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This number is read as "-one (-eight-zero--zero--) -one-zero--zero---nine-zero--zero--nine-"
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Neutral Your iCloud account has been breached. Please don't hang up, and we will connect you with Apple's technical support. 25.11.2018
Neutral They claim to be Apple support. I don't even have Apple for ANYTHING! 06.12.2018
Neutral Left voicemail wit prerecorded voice saying iCloud account breach.. press 1 to be connected 16.12.2018
Neutral From the White House. Seeking donations for the wall 08.01.2019
Neutral I am receiving at least 3 or 4 phone calls daily from this number saying in an automated message the they are from Apple Support and my account has been compromised. This same number has also called saying that they are from Microsoft. Each time I try and call this number back it has been disconnected. SCAM !!! 19.01.2019
Neutral Do not use apple devices until you speak with apple support representative please refrain using any financial activity on your devices in order to speak with an apple rep right now press one or please call 773-649-5424 thanks. SCAM 21.01.2019
Neutral Called several times with a recorded voice saying that my iCloud account has been compromised and to dial one died Apple support. Total scam. 22.01.2019
Neutral msg claims apple support noticed a breach and to not access financial accts. SCAM 23.01.2019
Neutral Called to say my IP address was hacked and child porn was being uploaded and to give them money (interesting using Apple gift cards) to fix the issue permanently. Went from $100 to $2000. Were from India based on their accent and used the following numbers: 1-800-100-9009 and 315-629-9840. Avoid at all cost! 18.02.2019
Neutral These people called me and I thought it was legit but I could tell it wasn’t because apple wouldn’t transfer me to India so don’t answer 20.02.2019
Neutral Calls and claims I am owned a refund for my computer maintenance agreement that DOESN'T EXIST, as they are "going out of business." When I called them out and said I had never paid for their maintenance, and t hus I didn't need a refund, they became very belligerent and profane. They have called FIVE TIMES this afternoon. 27.02.2019
Neutral Just got a call on my work phone. Unfortunately people are still falling for these; they would not continue to call otherwise. Do not ever give any information or especially money to anyone that calls you. Also, nobody is going to call you to give you money. If you are unsure if the call is spam or not, tell the rep that you will call back on the number on the company's website they are claiming to represent. A legitimate company rep will tell you that is fine and probably applaud you for it. A scammer will argue and most likely curse at you. If we can get the majority of the public to stop falling for scams like these, it will not be worth it for them to continue to call. 27.02.2019
Neutral Called pretending to be Apple Support. Total Scam. Sick of this! 02.03.2019
Neutral Called and said from Apple Support and need to press #1. 18.03.2019
Neutral Just received this fake AppleCare recorded warning not to make on line calls and transactions due to my Apple account being breeches. Why hasn’t Apple and India shut the culprits down and or stopped doing business with India? 23.03.2019
Neutral Received two phone calls from this number. A man with an Indian accent says my iCloud account has been breached. Told me he can easily fix it. He said to go into my Settings on my iPhone, and tell him what it says. I never did, after I asked him where to go next in settings, he kept saying that I needed to tell him what I see. After I was firm and said YOU need to tell me where to go next, he hung up. He did ask me what kind of iPhone I had, I said just an IPhone. He hung up. 25.03.2019
Neutral Recording says my Apple acct has been breached to talk their reps. I did and it's an Indian with a thick accent. Reported it to Do Not Call Registry. 03.04.2019
Neutral left no message 06.04.2019
Neutral Got a call from this number at 1::15 in the morning telling me something about my "account" having unusual activity and to press one for something. I was half asleep and just hung up but this was a first at receiving scam calls in the middle of the night. And I am on the no call list. 14.04.2019
Neutral Message says there is a problem with my Apple, press 1 to speak with someone so, I get Sam with a strong Indian accent and he asks if I am calling from my iphone - I reply that no, and in fact I am so impressed they could detect a problem when I don't own any Apple products. I was in the middle of stating it's a scam and sorry you have to do this for a living when he hung up. Too bad, I still had so much more helpful stuff to add. 16.05.2019
Neutral Said that my iCloud was hacked with an automated voice system. 11.07.2019
Neutral 1-800-101-9009 this number called me and told me that my apple id had been compromised and to not use is until i call another number. 20.08.2019
Neutral They call pretending to be Apple support and want to trick you into speaking to a representative... so do it! these are pathetic losers sitting in a room attempting to commit massive fraud. I wait on the phone and inform them that their child is in danger, that they are injured, and they hang up knowing full well they are awful scum. Sometimes they cuss at you, but since they are committing a crime I don;t care so much about their feelings as they fail to rob me out of my life savings. People need to stop hanging up, we need to stay on the line and confront these bs scammers. Talk them into being so uncomfortable that they leave the job. 25.08.2019
Neutral This 800-100-9009 calls 4 times a day and we are a bussines company. As so as I say hello they hang up 26.08.2019
Neutral Left a voicemail that said: "Your iCloud account has been breached. So do not perform any online activities. Press one to connect with Apple support. Thank you." 28.08.2019
Neutral Received a call allegedly from Apple. Nope, Just a scam asking me to press 1. Glad to know that I'm alert. Love it when I hear that scammers are arrested no matter what their crime!!!! 09.10.2019
Neutral A female computer generated voice said that I needed to stop using "Cash App" right now and to press 1 or call (224) 255-7863 to speak to a Cash App representative. The message was cut off at the beginning because it most likely began playback when my voicemail picked up. This is a scam - make sure you block the originating phone number (800-100-9009) and the number they said to call (224-255-7863). 10.10.2019

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