Phone Number:+1 (209) 217-1356

This number is read as "-one (-two-zero--nine-) -two-one-seven--one-three-five-six-"
+1 (209) 217-1356 is registered in the state California, USA
The telephone number of +1 (209) 217-1356 was registered on 11.07.2019 at 01:57:04 and viewed 22 times in total
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Neutral 9000.00 being awarded to you. He wanted ti give me a confurmation number and to call another number I called him a scammer, He said not to put diwb Govt. I said that you do not pay for grant processing. He got loud. I asked him why he was raising his vouce with me, he told me that my offer was void and that the money would be returned back to charity. If thus was the goverment, where was the professionslism. Instead of alright. After every guestion.. 11.07.2019

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