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This number is read as "-one (-six-six-one-) -two-four-nine--three-zero--two-zero--"
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Neutral Bank of America fraud. Do not respond. Please report them if you get message from this number. 13.11.2018
Neutral Got a text from them saying it was Wells Fargos fraud department. They then asked me for all of my debit card information. I hung up. 23.11.2018
Neutral Left me a text 11/24/18 at 11:00 PM that my debit card has been temporarily restricted call 800-520-0837 ASAP to verify my account. Pieces of sh.......t!!!!!!! 24.11.2018
Neutral Received this text messg stating my Capital One card had been restricted due to fraud and to call the number. When I called Idid enter my 16 digit number and exp date, but then I thought somehing was up when the recording asked for my 3 digit CVV code. I didn't not provide it and hung up. I will request a new card from Capital One. I will start warning who I know. A person will call and you will not receive a text messg and they will not ask for your info or CVV code. Such Jerks out there!!!!!!. 25.11.2018
Neutral texted that my capitol one debit has been restricted. i don't have a debit card 16.01.2019
Neutral texted that my Capital One debit card has been restricted and gave an 866 number, although the number at the top was 661-249-3020. FRAUD 16.01.2019
Neutral MSG:Fraud Alert-Your Chase debit card has been temporarily restricted. Please call 800-425-9320 ASAP to verify your account. 20.01.2019
Neutral Text message from (661) 249-3020. Obvious phishing attempt. 20.01.2019
Neutral Text Message: MSG: Chase Fraud-For security, we placed a placed a temporary hold on your Chase debit card. Please call 800-425-9320 to resolve this issue. Obvious phishing attempt! 20.01.2019
Neutral Sent me a text that my US Bank debit card was restricted for fraud. Checked with the bank and there was no hold. Phishing attempt. 23.01.2019
Neutral Just received text message MSG: Suntrust We placed a temporary hold on your Suntrust debit card please call 1-866-340-0932. I assumed it was a SCAM so called Suntrust directly who confirmed there is nothing wrong with my account. This is a total Phishing attempt. 25.01.2019
Neutral Stated my citibank debit card had been suspended and to call 866 217 4037 to authenticate. Did not call. 29.01.2019
Neutral Received text supposedly from SunTrust fraud department at 4:20am. Message said my SunTrust debit card was temporarily restricted and that I should call 866 933-o890 asap to verify account. I called number to listen to recording which asked for my six digit debit card number. I DID NOT DO IT. But I made a trip to my SunTrust Bank to talk to rep face to face to explained what happened. She called her main office and checked my account. She found nothing wrong with my account. So, the text that I received was a scam. 20.02.2019
Neutral Text message scam: URGENT-Barclay: Due to security, we've temporarily restricted your Barclay's credit card. Please call 1-888-255-0904 ASAP to verify your account. 27.02.2019
Neutral Received text say Chase debit card had been compremised. Call back # 866-960-0208 to verify account. Definite scam, don't have Chase debit card 09.03.2019
Neutral Received text for BofA Fraud Alert: Your Debit card has been restricted, please call 1-888-264-7991 to authenticate your account. I do have a card but also know this type of text is spam. 12.03.2019
Neutral BofA: A temporary hold has been placed on your Bank Of America debit card. Please call 866.305.6479 ASAP to verify your account. 12.03.2019
Neutral BofA: Alert: A security hold has been placed on your Bank of America debit card, please call 1.800.364.4265 to resolve this issue. -Thankfully, after finding this thread and reading these msgs I can ignore it and don't have anything to worry about! 13.03.2019
Neutral This morning had a text that my Capital One card had been restricted to please call 866-830-1057. Called # on back of card. Was told no restriction on card it is a scam to get you card number and info. PLEASE BE CAREFUL SO MANY SCAM. 16.03.2019
Neutral SunTrust scam text. They said my card was on hold and to call 800-974-8920. I found it it didn't say to call the number on the back of my card. When I went to my local branch they didn't see any hold on my card. And when I called the number on my card they also confirmed there was nothing the matter. 18.03.2019
Neutral Got a text from this number claiming our Suntrust ATM/Debit card has a temporary hold and to call to resolve issue...SCAM...... 19.03.2019
