Phone Number:+1 (805) 637-7243

This number is read as "-one (-eight-zero--five-) -six-three-seven--seven-two-four-three-"
+1 (805) 637-7243 is registered in the state California, USA
The telephone number of +1 (805) 637-7243 was registered on 27.09.2018 at 12:55:59 and viewed 11 times in total
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Dangerous Scam 04.10.2018
Neutral This number is a voice mail number on my. Cellphone how did it get there 26.10.2018
Neutral They are saying something to do with medical insurance 26.10.2018
Neutral Said they were with the IRS....that my Mom owed taxes and warrant has been issued for her arrest. She's 71 And knows better than to take these kids of calls. Wish something could be done about this. 28.10.2018
Neutral Throughout the year I have received several threatening phone calls from the people behind this phone number and as a result of my investigation I found out the scam callers names are Jack Walker room 206, and the landlord Sue Patel of the Potter Hotel, of which is a residential SRO located at 1288 Mission Street, San Francisco, 94103. This is a residence for individuals with low income and they have been doing this scam to several of thousands of people for over 10 years; getting away with it; posing to be housing realtors, short term money and mortgage loans, as well as do identity thefts (taking over deceased peoples SSI / Will money / estates) etc. I used geolocation and the program, "Trapcall" to find their locations from the various numbers they used to call me, of which include: 805-637-7243, 855-367-4537, 323-229-8205, 203-242-0031, 209-696-7205, 800-430-4263, 415-410-7405, 442-243-5491, 323-219-4497, 415-231-1572, 415-345-3433, 415-262-2600. The problem I'm currently dealing with is where the money they got from me went to. I can track their 29.10.2018
Neutral Didn’t answer phone but said they left vm. I checked vm and there was none recorded.. Also I have this number blocked so how are they getting through? 30.10.2018
Neutral Received a voicemail from a young male, American accent, "This is Scott from vehicle service dept, the warranty for your car is expired, we have options to extend your coverage. Call back at 866-336-1770." I don't have a car. 31.10.2018
Neutral Hacked my phone and locked me out of all my devices and accounts. Even forwarded all calls and messages to this number. No good. 31.10.2018
Neutral Trying to collect a debt . 08.11.2018
Neutral This number dials my phone at least twice a day for months Obviously with all the initial complaints no one seems interested in doing anything about it. I blocked the number a long time ago and still calls me leaving no message 13.11.2018
Neutral Been calling me since June of this year, I do not answer but they leave me a voice male sometimes. Say they will get me because of an some type of investigation against me, which is totally false.I wish they would stop bothering me. 03.12.2018
Neutral I get 2-3 a day I wish someone an put a end to these calls 04.12.2018
Neutral FBI will arrest me within 4 hours. Left call back number of 281-738-1157. 06.12.2018
Neutral Spam call saying that a warrent will be issued for my arrest. Agent james smith from irs says call the number back right away. 07.12.2018
Neutral Its Spectrum 09.12.2018
Neutral I got several voicemails.. And I could hear nothing actually 26.12.2018
Neutral Typical scam call. Don't call back and waste your time. Don't give them Any personal info. I was tempted to respond in Polish because these Indian scammers don't know it but scambaiting is not my style. Check out scambaiting on YouTube for more info on this nonsense. 30.12.2018
Neutral This # is constantly calling my number and leaving nothing on my voicemail and hanging up. What can I do to stop this. Have them on block, but they get through anyway. 03.01.2019
Neutral Called and left a blank VM 08.01.2019
Neutral SSN Scam 15.01.2019
Neutral Spam. Says they are a debt collector and, if you don't call, further action will be taken. 15.01.2019
Neutral They are claiming to be calling about wanting to help with student loan payments. 16.01.2019
Neutral yes, this number called me this morning January 17, 2019. I did not answer and they did not leave a message. 17.01.2019
Neutral I received a call very similar to this caller too. They didn't speak but could hear background noise similar to a call center. They didn't leave a message either. 22.01.2019
Neutral This is T-MOBILE's voicemail number. Because it takes T-MOBILE so long to forward a voicemail! This is just a small complaint to much larger complaints about T-MOBILE. If you're thinking about switching to T-MOBILE ..... DON'T ! I'm doing up a big favor, I hope you heed to it. 29.01.2019
Neutral Second call with same message, differant numbbers 31.01.2019
Neutral I didn't answer buy they left a message it was a computer voice saying my social security number had indicated suspicious activity and to press 1 to have it resolved or something. 31.01.2019
Neutral Interesting. I have a "voice mail" notification from this number on an unactivated phone. The phone is not activated and has never been activated. (It is kept around for software development purposes and testing purposes.) The phone is also generally powered off and connects only over wifi for testing of apps. I am very curious how they got the notification to the phone, -It makes me wonder if a hack was done through the backend of a cell phone company to push out notifications or something crazy like that. 05.02.2019
