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Neutral I got a call from this number 4 times in the last 3 days. I finally answered even though I was pretty sure it was a scam; I was curious. They knew my first and last name, that I was new to Sprint, as well as almost all other account information except my pin and SSN, which they wanted. I told them that I something felt off and that I would call them back on Sprint's Customer Service line and they hung up. I called Sprint and they have no knowledge about this. This begs the question: how did someone get all of that information on my account in the couple months I have been with Sprint? Can someone say "security leak"? This is totally not okay; over 10 years with AT&T and never this issue. 16.10.2018
Neutral Called me twice and I picked up both times but didn't say anything. Dead silence for 5 seconds, it beeped and then hung up on me automatically. Total scam! 26.10.2018
Neutral This is supposedly sprint calling, but I confirmed with sprint that it us NOT them. Do not answer 01.11.2018
Neutral Im l directly to my phone wich made me and got the cal 07.11.2018
Neutral According to a reverse number search this is in fact from Sprint. It is still a scam though, no one offers you upgrades without strings attached. 14.11.2018
Neutral This number has called me each day this week at noon and at 5:15. Like they know when I am at lunch and leaving the office. Kind of freaking me out. 15.11.2018
Neutral Did not answer. Left no message. Marked as "Junk Caller." 19.11.2018
Neutral Indian dialect...called two days in a row. Obvious a scamner.. why doesn't the FCC crack down on this foreign invasion of our cell a digital wall !! 07.12.2018
Neutral Phishing scam 04.01.2019
Neutral picked up the phone and no sound at all. disconnected on the other side after about 7-8 seconds. 09.01.2019
Neutral scam!!! don't answer. 17.01.2019
Neutral They claimed, noticed suspicious activity on my account etc. I asked to rep you scam why don't get a real job like everyone else... 23.01.2019
Neutral Same as everyone else. Came across as "Sprint" but is spam. 28.01.2019
Neutral Caller connected about five seconds after I picked up and claimed to be from Sprint. As I have a Sprint account, I continued to listen. They had a “special offer” for an upgraded line with a reduced price IPad. When I voiced a completely unenthusiastic no, they hung up. This is either a scam or a terribly rude and unprofessional Sprint tele-sales number. 01.02.2019
Neutral Got a call from this number 2x, said hello, waited and then I was hung up on. 02.02.2019
Neutral Looks like there have been no reports for over 3 yrs. Got one today as a missed call. Sprint sends me texts. They left no message 04.02.2019
Neutral Called twice within 2 minutes. No one talks. Blocked the number. 07.02.2019
Neutral 2 calls today, did not answer. I have VERY new sprint service so no reason for an upgrade. SPAM! 14.02.2019
Neutral Told me my SS# was compromised and all social benefits were suspended. Recording told me to Press 1 for a SS Specialist, so I did. So wanted to hear the scam .. don't know why. When SS specialist came on the line, I told him the call was being recorded and that GPS started tracking the minute I answered the piece of shit's call! He hung up immediately!. 15.02.2019
Neutral This asshole just called me 6 times in 3 minutes. I answered and said "WHAT!" and he asked me if I had recently called Sprint. I told him to never call me again and hung up. 26.02.2019
Neutral This number called me at 9pm and said "you owe Sprint Cellular billing department for your unpaid service." I told him to try their luck scamming someone else and to f'k'off. He was pretty mad. 15.03.2019
Neutral Sprint does not call there customers to try to get them to claim their upgrades. You can verify this by going to sprint or calling them to confirm they do not reach to offer free upgrades unless you queried them about an upgrade and where expecting a call back from them. 28.03.2019
Neutral Called two days in a row. First day left a voicemail that was five seconds long of silence. Second day left a voicemail that was 2:42 long with silence. 30.03.2019
Neutral I only signed with Sprint four months ago, i’m Definitely not eligible for an upgrade. Especially since I still have payments to make in this lease for the next 14 months. 30.03.2019
Neutral Our boy Jeffrey here keeps commenting saying that it’s a legit Sprint rep calling to help you upgrade your phone. The thing is, I only signed with Sprint four months ago and still have 14 months on my lease, so i’m Definitely not eligible for any upgrades yet. Scam. 30.03.2019
