Phone Number:+1 (800) 611-6653

This number is read as "-one (-eight-zero--zero--) -six-one-one--six-six-five-three-"
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Neutral I got more than 8 mobile calls in a sequence on my office phone inquiring for my sister. This has been occurring for more than 8 occasions. When I telephone the "#" there is an automatic answer which gives options to key in 3 to speak to a customer complaint agent. Well how am I supposed to inquire the information of the industry who aer behind the calls in a row. I am thinking of the funds that I might have to waste on this matter. This is something I need to do to stop these jerks I would have rather loved to use the money on a worthwhile cause rather than wasting on these problems. 18.11.2018
Neutral I have to hurry for the seminar as I am uncertain of the location where I should go. The calls started early morning around 3.00 am and the very instance I keep the phone the phone starts ringing again. I cant simply understand why the callers keep on giving calls at this uncomfortable time. I don’t think any sensible person will ever listen to a phone call as everybody is rushing from home at this hour tor school. 18.11.2018

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