Phone Number:+1 (415) 818-1131

This number is read as "-one (-four-one-five-) -eight-one-eight--one-one-three-one-"
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Neutral I got this same letter just yesterday send it to my attorney to look over because I was thinking the same thing how did they get my ssn# and DOB and put it in a letter that you didn't event know if it was being sent to the correct address was a victim of id theft before. But whoever is doing this what you reap you will also sow. 07.02.2019
Neutral got a letter today saying same thing. Should I call them? this is not a valid debt 12.02.2019
Neutral We received this letter in the mail from "CDL Administration Svcs., Ltd." about a $2,834.19 debt from JC Penney credit card. We don't shop there. Can't find anything on them online, no address, just the phone and fax 415-818-1131 and 415-889-6944 21.02.2019
Neutral Is this real? I received a letter in the mail about the same thing for Mervyn's. They e been closed for years and also this is in my maiden name. I have been married for going on 18 years.... 14.03.2019
Neutral Did not receive telephone call only a letter from CDL Admistration Svcs., Ltd.. The enclosed form was Notice of Bank Levy. When I checked on the company through the Better Business Bureau I was unable to find anything at all. While the name and phone number are different, you will notice that the fax number is the same as one of the numbers above, which verifies that the above complaints are coming from the same people who sent me the letter.. NOTE: Please go online to the following federal website and there is a form that you can complete and this bureau will mail them a letter which requires a response within 15 days. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau at this email address: 09.04.2019
Neutral I received this type of letter as well stating a bank levy for US Bank. The numbers on the letter are the same PH: 415.818.1131 and FAX: 415.889.6944 I called the number some answering machine telling me to leave my info I hung up. They should have been open if this was legit. As with most complaints above I could not find any info on the internet or BBB other than complaints on them. If they call me I will request all info required and also record the call and speak with an attorney. 22.04.2019
Neutral CDL Administration Services, Ltd. SCAM ALERT Letter Format: - File No. Tax ID/SSN# - Verified Address: - Amount of Claim: Original Creditor: Account Number: - Notice of Bank Levy - Assign To: Trustee Department, CDL Administration Services, Ltd. (415) 432-9200 phone (415) 889-6944 fax - Called theses SCAMMERS! Tried to say I had an outstanding collection that was unpaid. Total Lie! Called the Original Creditor, and they said my account was paid in full. - SCAM - SCAMMERS - Throw this letter in the TRASH. - 10.06.2019
Neutral Just got the same letter in the mail stating my bank account was being levied, The letter listed my ssn and dob and the letter was not even sealed. Not only do these scammers have my complete social and dob, but so does anyone along the way who decided to take a look. No return street address, just CDL Administrators, San Francisco. 15.08.2019
Neutral Got the same letter with an account I had paid off 6 years ago and gave them a call talked with "Dave" asked for a address to mail my payment and he he said they only take payment phone or fax I knew it was a scam just wanted to see what he would say 20.08.2019

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