Neutral Breathes on the phone then hangs up. What a waste of time. Someone ought to shut down this shady outfit 04.04.2019
Neutral Called 3 times today. 4pm and two after 8pm. Did not answer and no messages left. 07.04.2019
Neutral Been getting lots of hang-up calls from this number 10.04.2019
Neutral I got a call from this number a moment ago. Verified with Sprint and was told it was legitimate Sprint Telesales. Gotta say it seemed very shady and I thought it was fake. When I called sprint and talked to them about it they took me off their list and opted me out of these promotions. oh and apparently there is a do not disturb service you can apply. Anyway, I'm going to switch to Google FI. 23.04.2019
Neutral This number has called me 4 times in the past 2 days. I am not the owner of the plan that I am on with Sprint, so I highly doubt that they would be calling me about anything to do with the account. I haven't answered and they haven't left any messages. If I need to upgrade anything on my plan, I'll be giving sprint a call... not answering this fake spam! 24.04.2019
Neutral My elderly mother recieved 5 calls from these people in an hours time. Unlike the calls above these people identified themselves as police officers and stated that her phone number had been stolen and they needed to work with her to cancel her current number and issue her a new number. She said she would take care of it herself and hung up. They called her back ever 10 minutes or so asking to call this 800 number to take care of it. She found it odd that the police would call and push her to fix something outside of their concern so she stopped answering the calls. When I called the number it sounds like sprint recordings but my phone display shows "Telemarketer" and not Sprint. I'm left to assume it's a scam to get your personal data. 30.04.2019
Neutral Just got a call asking for my husband. After saying he was unavailable - she proceeded to tell me I'm eligible for an upgrade on sprint ... I could barely understand her spiel. She talked for a full minute. I said who are you? She said Maria from Sprint. I hung up. She was clearly not from sprint. 07.05.2019
Neutral Hi, I never leave notes on these types of calls but I did verify with Sprint that this is NOT a number that belongs to them. The callers have automated hold music posing as sprint as well as automated options to select service. When the scammer picks up the call they continue to act very authentically like a Sprint agent, but once again they are SCAMMERS. 08.05.2019
Neutral wanted a card number to add to account. He said 3 i phones where charged to account and needed to cancel and add card to account. I said no, not over phone [email protected]!! 08.05.2019
Neutral I got the same call today. When i call the number back it is sprint and goes through my account balance. So irritating 08.05.2019
Neutral Never left a message. 10.05.2019
Neutral I got 2 calls from "Sprint" today. 800-777-4681. No one responds after I said hello and then they just hung up. So, I blocked them after reading some of these comments. 10.05.2019
Neutral still ticking way in May 2019. why dont tbey get shut down? 18.05.2019
Neutral Could not understand message. Phone hung up. 21.05.2019
Neutral Received a call from this number twice today. I thought to myself why the hell Sprint will me??? So I called the customer service number (the real Sprint customer service) and asked them why Sprint was calling me. The rep was confused as I was. She kept asking me what the call was regarding and I told her “that’s why I’m calling to see why Sprint calling.” Finally I put two and two together and it hit me that it was NOT the real sprint company. BLOCK THIS NUMBER!!!! Scam for sure. 21.05.2019
Neutral Caller ID shows this number as Sprint 800-777-4681 when it calls, but on my missed call list it states the number is from a 201 area code. I don't have time for this, blocked. 23.05.2019
Neutral This was a scam. There is no answer and when calling back a "sprint" message comes up saying press 2 to upgrade etc. Again these are scams 24.05.2019
Neutral I did not answer the call, and there was no message left 24.05.2019
Neutral They call everyday I called sprint they said it is not a number from them to just block the number 25.05.2019
Neutral I answered when it rang because caller ID identified as Sprint. Nothing on the other end. I hung up.. Block. 25.05.2019
Neutral I received a call, didn’t answer, no message. 2 minutes later my husband gets a call from same #, they left him a message...said our sprint account is frozen and we won’t be able to use our phones if we don’t call back. HA! Total scam 28.05.2019
Neutral Google Fi......uses Sprint... 29.05.2019
