Phone Number:+1 (603) 288-0282

This number is read as "-one (-six-zero--three-) -two-eight-eight--zero--two-eight-two-"
+1 (603) 288-0282 is registered in the state New Hampshire, USA
The telephone number of +1 (603) 288-0282 was registered on 15.09.2019 at 06:34:05 and viewed 28 times in total
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Score Comment Date
Dangerous stuped call 04.10.2018
Neutral I don't think so dude nice try blocked 19.11.2018
Neutral Clearly spam with nefarious intentions. 08.01.2019
Neutral Below is a transcription of the caller’s voicemail. “Hi this is Brad from Brian _⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_ associates it's very important that you give me a call at 603-288-0282 regarding your account I'll be in the office until 9 _⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_ give me a call 603-288-0282 thank you…” It is a simple phishing and intimidation scam conducted by simpletons. 14.01.2019
Neutral Dont want to be scammed? Dont answer 28.01.2019
Neutral Gravelly male east coast accent. Claims to need to speak to me OR MY LEGAL REPRESENTATIVE, regarding my account. 17.06.2019
Neutral I got the same message but hus name was Brad Fuller. I am sick of all of this scammers bs. 21.06.2019
Neutral His private call didn't even ring my phone it went to voicemail. Which I think he just decided to send a voicemail recording. He also didn't even say my name he just said he was from BHA (I have never heard of it) and me or my legal team needed to call him regarding my account. (Noooo way!!) 18.07.2019
Neutral Was in my voicemail from BHA, extremely important that we or our legal counsel call 603-288-0282 regarding our account . Definitely a lowlife spammer who is now blocked. 31.07.2019
Neutral Use the "Extremely important that you or your attorney call 603-288-0282 regarding your account." I am not taking the bait, I have nothing in collections, NOTHING! 01.08.2019
Neutral Need myself or my legal rep to call BHA-? Immediately - i want to call to seriously screw with them 09.08.2019
Neutral Exact same message as the previous few people, obviously prerecorded, not personalized at all (didn't say my name or what the supposed "account" was for). Annoying and unwelcome. 09.08.2019
Neutral Same message as above. Scam 13.08.2019
Neutral Ask for me or my legal representative to contact him about my account. I have zero accounts in arrears or in collections. I also received a letter for a Pacific Law Group, but they threatened to bring a civil lawsuit to a court in my area that does not exist & have a witness that I know, but has never been involved in my financial dealings. Waiting to be served by the authorities, because I owe nothing to these scammers. 15.08.2019
Neutral I received a voice mail from a supposed Brad Fuller from "BHA" about my "account" saying this was my "final warning" before they take legal action. Said to call # 603 288 0282. I'm debt free with nothing in collections. Excellent credit. This is a total scam. 23.08.2019
Neutral Hi this is Brad Fuller from VHA calling regarding your account. It's very important that you or your legal representation return my call as soon as possible. You can reach me at 603-288-0282. Thanks. 26.08.2019
Neutral VHA account.... the last and only vha I ever dealt with was variable housing allowance and I still am very trained.... Go try your douchebaggery on a Greatwhite far out at sea 15.09.2019
Neutral Please some call my voicemail I don't know you and I don't have account I going report to the FCC don't call this number yo u are a scammer I don't deal with people like you 26.09.2019
Neutral East indian woman calling again our tech support line looking for a person who no longer works here. 21.10.2019
Neutral Left a voicemail saying he was Chris giving ME a callback regarding paperwork that came to the office pertaining to me. Yeah ok but you won't say my name or anything. 04.11.2019
Neutral Real person left message “Hi this is Chris calling regarding paperwork that came into our office.” No company... just said please return call. Yeah, that’s not going to happen. 10.11.2019
Neutral Left a voicemail saying he was Chris giving me a callback regarding paperwork that came to the office pertaining to me. Not calling back 23.11.2019
Neutral Went directly into voicemail despite phone being on and next to me: This is Chris I am giving you a call back in regard to the paperwork that came into the office. When you have a chance please give me a call. 603-288-0282. Scammer, first section of call was cut off before the recording started which indicates that use various recordings to scam people. Never been in contact with this person or number. 25.11.2019
Neutral It was regarding my account. There is no account. I think it is fake 02.12.2019
Neutral Called back "Brad." Advised him strongly to "never call my number again. You are a scam" and he promptly hung up on me.. 03.12.2019
Neutral Looking for BAT GUANO to eat for Brad Fuller, Brian , Edward, Jennifer, Melvin, says there from Brian Hatch & Associates 04.12.2019
Neutral Received call from Chris about paperwork that just came into his office no company name could I call him back at 603 288 0282 Just a BS call, I mean phone never even rang straight to voicemail so no impact no idea. 05.12.2019
Neutral Received a voicemail from a guy named Chris and he said that he was just giving me a call back because some paperwork came across his desk so give him a call back...I have no idea who this is phone didn’t even ring just a voicemail left 11.12.2019

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