Phone Number:+1 (323) 237-2758

This number is read as "-one (-three-two-three-) -two-three-seven--two-seven-five-eight-"
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Neutral Shes garbage and dirty. 12.11.2018
Neutral No doubt!!. I wouldnt doubt it if this hoe has AIDS?? 08.12.2018
Neutral Looks like missgems has disappeared or on the run!!! And from my sources that hoe had hepatitis c. So all you dumb fucks go get tested!!! 16.03.2019
Neutral I havent heard from her. She lied and conned a lot of people in the AV. She was a total loser. A complete mess! 20.03.2019
Neutral she still at the house...just seen people on the down low 22.03.2019
Neutral What house?? From what i heard shes on the run!! Gone 22.03.2019
Neutral What happened to missgems?. No longer here? 23.03.2019
Neutral Where is avsfinest? Is it true she has stds? Has anyone heard from her? 28.03.2019
Neutral Does anyone have info on avsfinest? Trying to confirm if she is like this girl missgems 28.03.2019
Neutral Avsfinest? Can anyone tell me about her? 28.03.2019
Neutral Is Stephanie avsfinest? 28.03.2019
Neutral Missgems or gems was one nasty hoe. Dirty as fuck. Std's 02.04.2019
Neutral Avsfinest Stef fucks every guy she encounters without using condoms she will rip u off in a heart beat. I am still looking for her to pay me. Probably dead or in jail I have been looking 4 her 4 months! 08.04.2019
Neutral That sucks. Gems was the same. A thief and drug addict. 08.04.2019
Neutral Stef or avsfinest does fuck all guys raw. She also loves creampies and will still suck you off even after you do her in the ass. Shes pretty dirty. A friend of mine saw her and got gono from her and that budweiser model friend of hers that got out of jail. Just be informed that she will fuckanyone raw anytime anywhere 19.04.2019
Neutral Ask yourselves this question, quite a few members(guys) left the board. Go figure. And my sources tols me shes on testosterone lmfao. I guess the threats and ppl looking for her, scared her off and shes trying to do whatever means so she can defend herself, steroids. Look at her fa ial hair and how she now looks more masculine. Bitch thinks taking steroids will save her. She definitely crossed the quite a few men wrong. Some of which has the means to put her lights out- and are currently looking for her. It is FACT, that she indeed conned multiple men with her sob stories. She knows itll work. But not for long. Bitch is exposed and on the run. Last sources say she is in canada. 19.04.2019
Neutral Is she still active? Do you know? Any information is appreciated. 20.04.2019
Neutral Yes shes on the run! Disturbing part is that this hoe missgems has hepatitis c!!! Info came from a credible source. 20.04.2019
Neutral She was very unclean. Gave me gonorrhea. She fucked everyone raw. Hope i didnt catch hepatitis c from that nasty hoe! 20.04.2019
Neutral shes an escort in canada. 20.04.2019
Neutral Yup heard shes in canada doing her thing ( prostitution ) . 20.04.2019
Neutral Missgems has been one of the most disgusting and dirty as fuck hoes i have ever crossed paths with. She didnt give a fuck about herself or children. She will do anything for money or drugs as far as i know. 21.04.2019
Neutral Rumor is shes an escort in canada possibly dealing drugs on the low down. 02.05.2019
Neutral Yes shes a prostitute in Canada. That hoe has a fucked up way of living her life. 12.05.2019
Neutral this is some shit. lol. ive been looking for this bitch this whole time over here and come to find out shes not even around. check this shit out, one of the homies sent a torpedo to take this bitch out but someone beat him to it. But thats none of my business lol. Just so you know, you can sleep easy now that dude that got her, he was her connect and he was giving that bitch dirty shit for a year before he came clean and stabbed that bitch. gave her a nasty scar on her lower back so that every fool she fucks will ask her about the scar and he will always be on her mind. Thats some movie shit right there. 26.05.2019
Neutral Yeah that hoe is long gone. She was one sick person. !!! 26.05.2019
Neutral Guys get tested for hepatitis c. Word is she had the virus! 05.06.2019
Neutral Missgems is a provider in Canada from what i heard. Dont know by what name she goes by. From my sources shes probably dealing drugs on a small scale. That hoe was a con artist and dirty as fuck!! 22.06.2019
Neutral I’ve read this entire thread and the person writing this stuff is obviously a heart broken man who got scammed by this girl. It’s hard to believe anything he says. Especially when I’ve barebacked this chick for over a year and I’m completely healthy...tested numerous times. Miss gems was fine and had that bomb pussy. She always let me set my donation and was cool as fuck. Never a hint of mental issues. She had personal drama in her life...but who doesn’t? This dude writing this crap is full of shit. 12.07.2019
Neutral A lot of the stuff here is true. I was a former client . She was ok! But did have a lot of issues! 12.07.2019
Neutral Heard rumors this nasty hoe is coming back to california 18.08.2019
Neutral she is back in lancaster 14.09.2019