Neutral Some calls from this number may be from actual Sprint, but not all. Just to be sure, I recommend hanging up and call the customer service number you already have in your phone (its an 888 number) or visit a local store for their possible promotions. If you know you are not eligible for an upgrade, do nothing.. Don’t EVER give out your security PIN or passwords to anyone. This is designed for YOUR personal security. 29.05.2019
Neutral Just blocked this number. Same as the others said, caller ID showed up as "Sprint" but it wad a robo dialer that paused them a man asked if this was " *insert name* " I just hung up and blocked the number. 30.05.2019
Neutral Called me by my name and stated he was an alleged Sprint representative, offering me a valuable upgrade package that I was eligible for. He asked me about my phone (recently upgraded), then asked me for my user ID and PIN. I told him no way, that if he was a ligament Sprint representative, he'd have that info. He then stated he understood how I felt and assured me again that he was a ligament Sprint representative, but that he didn't have access to my account info. I replied that unless he could provide proof of who he was, I was in no way providing any PII. I then hung up. It's a phishing call for sure. 01.06.2019
Neutral Called me twice in one day. Didn't leave a voicemail so I came here. Good to know I didn't need to pick it up lol 01.06.2019
Neutral Listed by Nomorobo as a scammer 04.06.2019
Neutral 3rd time in 2 days. No one there twice. Next time someone tried to tell me I owed money but didnt know who I was... I hung up and blocked number 04.06.2019
Neutral This showed up as Sprint on my phone, so I assumed that it was them. I knew my old plan was being phased out soon, so I answered. The Indian accent should have given it away. He "upgraded" me to an unlimited plan and he recommended I use auto pay to save $5. He somehow had the last 4 digits of the chk acct #. I offered my old debit #, and if it was legit I'd change it to a new #. After the call, I went to my profile on the Sprint app and it was a strange Florida address and a strange e-mail. I called Sprint and she said I had NOT been upgraded....and if I had been it would have showed up. Long story short, if someone calls claiming to be from Sprint, hang up and do not offer any info. And check your Sprint to make sure you're info is correct.. 04.06.2019
Neutral Said they were with Sprint and that I could "receive an amazing offer, okay?" But just seemed like they were trying to get information out of me. So I hung up. a few minutes later I received an e-mail from Sprint saying: Account security alert: For your protection, we’re unable to send your Sprint PIN and Security Answer by email as requested. Seems like they were trying to hack my account? 11.06.2019
Neutral I picked up the phone and said hello then this really friendly and sexy voice said "hi I'm Anna ,Anna Banana is this Hue? Hugh Mungus?" I said yes I'm Hugh Mungus what can I do you for? She said that she saw my profile on porn hub and wanted to know if my cock was real or if it was computer generated or something, I said baby im Hugh Mungus and from base to tip its all me ,eleven inches of ecstasy fill you up just right,. She moaned and sent me her picture she asked you get that picture I said nice cuz damn she was hot , I told her I got it, so we made plans to meet at a hotel here in Sacramento, I was surprised she got there first, but anyways she was standing right out front in a red dress big tits and beautiful hair. I'll do an update for yall tomorrow but hey if you see this number pop up on your phone man I'd answer it. Okay I got to go valet is asking for my keys. 11.06.2019
Neutral Called me FIVE f***ing times today. Picked up once & they hung up. 11.06.2019
Neutral Received two unsolicited calls in two days on my DNC cell number. No message left. 12.06.2019
Neutral Got 2 calls, and ignored both of them. Then they called a third time, so you know I answered. I didnt say anything, just breathed. So after maybe about 10 seconds, they still hadn't said anything, so I hung up and blocked the number. If theh call you, block their number immediately. Luckily none of my sprint stuff, like passwords or pins are on my phone, so they cant hack into anything. 18.06.2019
Neutral Called from "Sprint" to offer upgrades to account. Not happy when I declined the phone upgrade and then the tablet upgrade. Called again the next day, but was not an English-speaker and I hung up. 19.06.2019
Neutral Scam 21.06.2019
Neutral Scammers saying they are at&t hang up 21.06.2019
