Phone Number:+1 (855) 740-3570

This number is read as "-one (-eight-five-five-) -seven-four-zero---three-five-seven-zero--"
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Neutral Again, it is a woman talking sexually. 11.09.2019
Neutral Their emails seem like phishing scams and they are no where near customer oriented. They run a few apartment complexes and are apparently, to some extent, “legit”. 22.11.2019
Neutral Collection agency for MG Properties in SoCal 17.02.2020
Neutral Avanti Residential main accounting line for payments. Property Management group. You likely got this call if you are renting and there was a billing error. 07.04.2020
Neutral MG Properties collection agent, call came up as "Avanti Hosiptal" to get you to answer 12.05.2020
Neutral Called to collect a move out balance due from the apartment I moved out of. The message was garbled and it indicated it was from " central billing" not sure where or why the "hospital' came into play... ( that's what came up on my caller ID". I called back, they were friendly and reputable, already had my info and asked normal legitimate account verification questions. e.g. property name and they verified my email address. I believe they were contracted by MG Property Management group. 14.05.2020

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