Phone Number:+1 (407) 434-0350

This number is read as "-one (-four-zero--seven-) -four-three-four--zero--three-five-zero--"
+1 (407) 434-0350 is registered in the state Florida, USA
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Neutral these guys buy old unpaid debt, long past its write-off period for pennies on the $$, then try to collect the full original amount + late fees + THEIR collection fees. DO NOT SPEAK TO THEM!! Once you have, they record you & that sets the clock back to a 'current debt'. It's a 'legit scam' in the US. Totally underhanded, yet our corporate butt kissing, do nothing, bought & paid for politicians made this 'legal'. See John Oliver's debt collectors episode! VOTE, people! STOP voting for Republican AND Democrats who take corporate money! 27.10.2019

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