Neutral Just received a call from this number, They said they were from Sprint and asked if this was "husband's name" - account is in his name, I said, no, this is his wife, and they immediately hung up. I called Sprint, and it is a legitimate number. They forwarded my complaint. 22.06.2019
Neutral Jeffery I find it a bit odd that you keep saying the same thing over and over again, it comes up on mine as Sprint, but yet no message has been left.. Others have tried the number and have had negative experiences with calling the number. So I have still not a clue, so I am just not going to answer it, and block. 24.06.2019
Neutral After reading this thread, I blocked this number because it’s been calling multiple times a day for a few days now. Somehow they’re still able to call me, even after blocking the number. Not sure how to get it to stop 29.06.2019
Neutral Wanted to make sure I was getting all the discounts available. Do I remember my pin number? Hung up. SCAMMER 01.07.2019
Neutral Same here! Trying to offer me a tablet, a FREE tablet. They had my email address and were probing me for information. I hung up and blocked the number. 03.07.2019
Neutral no its not that caller gave me 200 dollar giftcard and monthly credit to my bill 12.07.2019
Neutral no its not they gave me 200 dollar giftcard and monthly credit towards my bill. 12.07.2019
Neutral I just saw this # pop up on my phone. I didn't answer, I looked on here. thanks to your feedback I know it was a fake call. weird that I also have sprint service.... 12.07.2019
Neutral they gave me a 3 minute voice message that was blank and it was titled "no no no" 20.07.2019
Neutral Hi everyone. Had call and they hung up before I could answer earlier in the day. Just called again now. I have been dealing with a windshield replacement through my insurance so I answered as the company used an 800 number to set up the appointment, so I answered. Same thing with the using my first name and that I was able to upgrade and they would waive the activation fee and $200 visa card. Then she asked for my pin.NOPE, not today lady. Can only get this deal on this :"Flash Sale". not in stores or on line. I asked for the info via email and she sent me a text, looking like it was from Sprint, with a verification code. No Thank You. She was not happy that I was not playing along. I have been watching some videos on youtube where a hacker from US hacks those Microsoft scammers and deletes all of their info on the scammers computer This seemed very similar. 23.07.2019
Neutral It is in fact Sprint. I called to ask about putting my kids into my plan but was going home to talk to my other half and he said he would call me back in a few days I said ok they called back three times from this number. They left no messages on the first two calls. I answered the call the third time and it was the same man I talked to yesterday even though he said he would call me in three or so days. 25.07.2019
Neutral Calls. You say hello. They say nothing then hang up. Two calls today. Same thing. 26.07.2019
Neutral Got a call earlier today from this number. Missed it. Got a call again a few moments ago where I picked up. Usually I don't answer unknown calls, but this one, my caller id said it was Sprint. Thinking it was a pre-saved contact I answered. The man was Indian (didn't catch his name) and called my name! (First and last) after saying this is him, he stated the call may be recorded for quality to which I said okay. He then starts claiming I'm eligible for a free device. Click. This is definitely a scam to gain your credentials but they also know who it is they're calling. Don't answer! 26.07.2019
Neutral Three calls in the last week from "Sprint work". None answered, no voice message. Thanks for the information. 05.08.2019
Neutral Pretended to be from Sprint to give away promotional deals. DO NOT GIVE SECURITY ANSWERS OR PINS. 05.08.2019
Neutral This number keeps trying to call me despite the fact that I have blocked it and YouMail reports it as spam 05.08.2019
Neutral No answer 06.08.2019
Neutral This is a spam caller. I get a call from them multiple times a day. 09.08.2019
Neutral Says it's from Sprint, but it's a scammer pretending to be from Sprint. Also the called twice, both times at 9:30 pm and 9:45 pm. Big time scammer, No message left on either account. Unfortunately, the number is Sprints, but it's been hacked by a professional scammer. Reported to Sprint. 13.08.2019
Neutral Caller ID showed Sprint for 2 calls. I answered the 2nd time, saying hello. After a brief pause, woman of Indian descent asked if I was Miss 'first name' and I said yes. Then call was dropped. I'm not going to answer anymore. 13.08.2019
