take clients at this number and wouldn't give into any of their personal questions. Sounds like they're trying to scam people leading them to believe their either paying clients or s marketing company! Blocked their number so fast. 03.05.2019
Neutral Indian woman named Frank... Called asking if my business was and old name we had used over 10 years ago i said yes, only because i was curious then she asked if i was able to help with customers, i asked what she was calling about, she would not respond to my question just asked if i was the owner of the business so i said no and she hung up. These people are ridiculous. it may be Friday, i may be tired, but i am not stupid. 28.06.2019
Neutral Said I have 7 days to live. 08.07.2019
Neutral They are still at it...phishing. 21.08.2019
Neutral called at mid-day ... did not want to talk after I said "... hello...Miami police -- can I help you? " 07.10.2019
Neutral Called my business phone twice today. both times I answered there was silence, than they hung up. 08.10.2019
Neutral Said they were with Spectrum lowering our bill for our business. 09.10.2019
Neutral Keeps calling from time to time. Never answered, and they never left a message. My caller ID comes with "scam likely", and it blocks them. In the past, when my caller ID did that, it proved correct. 22.11.2019
Neutral I received multiple calls in a row from this number on my business line. No message or name. 14.01.2020

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