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This number is read as "-one (-eight-five-five-) -four-six-two--four-nine-seven-nine-"
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Dangerous I have been getting robo calls from a local number, but this number is in robo vm left. They threaten different stuff like conducting employment search etc, but never say who they are looking for or what company it is 04.10.2018
Neutral Google transcript of message left: "regards to a matter our office have under review, which you may have direct or indirect involvement with. Since we have heard no different, I wanted to inform you that our company will be conducting an employment verification as well as discussing the proper protocols, with providing you a notice of intent on their property should this matter progress any further. If you have questions regarding this matter, our office can be reached at 855-462-4979. Once again, that number is 855-462-4979" 17.10.2018
Neutral As state previously-thick female Asian accent. "Serious nature, federal law prohibits leaving nature of call on voicemail... yet ANOTHER scam call. No not answer and do not worry about this. 03.11.2018
Neutral Certainly a scam. call. 03.11.2018
Neutral Same story as above. Some sort of scam call 19.12.2018
Neutral I keep receiving threatening calls from a local number at home and at my place of employement telling me with a horrible sounding recording that i will be served at my place of employment and and that federal law prohibits them leaving the nature of the call or something like that. Here is the number they are stating i need to callback 855-462-4979. I dont owe anyone and find it to be very embarassing they are leaving messages on my work phone also. I called it back from a prepaid phone and notice that a home phone answering machine picked up. I have blocked the number and they call from a new number. It just won’t stop 20.12.2018
Neutral "Federal law prohibits..." "Serious matter..." "You have been notified." Please - folks, this is a scam. I'm a former LEO, this is CLASSIC scam call. Don't even engage them or call them back. They call me, they have an area code of my phone, which I generally assume is a scam because I've had the same phone number for like, 15 years, and haven't lived in a city within "my" area code for nine years. They use a system to generate a call-from number to show up in "your area," but they never want you to call them back at that number. Protect yourself, your friends, family, and don't engage. #Scam 27.12.2018
Neutral The number calling is from Miami, FL 305-808-3906 but it says to return the call on 855-462-4979. I've been receiving this random call on my cell for a while so I hit call back and talked to the lady. Its remedial litigation and they were looking for someone unassociated with me. It totally sounds like a scam though, but they were looking for a legit person of whom I have no contact or family relations with. 08.01.2019
Neutral "Our office for review. Due to the severity of this matter. Federal law prohibits my company from providing you with the full nature of this call in a voice message. It is important that we receive a call back immediately from you or your representation prior to our recommendation being submitted. My office can be reached at 855-462-4979. Once again that number is 855-462-4979." 12.02.2019

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