Neutral This number has been calling me with no messages left. Thank you all for your comments because it cleared things up. I do have Sprint so obviously this is telemarketing agency that accessed somehow that we all use sprint. But I just recently upgraded and already have a tablet and watch so I think Sprint would know that and wouldn’t reach out to solicit sales. Sprint is never forceful like that. So thank you everyone. Your comments helped tremendously. I will be blocking this number! 13.08.2019
Neutral Mine said "work" under the Sprint name. Usually this is the spot that says "mobile" on my other contacts. Sounds like they wanted me to answer think in ng my work was calling. Look out 15.08.2019
Neutral Autodialer, indicated by the long pause between picking up the call and the person on the other end starting to talk. Caller ID can be modified to say pretty much anything. Knew the name on my account, but that isn't a big deal because that's something anyone can find by searching the phone number online, OR buying info from 3d parties. Offered some unnamed promotions - which Sprint doesn't do by cold calling, only by email or when logged in to your Sprint account online - and had no answer on whether those promotions would be available online thru the Sprint account. Overall, fairly easy fake to spot, don't bother picking up on this number. 21.08.2019
Neutral Just got a call with this foreign guys claiming that he can give me discount on my sprint bill. So I said the is not a Sprint number that I recognize, so I ask which department from Sprint this call is coming from and he immediately hang the phone up. 23.08.2019
Neutral Thank you for the information. I recieved a call from this number today and no response. So I just hung up. 25.08.2019
Neutral Said She was with Sprint. Located in the Phillipines. Said I qualified for a free pad with zero down. I said not interested 5 times. I finally said Bye. I don't do offers on phone unless I call Them. Said Sprint on the number that only appeared after the call was done. 27.08.2019
Neutral Have received two calls so far from this number, yesterday and today. With yesterday's call, I didn't hear the phone, and they left no message. Just now they called, I answered and said "Hello", and they immediately hung up. Either a scam, or maybe someone from a company trying to reach a quota? Hey, they called the number, so maybe that's all that matters on their end?!? 28.08.2019
Neutral I just left the comment above, and had one more comment: I do have Sprint, and Sprint seems to be the common thread through this. Maybe they are either somehow with Sprint, or have hacked into the database and gotten hold of Sprint customers' numbers. 28.08.2019
Neutral •Answered and said "hello" •They replied "who is this" •I replied "Who is this" •They hung up 29.08.2019
Neutral This number called me claiming to be someone from Sprint and was offering me deals. He knew my name and what phone i have which was creepy, but he kept trying to offer me deals on an iPad. 03.09.2019
Neutral I got a call 5 minutes ago....did not answer. Checked voicemail and it said my SS# was being suspended due to suspicious activity. Scam 05.09.2019
Neutral This number called and when I said hello there was no response. I said hello twice with no response so I hung up. When the number called again, I just did not answer. 10.09.2019
Neutral Call claiming to be from Sprint. Woman with such a heavy accent I could not understand what she was saying. After second time telling her that, she hung up. 10.09.2019
Neutral This is still going on. Just got a call from this number and the woman said she was with Sprint (that is my carrier). She asked for me by first name, but right after I said "This is Christine." she immediately hung up. Sounds like she is verifying that my phone number is valid - for another phone call set up later. Scam. 11.09.2019
Neutral I was called and told it was Sprint, it was not Sprint because I called them. When I called the number it was a recording offering me a new I Phone. Scam! Not getting me! Sick of all this scamming! , 12.09.2019
Neutral This number started to call me ever since my lease for my phone on Sprint was close to finish. This was the last month of the lease. It has to be connected to Sprint somehow. I just went ahead and blocked the number. Same thing: nobody answers. 17.09.2019
Neutral Answered the phone, said hello twice and was about to hang up when the "sales rep" came on line and said she was looking for me. I told her that I was the one speaking. Lady then hung up. At the sprint store now getting things checked out. 17.09.2019
