Phone Number:+1 (513) 466-1346

This number is read as "-one (-five-one-three-) -four-six-six--one-three-four-six-"
+1 (513) 466-1346 is registered in the state Ohio, USA
The telephone number of +1 (513) 466-1346 was registered on 30.11.2018 at 07:53:04 and viewed 22 times in total
There are 4 comments on this phone. 3 of the comments were positive, 2 were negative, and 5 were unclear.
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Neutral Missed call. Glad that I missed it 30.11.2018
Neutral This number called to "Save me money" on insurance bill. I explained i was at work and cannot do anything at the moment but could call them back or be called back later and then they hung up. Called the number back and got an automated message stating i was out of their coverage area (even though this was a local number) but that i could win a chance at a $1000. Obvious scam, tis the season. 06.12.2018
Neutral A recording said, "We're sorry but you're out of the coverage area. If you would like a chance to win 1,000 dollars, please stay on the line." 07.01.2019
Neutral I have received 3 call from this number on 01/04/2019 (2:55pm) 01/25/2019 (12:15pm) 2/27/2019 (9:09am) I answer professionally (Name/Job Title & Place of Employment) and have received 3 hang ups . 27.02.2019
Neutral No 28.02.2019
Neutral I let this incoming number go to voice mail, which left a generic "hi, hope you're week's going well- just checking in" message. Thought it sounded like a specific friend of mine, but I guess it was just some rando shyster. 14.03.2019
Neutral They called and said they were calling about my car insurance, once I informed them that I do not have a car she hung up on me 15.03.2019
Neutral Called regarding car insurance 03.04.2019
Neutral Scam .. believe this is a ghost number they are using to get your private info! 10.05.2019
Neutral I missed thr call and when I called back the call instantly drops after a beep. 06.08.2019
Neutral Same thing with me 13.08.2019
Neutral Phone reads "INSURANCE DEPAR". Once you pick up you hear a pause, then it says "Hi, I'm Angela (Anita? Andrea? I don't remember), and I'm calling about your car insurance". I told it it wasn't real and hung up. 23.08.2019
Neutral When call is answered. Theres just dead air.. In turn calling the number back is impossible 09.09.2019

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