Phone Number:+1 (510) 324-9442

This number is read as "-one (-five-one-zero--) -three-two-four--nine-four-four-two-"
+1 (510) 324-9442 is registered in the state California, USA
The telephone number of +1 (510) 324-9442 was registered on 14.10.2018 at 11:35:43 and viewed 20 times in total
There are 4 comments on this phone. 3 of the comments were positive, 2 were negative, and 5 were unclear.
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Score Comment Date
Dangerous Leaves an empty message 14.10.2018
Dangerous Claimed to be calling from Comcast but didn't sound legit. 14.10.2018
Neutral He said he was from Comcast and wanted to review my account to make sure I had all services I needed. He was polite, but I don't want these calls. If there is something more I need, I know where to find them. 28.11.2018
Neutral Called wanting to upsell xfinity. I deal only locally. I don't trust anything from California. Time to change my phone number again! F'n morons! 07.12.2018
Neutral Claimed to be my 'internet provider' and wanted to offer me a better deal. My internet provider is in Seattle & not Union City CA. I hung up. 07.02.2019
Neutral I just had the woman call saying she was from xfinity but because my husband isn't available and it is his name on the account she couldn't get any where. I just upgraded my service last month so if that is what she was going to do I would have went batshit crazy on her. My contract was up and I went from paying $85 to $118. So unless they are going to lower it, don't call me. 10.02.2019
Neutral Supposedly Xfinity/Comcast "helping me to get the most out of my service." I asked him what he was selling and he could only stammer and said, uh, wait a second. I told him take me off their calling list and not to call me again before hanging up. He actually said "OK". 12.02.2019
Neutral Knew my name. Figured out it was a scam when they confirmed I have Internet and TV with comcast. Although I told them that was not correct, they continued the conversation. When called out about having the wrong information about my account, and told that I wasn't confident they were Comcast, they insisted they were and needed to speak to me about the account. Do not trust them. 12.02.2019
Neutral Called, left no message. Glad I didn't answer. 12.02.2019
Neutral Blocked! 19.02.2019

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