Phone Number:+1 (661) 409-9919

This number is read as "-one (-six-six-one-) -four-zero--nine--nine-nine-one-nine-"
+1 (661) 409-9919 is registered in the state California, USA
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Neutral Has anyone seen that how? 28.03.2019
Neutral She probably still giving people stds 28.03.2019
Neutral Yup shes on the run. She scammed a lot of people just like missgems. Both fucked all their clients raw. Gems from my sources had hepatitis c and stds. 14.04.2019
Neutral Avboard is not worth it. The majority of hoes on the board if not all fuck their clients raw. Nothing but stds going around in circles. Many of them are drug addicts as well. Guys the avboard is no good. Its garbage! 14.04.2019
Neutral Stay away from the avescortboard guys its garbage. The hoes there are drug addicts and have raw sex with everyone!! Beware some of them like to steal. 14.04.2019
Neutral I can say this, from what i have experienced. If you are a multiple repeat client, they WILL fvck you raw. Gems sure did many times over, so did stef and her budweiser model friend, apple, TLYK, cindy, and MANY MANY more. Been there done that, and tested pos for treatable stds and that was the end of it. They make it seem like YOU are the only one they do that too, but thats a lie. Gems certainly fvcked 13 guys in one night and all cip. Think about that. Thats just dirty. And thays just one night. It goes on and on. Some of these bitches are on the low. Few on the run and some just hide. I do know this. The ones that got scammed, conned, and lied to, are ACTIVELY looking to get back at them. So if they are smart, they should just stay away and watch their backs. A lot, A LOT OF NASTY HOES ON THAT BOARD. 20.04.2019
Neutral You are definitely right about Stef can't say the same for the others..........every dude she fucks she makes them feel like she is actually in a relationship wit them if u start seeing her on a regular it's just so she can Rob u or set up to get robbed Same stories same lies to multiple guys all the time! Beware 20.04.2019
Neutral Can someone verify and confirm if she really IS HIV/AIDS positive?? I know and heard she doee bareback on the regular, this had to be brought up and posted. Gems is also suspect for the same, but someone HAS to know for sure if these two are. They dont give a flyingfuck about thwir lives so they dont care who it hurts or infects. Soneones gotta know if those two do have that. And bc of this im officially out of the game. 20.04.2019
Neutral Had? Or still does? I know she does meth and other drugs- bc i sold some to her AND she did it right infront of me in my car. So i can confirm that she is a junkie. Nothing surprising about that, her behavior alone exemplifies that fully. 20.04.2019
Neutral I know gems was hepatitis c and had stds. Possible aids cause she fucked all her clients raw. Plus she was a drug addict. 20.04.2019
Neutral I don't know if avsfinest has hiv/aids. She has or had gono and clamidia for sure But she probably does she never uses protection ever, she will fuck you anywhere anytime it goes beyond just clients friends of friends her collection of bfs her friends bfs or husband's she doesn't care about breaking up family's or messing up other people's relationships as long as she gets what she wants. If you hangout with her beware you will lose no matter what it is a man to her is a target not a fuck. 20.04.2019

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