Phone Number:+1 (651) 571-4090

This number is read as "-one (-six-five-one-) -five-seven-one--four-zero--nine-zero--"
+1 (651) 571-4090 is registered in the state Minnesota, USA
The telephone number of +1 (651) 571-4090 was registered on 30.03.2019 at 03:00:04 and viewed 22 times in total
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Dangerous I have been called by this number twice. The first time they called they tried to come assess my roof for storm damage. I told them my roof was less than a year old. They hung up. Today they called and said nothing. Just hung up after a few seconds. I tried to call back, but they just hang up on me. 04.10.2018
Neutral Called cell phone. No name showed up on caller I'd. Did not answer . No msg left.. 10.01.2019
Neutral Annoying calls 14.03.2019
Neutral I did not answer the call after checking this website. Unsolicited. Will block. 15.03.2019
Neutral Telemarking 30.03.2019
Neutral They said they would be in my neighborhood and wanted to check my roof.. I said no thanks and asked to be taken off their calling list since I was on the DNC list. She was rude and said since they were already in our area they needed to check my roof and it made no sense that I didnt want it checked. She was rude and talking loud over me. I kept asking to be put on their DNC list and she said she wouldnt do that because they needed to check my roof. I think they are looking for homes to burglar and break in to steal items and commit crimes. . 04.04.2019
Neutral CALL 911 if you see them. 651 571 4090 called me and said they were a roofing company. They said they would be in my area and said they would check my roof. I said no thanks and please take me off their list. The girl on phone said no because they needed to check our roof and they would be in our area. I told them I was on the DNC list and didnt want them calling me. The girl on the phone was rude and was talking over me and said it made no sense that I didnt want my roof checked and it needed to be checked. BEWARE: I think they are looking for homes to burglar and break in and steal items and commit crimes. Call 911 if you see them in your neighborhood. 04.04.2019
Neutral Claims to be a roofing company who will "be in my area" to inspect my property. Sternly told them No, do not inspect my house, and do not call me again, remove me from your call list, and I am already on the national DNC list. Woman hung up on me and then male called again the following day. Repeated phone call. Now I blocked ph# so that I don't have to deal with it again. But I am sure they will call from another number. 05.04.2019
Neutral Claimed to be a roofing company that will be in the area looking at roofs and siding. I told them I wasn't interested and he was adamant they'd be in and out within 20 minutes. Again said no & he kept asking why over & over. I stated Id just had my roof done and he said they'd still come do an inspection since theyll be in the area. OMG!! Finally he asked how long ago my roof was done so after I said less than a year ago he said "good luck" and hung up on me. Total scam!!! No legit roofing company would treat customers this way, let alone call randomly and refuse to accept no for an answer.. When I tried to call this number back the number isnt actually in service. 09.05.2019

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