Neutral Told me there was a hold on my Debit Card. I checked the phone number they sent it was not my bank’s number: 31.03.2019
Neutral Texted "A restriction has been placed on you (spelling error - should be 'your') Chase debit card. Please call 866-567-4575 ASAP to verify your identity'. NOT calling. Looked at my Chase account online and all is well. There would have been a message there. Also the # to call back is not what's on the back of my Chase card. 17.04.2019
Neutral Text from supposedly from Chase. to call toll-free number that doesn't belong to Chase. They are attempting to steal credit card/debit card/ATM information. Do NOT return the call. If you are still worried, call the number listed on the back of your card. 17.04.2019
Neutral Chase bank fraud saying a hold on my account. I don’t have an account there 17.04.2019
Neutral text 4/17/19 same thing... Bank of Amer debit card on hold. Logged into acct online, no notices, changed my password anyway, reported phishing to [email protected] 17.04.2019
Neutral I received a text on my phone saying my Chase ATM/debit card had been temporairly restricted, please call 1-888-737-3249 ASAP to verify my account. I don't have an account with that bank. 19.04.2019
Neutral Received this text: Free Msg: Chase Fraud: A hold has been placed on your ATM/debit card, please call 855-856-6572 ASAP to verify your account. I don't have a Chase debit card. 22.04.2019
Neutral Debit card fraud. Went to a Bank of America ATM and about 2 hrs later had a text message (got my number fraudulently too then). Text message then wants you to call 1-877-975-8137. DON'T it's fraud. Always call your actual bank using the number on the back of your card or what's given on the official website. 13.05.2019
Neutral Cc fraud scam bad do not answer call back or furnish these creeps with any of your personal info!! SCAM ALERT: HIGH ☠️☠️☠️ 16.05.2019
Neutral Free Msg: BofA-Your debit card has been temporarily restricted. Please call 1.877.696.0683 ASAP to verify your account. 22.05.2019
Neutral Received following text from this number..... Free Msg: BofA-Your debit card has been temporarily restricted. Please call 1.866.380.1462 ASAP to verify your account.. Does not match number on back of card. Scam. 23.05.2019
Neutral Please just delete! I got a text saying my BofA debit card was temporarily restricted. Then called the number in the text and it sounded legit. Wanted all the card info but stopped short when they asked for my ATM pin. I then called BofA directly and they confirmed it was a fraud number! 24.05.2019
Neutral Claiming to be Suntrust bank with issues with my debit card. Obviously scam 20.07.2019
Neutral Received a text message at 10:15 pm last night ( anyways) who does that? With a reported message that a temporary restriction has been placed on my Sun Trust debit card. And to please call 800-431-5935 to “ ASAP” verify my account. I just laughed, blocked the number, and moved on... Not today Satan, Not today. 20.07.2019
Neutral Free Msg Citi Fraud Dept: Alert- For your protection, a hold has been placed on your Citi debit card. Please call 877-342-7757 to verify your account. Scammer. 21.07.2019
Neutral Wanted to verify credit atm/debit card account from bank of America. Don't have one. SCAMMERS 22.07.2019
Neutral Text message received at 9:40pm... “Free Msg: Chase Fraud - For your protection, a hold has been placed on your Chase ATM/debit card. Please call 800-635-1518 to verify your account.” Fraud!!!!! 21.08.2019
Neutral Text saying Chase ATM/Debit Card has been restricted. Asked to cl to verify acct info. 877# that does not belong to Chase. I cld Chase # on back of debit card and verified card/acct is fine and that it was a fraudulent msg. 21.08.2019
Neutral Received text "Free Msg: Your Chase ATM/debit card has been temporarily restricted. Please call 877-234-4669 ASAP to verify your account." Interesting, since I don't have a Chase ATM/debit card! 22.08.2019
Neutral Got a text saying my Bank of America card had been suspended and to call them. It looked suspicious so I called my actual bank and they confirmed that it was fraud. Don't call the number! 22.08.2019
Neutral Sent text message that my WF debit card was on hold and to call another number to verify my information 25.08.2019
Neutral TEXT.. Barclay CREDIT CARD ON HOLD..SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY aUG 26, 2019 26.08.2019
Neutral Received text message:"Free Msg Citi Fraud: Security hold placed on your Citi debit card. Additional verification is required, please call 1-888-252-3384 and follow instructions." 26.08.2019

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