Neutral Missed the callers name due to static. Said they were from Sprint and knew my full name. Qanted to offer me promotions to save money. I said no thanks, I'm on kickstarter plan and there were no promotions applicable to me and no other plan could beat the current price. She requested more of my time to explain, but I said no thanks and hung up. If anyone knows the kickstarter plan, they know there are NO promos and new phones must be purchased outright. So definitelty a scam. 17.09.2019
Neutral This evening, around 8pm, I received a call from this #, "SPRINT", which I answered after a few rings. A male with an Indian accent asked, is this, and he used my 1st & last name. I didn't answer, and then he hung up. I am suspicious, as Sprint typically sends texts, as was already mentioned, and there have been no texts. or other follow-up messaging or repeat calls.. 17.09.2019
Neutral This number called my phone twice today and when answered there was only silence, then they hung up, so I googled the number and came across this thread, and yes I'm a Sprint customer as well 20.09.2019
Neutral Same, I answer, guy starts talking and call cuts off. I'm a Sprint customer as well. 24.09.2019
Neutral THIS IS A SCAM- VERIFIED! I called sprint and verified that it was not their #. They are looking into it to see if there’s an information breach bc somehow they know peoples info. BLOCK THE NUMBER FROM YOUR PHONE AND REPORT IT TO DO NOT CALL REGISTRY 27.09.2019
Neutral THIS IS FRAUDULENT- VERIFIED! I called sprint and verified that it was not their #. They are looking into it to see if there’s an information breach bc somehow they know peoples info. 27.09.2019
Neutral You’re either in on the scam or you are an idiot. 27.09.2019
Neutral Same here. Except I told them they have people’s information and when they’re due for an upgrade etc. Sprint is looking into if there has been a customer information breach. 27.09.2019
Neutral Jeffery, you are wrong! And Sprint is looking into if there was a customer information breach. Why are you trying so hard to help them? Hmm? 27.09.2019
Neutral Jeffery does not know what he’s talking about! And makes the same comment cut n paste comment over and over. I’ve been with sprint longer than that and my call to sprint verified it is not associated with them. If you’re eligible for an upgrade, just call them directly or go into the store. 27.09.2019
Neutral Male voice claimed to be sprint, asked if I was (insert my name), then hung up. I didn’t reply to his question before he hung up. Sprint does not call from a 800 number. Scary part is whitepages dot com has this number listed to be owned by Sprint. Jeez. Y’all leave a comment on white pages too, please! 30.09.2019
Neutral Nice try, scammer 30.09.2019
Neutral How you sleep at night, Scammer? 30.09.2019
Neutral I answered saying "hello" paused for several tens of seconds of silence and a woman came on with a thick ancient claiming to be from Sprint and asked how I was doing. I responded that I don't speak English and proceeded to play with her for several minutes until she had had enough of me professing my inability to speak or understand English, all the while speaking English. She finally said "fine" and hung up. Thank you Simon Pegg for inspiring me to waste a scammers time and have some fun doing it. 02.10.2019
Neutral I'm so dumb. Actually gave them my pin. THis is not legit. asked Sprint. 02.10.2019
Neutral After silence they will say that they are from Sprint and try and give info to get an ipad. This is very much a scam. 03.10.2019
Neutral This caller asked for me name - I believe its either actually Sprint or someone pretending to be Sprint - in any event its unsolicited spam 05.10.2019
Neutral I answered this call today. Lady was very nice and explained that if I wanted to add a 6th line I could get the Apple iPhone Xr for $8/mo. I have five lines and do not need a sixth. She then offered me an iPad with 6th line activation and activation would be waived and iPad would be $5/mo. She also said she could reduce my billing. She knew my total billing but needed my PIN to verify if she could save. I was leery but I did it. She did some figuring and came back with a price less per month than my current bill and includes 6th line and iPad. She also said one of the phones on the acct was ready for upgrade. She gave me two choices that would cost me the same lease fee as I am paying now. We settled on the iPhone XI. She emailed all of the paperwork to me--everything looked legit. After I got off the phone, I logged into my account and changed my PIN. I then checked my Orders and sure enough there is an order for the iPad and the iPhone XI. I also contacted Sprint directly via Chat and they said everything looks fine on the account. So, at least for now, this appears to be legit. I'll amend my post in a week after devices arrive and let you know. 07.10.2019
