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This number is read as "-one (-seven-three-four-) -seven-four-three--two-five-five-two-"
+1 (734) 743-2552 is registered in the state Michigan, USA
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Neutral this number just called me, the woman who was calling said she was calling from behalf of Tmobile for a survey. She sounded hesitant and I honestly told her I will contact mobile myself. I don't know why this company had my information and why she was calling from a this number not a regular Mobile number 29.10.2018
Neutral they called , left no message ,, I called back got no one , ,it number not in service , I blocked 734-743-2552 15.11.2018
Neutral I had blocked this call months ago. They have started calling again under blocked status in my phone. Just FYI. 18.11.2018
Neutral receiving calls from this number I finally answered today the lady said she was from TMobile and wanted me to answer a few questions . At first I thought it was T-Mobile I answered the questions but then she started asking personal questions how much I make after taxes and how many adults and kids live in my house hold . When I told her why are you asking personal questions if it’s a phone company . She ignored my question and said thanks for your time have a good day and hung up . Wish I would of never answered .. Block this number ... 29.11.2018
Neutral Woman identified herself as "affiliated" with DTE doing an energy efficiency survey. She wanted to speak to the person in the house who had recently participated in an energy efficiency study. Told her "no one" and she hung up. 05.01.2019
Neutral Answered Attorney General....Click 09.01.2019
Neutral Said they were calling from Oncor Energy and if I could take a brief survey and recommend a friend to them, they would send me a $250 Visa gift card. Went on to assure me they would not share any of my personal information with any 3rd parties and when I told her that I would not be sharing any of my information with her personal or otherwise, she started stammering for words and I hung up. 10.01.2019
Neutral This number called my phone. Then on my hubby's phone. Don't answer a number do not know have looked it up n says it's a poss scam 20.01.2019
Neutral This number called my office phone (government) after 7pm and did not leave a message. I don't usually get random calls to this number since it's a government office landline, so I googled to check it out. 23.01.2019
Neutral Hi there, I am a former employee from MSI (Market Strategies International), I worked at the Canadian branch located in London, Ontario. Admittedly, yes the surveys do sound suspicious, but I can assure you that we weren’t selling anything. The more personal questions at the end where to separate the survey results, so when that company looks at the results, they can look in certain groups. They are optional of course, however we weren’t permitted to say they were optional. If you don’t want to participate in ANY surveys, it’s best to ask the interviewer to place you on the internal “Do Not Call” list. We aren’t allowed to leave voice messages. We use a system which automatically dials randomized numbers. And the system will go through all the numbers in an attempt to grab more feedback from those that were coded “Answering machine”,”No answer”,”Busy”, Etc. I quit because it was too difficult for me to be a researcher, I wasn’t allowed to defend my self or my job (I am a college student and that was the only job that worked with my school hours) I am not a robot, and it really did dig deep when people would verbally and sexually harass me over the telephone and I STILL had to maintain politeness. This job is really easy but it can be incredibly stressful. But when ever I completed a survey with someone, I always thanked them for their time, because we know that this is a bothersome task and every piece of feedback is helpful 10.02.2019
Neutral I had a scam call from "Pepco" on 2/8/19. I called Pepco myself and they confirmed the scam. On 2/13/19 this phone number called me. They said they are "MSI Research" and suggested a survey following the "Pepco" call of 2/8/19. 14.02.2019
Neutral I want them to stop calling me 28.02.2019
Neutral I receive a call from this phone number , They said they are MSI and suggested a survey following the ONCOR power outage call that I made two weeks ago, they told me that I can win a gift card for $250. 08.03.2019
Neutral why waste time i mean you called me at least say something 24.03.2019
Neutral Said they are from Florida Power and Light. Number is from Michigan. 14.04.2019
Neutral Phone is from Livonia, MI. Caller didn't leave a message. 18.04.2019
Neutral Called twice today, they never leave a message 22.04.2019
Neutral Said his name was Mohammad. He was offering used ISIS wives for sale cheap. Told him I already had the maxium. 25.04.2019
Neutral Said his name was Mohammad. He was offering used ISIS wives for sale cheap. Told him I already had four.. 25.04.2019
Neutral They are scammers who jack into ur phone Internet call police 29.04.2019
Neutral Called and did not leave any message.... 15.05.2019
Neutral call left no message 8 45 pm on may 15 2019 16.05.2019
Neutral Did not call; will block like the rest. So far I have the following amount of blocked incoming numbers: Spam - 83; Robo Calls - 21; Harrassment - 2; Apple Scam - 1; Scam - 39 ... and this does not include the calls to my landliind 17.05.2019
Neutral caller ID says M S I research I don't answer calls I don't know 18.05.2019
Neutral NOT wanted i'm on the do not call list, 19.05.2019
Neutral Speaking Cantonese of all things. 04.06.2019
Neutral The number is fake, the call center is using ANI spoofing to fake the caller ID. They are located in India. They are attempting to get your information using the cover of "research". Be careful these idiots likely trying to get people's personal private information to sell to identity thiefs most likely. I have a landline, I added their number to my call blocking service. 06.06.2019
Neutral Guess they can't figure out that I don't know them..don't want to know them..don't want to talk to them and that their number has been blocked for over a month.....dumbass! 10.06.2019
Neutral Live agent calling from peco energy to conduct surevey I asked him to email it to me he refused He said only voice I diclinde 21.06.2019
Neutral Live agent calling from peco energy to conduct surevey I asked him to email it to me he refused He said only voice I diclinde 21.06.2019
Neutral Just got this call. Answered and I heard some heavy breathing and talking in the background. They didn’t say anything, so I hung up. 02.07.2019
Neutral Survey for vape company. Located in Michigan. Sounded very legit survey company laced with lots of information gathering and suspect scam. Asked for too much information... 02.07.2019
Neutral Called me twice last night 7/9/19 around 7 and 9 pm..... Way to late. I blocked them. I'm in bed by 9. They need a life. 10.07.2019
Neutral Called at 845 pm and hung up as.soon as answering machine came on. 16.07.2019
Neutral Received a call saying they were calling in regards to a survey for Delmarva (power company) wanting to talk to the person who called them on July 29th to pay a bill (we never called to pay a bill that day)... Told them she was not available and could take a message. She did not want to leave a message and wanted to call back. Fake news! 02.08.2019
Neutral I don't answer calls where I don't know the number. It rang twice and then stopped. 04.08.2019
Neutral My guy answered a call from this number last night. The guy on the phone sounded inebriated and told my guy that he was doing a survey and was calling for the gas company here in Mobile Alabama. So my guys information was leaked through that gas company and their name is “Spire” A complaint will be filed with the proper agencies 13.08.2019

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