Neutral No shes not in lancaster. Shes no longer in california.. 14.09.2019
Neutral From what I heard she left to start a new life. 15.09.2019
Neutral That hoe drug addict took off with my money. 16.09.2019
Neutral shes a facebook hoe under ava gems. She uses facebook as her platform for prostitution in canada. 22.09.2019
Neutral She blocked the account I saw her pictures 2 weeks ago. 24.09.2019
Neutral anyone else fucked yvette bareback 02.10.2019
Neutral Whose Yvette? 02.10.2019
Neutral she's in palmdale always advertising 02.10.2019
Neutral Oh. No longer in the game . Gave up this hobby. This hobby can get you sick , STDs and shit maybe worse. The hoes up here in the a.v are nasty as fuck : drug addicts and they fuck bareback any motherfucker out there.. 02.10.2019
Neutral anyone else here fuck any other girls here in the av? and have pics they want to share or videos?? 03.10.2019
Neutral Missgems contacted me and she told shes no longer a provider shes settling down . Shes in love with the guy she lived in Lancaster. I guess they will be living somewhere in California.. 07.10.2019
Neutral Why is she still on the ? Maybe signs she plans to return ? 09.10.2019
Neutral any one have good videos of msgems 13.10.2019
Neutral Who doesn't have a video of her. Pretty much every single guy she fucked which is the whole a.v has a video or pictures of her. 14.10.2019
Neutral i would like to buy all videos of her for 20 buck's anyone interested 14.10.2019
Neutral I have a couple but what for. ?? Why would you need them for ??. 14.10.2019
Neutral make a DVD 16.10.2019
Neutral Sorry I cant . 17.10.2019
Neutral ok guys ...i wanna make a dvd of the girls of the av...tell me what you have and ill buy...ill make sure mens face is blured off and ill send you my email. 20.10.2019
Neutral dont be pussyfooting... 20.10.2019
Neutral Whose been to the love shack in the a.v ? 22.10.2019
Neutral 99% of the shit here is true. 28.10.2019
Neutral yvette...mariela vargas who has info on her....she is an escort here in the av for 10 years. Hispanic cheats on her husband and has like 6 kids 3 different father's 28.10.2019
Neutral Has info on who? Missgems ? 28.10.2019
Neutral no...who has fuck yvette bare...i know i am not the only one 30.10.2019
Neutral Out of the game no longer my hobby. Them hoes in the a.v will fuck anything. I've learned my lesson. You guys be safe with them dirty, drug addicted hoes ! Not worth it. 30.10.2019
Neutral Her name should not be missgems it should more like miss STD. 06.11.2019
Neutral From my sources miss std is coming back but she will be laying low by appt only I heard. 19.11.2019
Neutral she's back and I know where 24.11.2019
Neutral Probably 240th and j , if not 170th st in lake l.a . 25.11.2019
Neutral she's in Lancaster now 02.12.2019
Neutral Shes laying low. I believe she stays with her friend some Hispanic lady around 170th st in lake l.a.. 02.12.2019
Neutral The hoe got very fat. I guess shes not using anymore drugs. 03.12.2019
Neutral I have been in contact with her and she is not fat...and still in toronto 05.12.2019
Neutral Is she coming back ? 05.12.2019
Neutral no 05.12.2019
Neutral Good for her. Maybe she can change her life around.. 05.12.2019
Neutral I wonder if shes still in contact with that guy she was living with ? She seemed to love him ? 06.12.2019
Neutral anyone actually has seen her in lancaster now 11.12.2019
Neutral Has anybody seen this hoe lately up in canada ? 18.12.2019
Neutral From what I know shes a prostitute in toronto Canada. 24.12.2019
Neutral ok here's the deal she's back ..over in lake la 240th...going to start deena guys..under a different name probably beginning of year 26.12.2019
Neutral What ? Shes in canada ? Last time I heard.? 27.12.2019
Neutral no she's not 28.12.2019
Neutral so I saw her last night and was amazing..but better news is that she will be seen a few people and not advertising like before and setting up web cam for those interested 29.12.2019
Neutral Stop lying dude shes in canada not coming back to Lancaster spoke to her last nite... smh 29.12.2019
Neutral Buddy she works in toronto canada outcalls only. Dont know where your getting your information. She has no plans of returning to a.v. 29.12.2019
Neutral buddy ...fuck you !!!!! 29.12.2019
Neutral Why you mad cuz i caught you lying ! You must be one of her trolls that was obsessed with her.. troll 30.12.2019
Neutral bitch I know exactly who you are and your other boad names and your work 30.12.2019
Neutral Stfu you troll. Its pretty pathetic you had and have to pay for pussy ! 31.12.2019
Neutral so do faggot ..fat ass fuck 31.12.2019
Neutral Sorry buddy I never got involved with her. She was a close friend of my sister. So it's kind of pathetic you losers paid for sex, if you wouldn't of paid you losers wouldn't have a damn chance in the world.. so get a life !!! 31.12.2019
Neutral yeah right buddy.........lame ass 02.01.2020
Neutral Yup, the nasty hoe works out of toronto. She does outcalls , car dates, incalls. This hoe will always be a prostitute till the day she dies. 18.01.2020

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