Neutral To all you people who are calling this spam, it is NOT! It is sprint. If you called the number back you’d know. Don’t assume what you don’t know. 08.10.2019
Neutral Saw the 800 number so I thought it was legit.. I let the app YouMail pick it up and it was listed as scammer and blocked the call for me. 08.10.2019
Neutral The iPad arrived yesterday and the phone is due to arrive today! Next test will be whether or not my bill will actually be less, as promised, but I won't see that until the end of the month. But as for now This IS NOT a scam. 09.10.2019
Neutral I called Sprint about this and he looked up the and confirmed it was Sprint marketing. I asked him to please remove me from the list and he said he would try. I hung up the phone and within a minute that same Sprint number called me. I asked to be taken off the list and she said ( very thick Asian accent ) it would take 30 days. I guess it is Sprint but I don't like this kind of marketing. 11.10.2019
Neutral Sprint fake caller 12.10.2019
Neutral that is actually a Sprint sales department number. Its a legit Sprint number 14.10.2019
Neutral I got a call from this number twice today it was a blank call i said hello and the call ended. 15.10.2019
Neutral I don’t usually answer 1800 numbers anyway. This particular number has called me everyday this week . I never answered but what made me question it was the hours they would call . Sometimes 8pm sometimes 10pm .. it’s blocked now . 19.10.2019
Neutral Thanks for the a call today but number not recognized so didn't answer. Scam I am sure as all my communication from sprint is either email or text not a phone call. I get sprint messages regarding upgrades all the time...dont answer and block the caller. 22.10.2019
Neutral I don't care what you were told. This is not sprint. Sounds like you might be part of the scam 23.10.2019
Neutral You obviously don't understand how scammers work, don't be naive. This is a scam. Look up caller I'd spoofing 23.10.2019
Neutral Some one from this number 1-800777-4681 is calling my cell I didnt answer. looking at this comments I will block this number. hopefully they wont bother me again. 23.10.2019
Neutral Customer called sprint customer care receiving a missed call from this phone number 1-800777-4681 . Inform the customer that its not part of sprint. 28.10.2019
Neutral It's not a scam, just bad marketing by Sprint to existing customers. Sprint, like most companies with call centers, outsource these type of calls got it, India. Auto dialer systems, such as the one they use to make these calls, will call several numbers at one time, it's often a particular number of calls per available rep, BUT the problem is that if a call connects, the dialer has to find a rep to take the call which takes a couple seconds.....which is why your not instantly talking to someone. Dialers, while not always fun for customers, are super efficient at making calls and contacts. To those that mentioned Caller ID spoofing......that can only be done when you're receiving the call.....NOT when you call the number back. I could spoof my caller ID to show 911 but that certainly doesn't mean that when you call back that my spoof magic somehow makes 911 call me.....duh 31.10.2019
Neutral They’re still out here using this # 31.10.2019
Neutral I agree with John that this is not from Sprint. I received a call from this number and all it said for caller I'd is "Work". Does that make any sense? No. It's an Auto Dialer, and if it was Sprint they wouldn't have to put a bonus name into caller I'd. I got a call earlier from the Los Angeles area that was suspicious as well. 31.10.2019
Neutral I just received a call from this number. Being an ex-phone company employee, I already knew about this type of call. It's called data mining. There are many ways that scammers can do this, but the simplest way is for them to create an online account with an internet site that allows them to type a phone number in and get a background check. It's only costing the scammer $20 a month and they can type in random phone numbers all day long and get a person's name, address, financial information, names of neighbors, friends, relatives, employers, social media accounts, criminal records, and everything else! It's a scammers dream!! It's really scary how much a person can know about another person by doing this. I hate to say this, but dont trust anyone who calls you anymore. I read a statistic that by 2020 about 80% of phone calls to your cell phone will be scams. Forewarned is firearms. Knowledge is power!!! 31.10.2019
