Phone Number:+1 (617) 545-5091

This number is read as "-one (-six-one-seven-) -five-four-five--five-zero--nine-one-"
+1 (617) 545-5091 is registered in the state Massachusetts, USA
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Neutral Emailed me about pet sitter and errand running. Wanted me to deposit large check to my checking account then send it to an "Arabic furniture" company, whilst being promised a small cut of the check for running the errand. Endless emails about not regretting working for her and looking forward to meeting me in a couple of weeks. I got a to good to be true getting and looked up pet sitter scams. A lot of red flags came up. 10.02.2019
Neutral I had the legitimate exact same emails sent to me and was reached out too As well to be a pet sitter this is 1000% a scam if this number reaches out to you on pet sitter don’t even bother replying. It is a complete and total scam. 26.03.2019
Neutral I had the same experience with the pet sitter thing. 27.03.2019
Neutral Same thing happened to me. My mom told me it was a scam when they wanted me to deposit a check a d get cash out of my bank. The lady also said she recently had throat surgery so she was having to text everything to me. I’m so sorry I wasted my time with this. 07.04.2019
Neutral Had the same thing happen to me. She even sent me a check for it before i sent her an email to not contact me again. I should have reported it to the fbi intstead i tore it up and threw it out. 10.06.2019

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