Phone Number:+1 (424) 396-6913

This number is read as "-one (-four-two-four-) -three-nine-six--six-nine-one-three-"
+1 (424) 396-6913 is registered in the state California, USA
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Neutral Windows technical is not a Windows company. 09.04.2019
Neutral Said that if I did not place the order they received today and charged me $77.99 for then to call 424-396-6913 to cancel the order. I did not call the number since I know they did not charge me and that I do not show an Amazon order being placed by me or anyone else.I 10.05.2019
Neutral Exactly same call situation as reported in previous comment. 11.05.2019
Neutral Same here. Exactly the same. That's why we let unknown numbers go to the answering machine. 13.05.2019
Neutral Same thing as above happened to me for same $ amount. 13.05.2019
Neutral Sounded like an Indian and not an American Indian. Same dollar amount as others, doint fall for the scam second time they called me 14.05.2019
Neutral Just one more scam. 14.05.2019
Neutral Scam. Same amount!!! 15.05.2019
Neutral Recorded message with exact same info. Obviously a scam, but what happens if you call the nimber? 15.05.2019
Neutral Exact same thing happened to me today. I knew it was a scam. 15.05.2019
Neutral Tech support ending. Call back or amount will automatically be taken from debit card. Did call back asked what company. Couldn't understand what said. Finally asked to speak to manager. Someone got on and said it was McDonald's and if I wanted a pizza 06.06.2019
Neutral Said his name was Steve. He sound like he was from India. The call was from Gardena CA. He said my internet subscription was gonna be renewed on June 7 unless I wanted to cancel. When I said cancel he said they would refund my 230something dollars. Oh and 99cents. I hung up. But I called because I thought I owed someone. 06.06.2019
Neutral Recorded Australian woman's voice saying that if I didn't want my subscription renewed, I would need to talk to one of their account executives before tomorrow. Since I don't have any subscriptions, it's pretty clear this is a robocall scam. 08.06.2019
Neutral "We value your contribution. We want to remind you your subscription with your computer technical support will expire on June 8 2019. If you do wish to continue or cancel this subscription. Please make sure to talk to our executive at 1-424-396-6913 or else the amount will automatically be debited from your account on eighth of June. Thanks for your time and have a wonderful day ahead." What is this? This isn't how my reputable providers behave. 08.06.2019
Neutral Same as Jun 8. Call came from 347 745 8139, but said to call 424 396-6913 if I wanted to cancel or it would come out of my debit card tomorrow 13.06.2019

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