Phone Number:+1 (346) 223-0034

This number is read as "-one (-three-four-six-) -two-two-three--zero--zero--three-four-"
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Neutral I have no idea how they keep calling me! 29.11.2018
Neutral Wouldn't tell me why they were calling other than it was a personal business matter. Wouldn't give me more information unless I gave them personal information. I didn't so they hung up. Said they would have to "release the call." I think it was a human but she had a very robotic script. 29.11.2018
Neutral received call on cell, no id, no message, consider as scam 30.11.2018
Dangerous SCAMMER! 30.11.2018
Neutral I answered and the man said that he was looking to speak to my husband regarding a credit account he never had stating that he owes $600+. He wanted me to confirm who I was and I didn't. He wanted to know when and how I was going to pay this debt. I said, "I'm not!" Then I hung up. This is a scam caller for sure. Do not engage in conversation with them and do not answer yes as there is a new scam going around. 03.12.2018
Neutral Don’t bother answering. They call even if you don’t owe money. I’m 14. 06.12.2018
Neutral Block them. It is "Portfolio Recovery Collection Service." If you block them they keep trying with new number and sometimes new area code too. They buy charged off debts from 10 years old and older that would already be cleared by time statutes from credit bureaus, bankruptcy, or actual original company that client owed the money to, They cannot file lawsuit or attach wages or anything like that. They buy the debt thinking people won’t know the above laws about charge offs and use tactics that “current debt collections” could actually use like lawsuits etc. Scaring you that debt has come back and you must pay or screw up your credit etc. it’s basically a scam. But since the debt was valid 10 plus years ago they may try and try and try to collect it. But the tactics they use are against the law. They don’t care though, we all know that. 31.01.2019

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