Phone Number:+1 (320) 377-3713

This number is read as "-one (-three-two-zero--) -three-seven-seven--three-seven-one-three-"
+1 (320) 377-3713 is registered in the state Minnesota, USA
The telephone number of +1 (320) 377-3713 was registered on 21.11.2018 at 11:06:04 and viewed 23 times in total
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Neutral This number is not in service. UPN Carriers does not exist. They are fake and a rip off. So is Big Deals Box. avoid at all costs. 21.11.2018
Neutral Phone Number connected to UPST also a carrier that does not exist. They were to deliver order from "Top Trade Store" AKA "Drive Sales Mall". Apparently none of them exist and a very elaborate hoax. I lost only $28 but they strung me along by sending an E-mail confirmation, e-mail the order had been sent and offered daily updates as to it's shipping progress that ended when they claimed it had been delivered which it was not. 30.01.2019
Neutral Same scenario as above. Only lost about $10 but had to report my credit cards as compromised. A scam and a pain. 05.03.2019
Neutral Same as above comments but for a fake carrier named USP with an order from a scam company named Fair Deals Shop. I paid through PayPal so hopefully my money will be refunded. It wasn't much but it's the principle and I know better. 22.04.2019
Neutral Same as the above comments. The fake company, fake carrier, and PayPal are believing them that they delivered the item. The seller gave a tracking number for the fake carrier to me then they gave PayPal a real UPS tracking number but UPS says that tracking number was not to my name or address. 15.05.2019
Neutral Same as comments referenced above! Got an email after I placed an order with Fair Deals Mall. Oddly enough yesterday I checked my bank account balance only to find I had fraudulent charges on my card. 5 stars for these POS people; this is why we can't have nice things!!! 16.05.2019

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