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This number is read as "-one (-seven-seven-eight-) -seven-six-two--two-nine-nine-three-"
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Neutral This number called me one day a couple weeks ago. When I answered a woman said she was calling for TD Visa and I did the whole "no time to talk thing" the number then called everyday for a few days then stopped. About 4 days ago, it started calling again and called everyday since, even with me declining the call. I finally decided to call back after it called and the lady answered immediately. I asked who it was and she said "Jennifer something". I asked what they wanted and she said they are calling for TD. So I asked her to clarify and she said they are contracted by TD to give additional option for credit cards. I asked the name of her company and she said Stantel Inc. I replied "Cool, you guys can stop f*$%ing call me." And hung up. 26.10.2018
Neutral Left no voicemail - same number as listed above. Probably a scam call 26.10.2018
Neutral Just called me just now. It was a woman and was very pushy and aggressive. I told them the only reason why i bank with TD because they never bother me and you're bothering me. Click. 05.11.2018
Neutral Called offering me a 30 free trial on a identity theft monitoring and offered to send me a free copy of my credit report as a gift from them in exchange for 30 days of free monitoring and then 19.99 would get charged thereafter per month on my credit card. She wanted to "confirm' my address. I told her that if he has my address then she can confirm it with me. At that point without hesitation she transferred me to an outsource company with a phone operator that sounded like she was from India. She then confirmed my address (which I find un-nerving), then I got transferred back to "Jennifer" who then wanted my DOB. I said no. And if they were legit then they can send me information in the mail but I am not signing up for anything or giving them any information. She proceeded to read from her script and interrupt me and not listen to a word I was saying. TD would not be this unprofessional and this was a tell tale sign this was a scam. I hung up on her. Don't answer this call. Don't give out any info. Your bank would never ask you for you info over the phone. 20.11.2018
Neutral Scam from “td”. Not actually td.... 23.11.2018
Neutral She called me this morning and asking for my name, but I didn't know this is a scammer and I already give her my information like DOB and address. Is it will affect my credit card? 08.12.2018
Neutral The lady claimed to be part of TD, She already knew my first name and was really persistent in taking down my personal information. 20.12.2018
Neutral This Jennifer Hanson called stating she is from TD Credit Card and would like to speak to my son about his credit card. She keeps calling and told my son to not answer this call. I will report this person to TD Bank. 20.12.2018
Neutral 778 762 2993 scammer.... 21.12.2018
Neutral Scammer asking for people to "confirm" their name, address and date of birth while pretending to be from the bank. She was trying to offer me a free credit score service from the bank. Very friendly lady but she will try to push you for the service but when you say no multiple times she eventually stops trying to ask and says bye. Does anyone know if they're solely after the credit card number or is it the personal information that I listed above? 22.12.2018
Neutral Same :( Anyone have any info on what they can do or what might happen? Thank you 22.12.2018
Neutral i Just got the call from same number...lucky i got another call on landline so i put her on hold and she dropped the call after a i googled the number and found this page... 02.01.2019
Neutral Scammer I didn’t answer 14.01.2019
Neutral I didn’t answer. The left a voice mail 18.01.2019
Neutral Td scammer. Goes by the name something Hanson. Do not go along. Just hang up 29.01.2019
Neutral I received call from this number today, she already had my full name and address, I gave her my date of birth. Do I need to go to the bank to report it? 11.02.2019
Neutral Scammer 12.02.2019
Neutral Scammer. They use to call once a day and never left voicemail. Finally picked up the phone and the man was claiming to work for TD and needed to collect information from me - i immediately hung up. The next day they called me 4 times. Blocked them. Next time i went into the bank I asked about the call - they claimed they would never do that and that it was indeed, a scam. 12.02.2019
Neutral Scam. Someone on behalf of TD Credit Cards trying to know my personal info. Don't answer the call 14.02.2019
Neutral Scammer. I don’t know how she got my name. Be careful 14.02.2019
Neutral This lady is seriously phone challenged. She talks to the messaging service as if it is me. Monday hilarious. Kinda ret#*+ed. 26.02.2019
Neutral Lady called and said she's calling on behalf of TD bank (something a bank will never do), to offer some credit card alert service. She asked me to verify my credit info. Its a scam, careful folks!! don't care anything with them or anyone asking for you your personal info from local numbers. 11.03.2019
Neutral Don’t answer 12.03.2019
Neutral Called me two days in a row back to back in the same day. Left a voicemail but the line is dead. Says it’s calling from Nanaimo BC. Just another scammer hoping you pick up 26.03.2019
Neutral Robo dialer,keeps calling everyday from 9 am to 8pm 12.04.2019
Neutral it is fraud on behalf of TD 06.05.2019
Neutral fraud 07.05.2019
Neutral Says she Works for TD Bank and wants to send credit report. Ask my credit info and name , dont answer this call. 10.05.2019
Neutral I got called 3 times after asking politely to stop. On the fourth call, I wasn’t polite. Said her name was Jen and was working with TD to get a free trial of software for my credit card. 22.05.2019
Neutral Called many times over the past two weeks. Never leave any messages. 28.05.2019
Neutral Got call from this number. as well. I didn't pick up and searched the number which brought me here. 03.06.2019
Neutral Got a call from this number today, a woman asked if she was speaking with me and referred to me by my first name. I confirmed. Then another female voice appeared on the line claiming she was calling on behalf of TD Credit Card and wanted to offer me services to protect against identity fraud. Her voice was slightly robotic. I hung up. 05.06.2019
Neutral This number happened to call me once when I was near a TD bank. I told them I'm literally at TD if I can get the contact name and branch they are from, I'd like to speak with someone in person so I'm more comfortable. Then they hung up on me mid-sentence. been calling me every couple of days pretending that conversation never occurred. I now have the phone number blocked. Very suspicious, definitely a scammer. 17.06.2019
Neutral Total Scam. Do not give them any info. I always Google the number when a unknown # calls me. Identifies the scam right away. 03.07.2019
Neutral Yes, total scam, this number called me today too. 03.07.2019
Neutral Got a call today from this number 778-762-2993 (displays as Nanaimo BC). They knew my first name (WTF), the voice was female, sounded very robotic, but like high end robot style (read: almost like a human) which was very creepy. She said she was from TD bank and wanted to talk about my CC. I was having breakfast and said I could not talk since I was chewing. She told me it would take only a minute, but I still said no. Came on this page to check what other people have experienced with this call, and yes, people are saying it is a scam!! Don't pick up the phone - that voice will give you chills! 05.07.2019
Neutral Just got this call this morning, it started with 3-5 seconds of silence, and after I said “hello”, they called me by my first name (idk where they even got it from). Lady on the phone started talking about some TD stuff, but I wasn’t listening because I was walking, so I told them to call me back (didn’t know it was a scam). They called 2 times after that; but I didn’t pickup : 17.07.2019
Neutral Kept calling in the morning past 3 days in a raw and left no voice mail. 13.08.2019
Neutral Called me once yesterday and twice today. Did not leave voicemail. Only shows from Nanaimo, BC. 13.08.2019
Neutral I got a call from a voice recorder who ended up changing his/her voice a few time through the call. 15.08.2019
Neutral Got this call this morning. It started with 3-5 seconds of silence till I said “hello”. A lady voice called me by my first name and said she was doing a survive for TD bank credit card . I refused to answer her question because of the area code 778.- 16.08.2019

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