Phone Number:+1 (435) 236-3644

This number is read as "-one (-four-three-five-) -two-three-six--three-six-four-four-"
+1 (435) 236-3644 is registered in the state Utah, USA
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Neutral These people have been trying hard to sell insurance to me and my partner for about a year now. 13.11.2018
Neutral Total scam! They have been calling for weeks with no answer. Finally someone answered back after I said hello and asked about my car insurance. I dont even own a car! Filled out an FBI report online. 14.11.2018
Neutral Someone wanted to talk about auto insurance, super early 7 am call while I was driving, shouldn't have picked up..... 03.01.2019
Neutral Called and left a voicemail stating “hi, my name is Abigail and I’m calling about your auto insurance, I’d really enjoy a chance to speak with you for a moment.” Seemed normal until the 2 minute 38 second mark where I could hear her in the background saying “knocking ass horse pipper, big dicked out shock jockey clipper. Big dick for days, big dicks get paid, big holy dykes fuckin Ass with big ni**as wife. Quote me half time I’ve been known to bump cats and the blind.” Just because of the pier absurdity I was hearing I had to replay the voice message more than 10 times, 13 minutes in full with two different voices, at the four minute mark Some gentleman named Todd could be heard saying “long arm Todd buppin* (best guess) ass with slim rods, bungee cord and ni**a dick whip his iPod. Big deuced ass rip-yeah* (best guess) is walleran half time with a big bone tip from behind and they just crossed the county line. Lookin like big hoopin hoppin dyke is playing hard going for double time.” The rest of the voicemail is not as clear, I know I heard the word ni**a at least 20 times and it seemed as if both Abigail and Todd had some Bizzarre fixation with big dicks, large pipes and many other variations used to described male genitalia. Ex: “big boned ni**a at night watching nick at night”, “big gray lookin ni**a, wallin ass and straight up stallin ass on the freeway”, “Dave Rubin on the scene with a big bitch known for suckin pipe while bein mean, green and ultra obscene”, “papped ass papa doozy got a big ni**a for days, big bone laser dyke got a bipped finger on the two way... Layin and slayin big pipes for the gays.” Above is roughly 4 minutes 53 seconds I have a 13 minute call, for more info and details please request the transcript, there you will find much clearer detail as to Abigail and Todd’s oddball calls 25.06.2019

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