Neutral 805-637-7243 called 2 times today. left no message. i blocked the number.. 06.02.2019
Neutral Called and a man left a voicemail says "hellooo..." 07.02.2019
Neutral 805-637-7243 is phone number for T Mobile voice Mail ! 13.02.2019
Neutral Leaves a blank voicemail. Several times day. How does someone do this without actually calling my number? So I have not been able to block them. 13.02.2019
Neutral Called me three times saying that my social security is suspended - which is NOT possible, according to the government website. They basically immediately hang up and leave a voicemail saying that its suspended and that I need to call them. In one of the voicemails, the guy started by saying “seriously!” And I don’t think any government agent would ever start something important by sounding like teenager xD Honestly, its all just hysterical, sometimes a different number pops up, so I blocked that. 13.02.2019
Neutral i just activated my phone and i see this number in the voice mail...yes i have tmobile 20.02.2019
Neutral Medical brace scam 21.02.2019
Neutral This number has called & confiscated my contacts 21.02.2019
Neutral called tonight 11:05 pm. Phone never rang straight to vm. Could not understand what they were saying. Used computer generated or animated voice. 15.03.2019
Neutral I get calls from this number all day and VM with no message. 16.03.2019
Neutral Left a voicemail by a female speaking Mandarin stating there's a problem or delinquency with my bank account and the bank has closed it. I was asked to contact them for resolution. 19.03.2019
Neutral I was called and told my Social Security number is being suspended and I need to call them immediately. I went to this site first and submitted the number. Scammers came up. I’m just happy I tested the number here first. 20.03.2019
Neutral They tried calling me over 2x this morning, I had it and silenced my phone. I check my voicemails a few hours later and there's 2 identical messages from Armando claiming I need to call the number to reschedule an important document delivery, and I need to do this to avoid "further legal action." They didn't mention my name or any other identifying information, smells fishy and it's really annoying. 26.03.2019
Neutral Zircon pointed out in August 2018: "Are you a T-Mobile Customer ? The T-Mobile voicemail number is +1-(805)-637-7243." What you hear from that number are recordings of messages from OTHER callers. 27.03.2019
Neutral A lot of you people are racist af. This number is an optional way to reach your VOICEMAIL, you can reach your VOICEMAIL by calling this number, your phone number, or pressing and holding 1 on most cell phones. Alibaba? Hindy woman? You people are super ignorant and a disgrace. 02.04.2019
Neutral They called my phone saying they were Social Security office. They said my ss# was being used and I to press #1. To speak with someone? Are they crazy? Everyone knows social security never contacts you by phone. They send you a letter. Beware of these scammers trying to get your ss#! I am reporting it to social security. 03.04.2019
Neutral Caller, left voicemail, on April 9, 2019 but does not say anything. Calls repeatedly every few days. Contacted T-Mobile, cannot block this number.Frustrating 09.04.2019
Neutral Yes, this is the number that called me. No, I didn't answer. 16.04.2019
Neutral Call went straight to voice mail. Didn't leave a message just distant talking in the background. Call came in at mid night. 20.04.2019
Neutral Received a call today saying that they were investigating me and looking for my current employment. If I did not respond they would mark me as a repeat offender. Have no idea who it was from never said. Automated voice and fill in of my name and my case number. 22.04.2019
Neutral Checking caller number resulted in info that caller was a scam. I will block number 22.04.2019
Neutral I got twenty calls from these people's enough sick of them 24.04.2019
Neutral Left voicemail claiming to be from SSA and that my social security number was under fraud violation and that I would be arrested shortly if I did not call them back. SCAM!!!! 06.05.2019
Neutral fake soc. sec. dept. call. 07.05.2019
Neutral This is the voicemail number for T-Mobile 11.05.2019
Neutral Came on this site to see if I was getting a spam call for 805 637-7243. Sure enough I was. I didn't answer and NEVER EVER answer that I don't know. 11.05.2019
Neutral Called asking to make an offer on my home 15.05.2019
Neutral Scammer has been blocked from ringing my phone but has now disguised their caller ID as "Voice Mail" making me think I'm calling my cell phone voice mail, so they answer and ask to speak to my name. Slick little scam. One of these days you'll be caught and prosecuted. 15.05.2019
Neutral +1-805-637-7243 IRS Scammer. The call number even bypassed my caller ID/Blocker. Total harassment. 20.05.2019
Neutral Left msg....with IRS. Gonna block your social because of suspicious activity.... I deleted it then. 20.05.2019
Neutral Claimed to be from the IRS and let me know I was about to be arrested, left this number (346) 333-0001 according to google the number is from Spain. They call my office and cell phone several times a week, I have the number blocked on my cell and still goes through with an (805) 637-7243 which it has been blocked as well. T-Mobile is useless when it comes to blocking scammers phone numbers 21.05.2019

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