Neutral Called and I anserwed and the no one was there and I stayed on the line until they hung up. 04.11.2019
Neutral They called me and asked for mr. Sanders I said im the mr sanders attorney hiram Goldman the attorney for the aforementioned recently decest, how did you get this number? The bitch hung up! Lol 05.11.2019
Neutral Just got called. Asked if I was happy with my service and wanted to know if I knew someone that was interested in an iPhone X for just $8 a month. When I said I was happy with what I had they started to say something and they hung up mid-sentence. Weird. 07.11.2019
Neutral Sprint does give out "free" tablets, but it is also a sales scam by Sprint. They tell you that you just pay tax but then they hit you with a $30/month service plan and a protection plan and don't tell you about either of them. 08.11.2019
Neutral To be really is some sort of Sprint Marketing...They texted me my Pin and my Password....which was disconcerting. So if they were scammers or hackers they already had everything they'd need. The number that came was from the actual Sprint Cell confirmation number. I kept asking how they were going to give me a free IPAD with no strings attached and they couldn't explain. If it's too good to be true just hang up. But I'm 99% confident the call I got today from this number is an officially sanctioned sprint call. 11.11.2019
Neutral I've received 4 calls in 27 hours from this number...800-777-4681. Same caller I'd pops up: Sprint, Work. Why wouldn't we be able to block this number ? If Sprint has received complaints about it, why can't they do something? This bothers me. Thanks to Everyone who commented here - Very Helpful. I added the # to my contacts and called it Scam Sprint. Curious which way it will come up on Caller ID next time they call .... 11.11.2019
Neutral I didn't answer the call, and looked up the number and found this website. It seems like they're targeting Sprint Customers, but I have Verizon. These are very helpful comments, I'll be blocking this number. 14.11.2019
Neutral This number keeps calling me throughout the day leaving no voicemail and called at 7pm weird 18.11.2019
Neutral Just happened to me twice today as sprint caller n no response when I picked ,, I heard none sence voice and nothing else! I'm sure it's scammer 19.11.2019
Neutral They've called twice today. I picked up on the second call and said hello twice. No reply, I hung up. 21.11.2019
Neutral I've gotten 3 calls in the last 2 days from this number. It shows as Sprint but I haven't answered. They don't leave a message and if it were really Sprint, I'm sure they would leave at LEAST a message if not send a text/email if it was anything important. 23.11.2019
Neutral This exact same thing happened to me. Hello three times before she spoke. I had previously registered my number with Sprint for them not to solicit me and they have abided by that and don’t call me any more so I knew this was not Sprint. These scammers and telemarketers know which phone numbers are assigned to the various cell providers and use that to seem legitimate. 27.11.2019
Neutral It is actually sprint everyone. My mother is the person who my plan is under and they are the real deal. My mother gets our phones shipped instead of buying online cuz it’s cheaper. Used this number many times. If you call back it says it is sprint 01.12.2019
Neutral After researching the number here when they called again I did answer this call in spite of my phone telling me it was probable scammer/telemarketer. I do think it was Sprint calling. I gave him no information but he knew my plan, etc. The puzzling thing to me was he didn't know how many lines I had, so I was not eligible for that Galaxy S10 phone and the tablet they were offering.. 05.12.2019
Neutral Please be aware of this Spam the fake agent knew to call me by my name 07.12.2019
Neutral I have gotten a call from this number three times in 2 days, the thing is, it shows up as Sprint calling. Like it shows as if it was legit Sprint. I picked up once before (months ago) and no one answered to my multiple hellos now I dont pick up. I work in a call center and have heard so many stories about Apple, Amazon, etc. calling people and scamming them. Any time I get a call showing it was Sprint I let it ring, if it's legit there will be a voicemail and even if there is I still call (the number given on device) to see if theres a notated call. 11.12.2019
Neutral Got a call from them today and it was an Indian sounding guy that asked if I was the holder for my sprint account and I told them to never call me again 11.12.2019

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