Phone Number:+1 (586) 473-6746

This number is read as "-one (-five-eight-six-) -four-seven-three--six-seven-four-six-"
+1 (586) 473-6746 is registered in the state Michigan, USA
The telephone number of +1 (586) 473-6746 was registered on 09.11.2018 at 05:52:03 and viewed 22 times in total
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Neutral This fellow had been one of my so called friends for some time on LinkedIn. This fellow has now become a threat to me as he has started giving calls to me every week after about 10 minutes past 11. It is concerning as I have not specified my phone number on Google plus. Since of late the phone conversations are becoming rather too personal to my preference and although I haev told him firmly that I do not welcome his phone calls he just does not take me seriously. I don’t like anyone checking about the telephone calls coming at odd hours. I have always had a proven record and I am definitely not going to damage my career because of these calls from this jerk. 09.11.2018

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