Phone Number:+1 (415) 237-0403

This number is read as "-one (-four-one-five-) -two-three-seven--zero--four-zero--three-"
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Dangerous This pretends to be from Uber. they are scammers. They are sending phishing sms 04.10.2018
Neutral Same goes to me. Live in Malaysia and I receive this annoying sms once a month.. 03.11.2018
Neutral i haveI have canceled my subscription so please stop calling me 17.11.2018
Neutral I live in Holland, I never used Uber in my life and just got my first text.. Does someone already figure out how to stop them or does they stopped by anyone yet????? 22.02.2019
Neutral Tenéis que presionar unos segundos sobre el texto del mensaje para que os aparezca la opción de bloquear el número como spam. Yo lo he hecho, ya que recibía varios sms todos los días y jamás he tenido descargada la aplicación de Uber ni he usado sus servicios. Es la única forma de dejar de recibirlos. Espero os sirva. Un saludo. 01.03.2019
Neutral La solución es Bloquear el número. 01.03.2019
Neutral From The Netherlands: I also received a message ... If I want to stop it I het to send a SMS back with STOP... I don't trust it... In 2016 also received SMS from the same number for Uber Eats... with €10,- shopping credit... yeah right... I think it's Uber.... but hope I won't get more messages.. I suspect that when I respond, I will get more... pfff 07.03.2019
Neutral same here! Did you find a solution? 07.03.2019
Neutral I’ve received the same yesterday in sweden Sthlm. I’m no user of Uber so don’t know what the code is for... Got a text from a Swedish number, +46 76-944 66 07, telling me to text this number to stop them. “ Din Uber-kod: 0672. Svara STOP till +1 415-237-0403 för att avbryta prenumerationen.“ Im blocking it and not responding. 14.03.2019
Neutral Scammers! Claiming they’re Uber 17.03.2019
Neutral Stop 11.05.2019
Neutral Password please 17.05.2019
Neutral Password pls 17.05.2019
Neutral الباسور القديم لم اتذكرة.اريد باسورد جديد 17.05.2019
Neutral I am in Australia and keep getting a sms saying it’s A uber code obviously a scam 13.09.2019
Neutral مو عارفه اسجل ومافي وقت 25.10.2019
Neutral Adgurehjuewg8hhydtejg 13.11.2019
Neutral Sms to send back STOP from UBER. IT’S Scam 10.12.2019
Neutral It's not Uber, it's a scam. The number is a "premium number" that will cost you a lot to reply to. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD YOU SEND ANY MESSAGE TO THIS NUMBER OR CALL THEM. 09.01.2020
Neutral I have had a few of these messages and I think it actually is Uber. If you get one, and wish to unsubscribe go to the Uber website and unsubscribe, or respond STOP to 14152370403. It is the same number but for people saying it rejected you responding directly to the text this will help. I managed to find that my going to the actual website and searching unsubscribe, I was able to find the correct way to turn off notifications etc. 21.01.2020
Neutral Hi, I’m from the Netherlands (Holland) and I get text messages from this number to send ‘stop’. First it was once a month but now it’s a lot more. I’ve never ever used Uber in my life before. This was the message (not that a lot of people can read it, it’s in Dutch): Je Uber-code: 9420. Stuur STOP naar +1 415-237-0403 als je geen berichten meer wilt ontvangen. 17.02.2020

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